The CW Releases Clips and Trailers for 'Reign', 'Star-Crossed', 'The 100', 'The Originals', & 'The Tomorrow People'

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May 16th, 2013

The Tomorrow People Pilot



Star Crossed:

The 100:

The Originals:

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The Tomorrow People:

  • Robsten_Fan

    If you can’t see the clips, wait until they are on Youtube… ;)

  • Ali

    I cant believe how STUPID these networks are by releasing region locked trailers intended to PROMOTE shows….What a joke!

  • Andrea

    Hey Bill & Robert, got a question about Nikita:

    We basically knew last year at this time that Nikita was coming back for two more seasons, which it did.

    However, the 4th season is going to be only 6 episodes? What was the point for the double-renewal if not for syndication?

    Also, what was the point of TCD renewal if it might be canned by midseason?

    Is there something going on behind the scenes? Was Nikita just renewed for other than business purposes?


  • Sel

    It looks like I won’t be watching any new show of the CW this fall, or should say the the CFY

  • Charmed

    I can’t see these from the UK! Can someone review them?

  • ZmaX

    Go to the cw YouTube page to watch all of their new promos and clips. The shows actually look good. The Tomorrow People looks awesome. Great effects

  • CrystalBall

    Trailers are on the cwTelevision youtube channel

  • Oliver

    They’re on The CW’s YouTube account.

    Have to say, they don’t look great.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Ali – Why is that stupid? They’re promoting shows on their US schedule. If the new shows haven’t been sold into international syndication, why should they care if international viewers can see the previews?

  • Timmy G

    All 5 look interesting. Will be checking out all the pilots for sure. Star-Crossed continues to grow in its roswellianess (not necessarily a bad thing). Reign I’m intrigued by now and The Tomorrow People looks the best.

  • Simon

    They all look so poor and average, CW really needs to up their game. I can see all 5 being cancelled.

  • Derek

    The Tomorrow People looks promising. Not sure how I feel about The 100 yet. The Originals doesn’t interest me but it looks OK. Star Crossed and Reign are cringe-worthy. Especially Reign.

  • Charmed

    Star-Crossed = Roswell rip-off
    The Tomorrow People = Heroes rip-off
    The Originals = The Vampire Diaries spin-off

    Very original, CW.

  • Michael

    Good for Matt Lanter for landing a new job, immediately after 90210.

  • varnelius

    my views on the showa…
    Reign – could be interesting, will require watching the pilot to know for sure
    Star Crossed / The 100 – pretty hard to even tell what those are about from those clips & I believe both are midseason starts
    The Originals – TVD spinoff
    The Tomorrow People – SFX look good, show could go either way but worth watching the pilot.

  • Simon

    The Tomorrow People is actually a remake of a old UK show…so you could say Heroes was a rip off of that.

  • mark

    hey charmed….the tomorrow people is a reboot of a british series i watched a child 30 years ago. it even has the same name as the british series, so it is definitely not a rip off of HEROES…

  • TV#1

    They all look good to me. I wish we didn’t have to wait until mid-season for The 100 and Star-Crossed. I think they should be airing on Mondays together this Fall.

  • Ashley

    The Tomorrow People looks great, but mostly for the special effects and Pellegrino. Star-Crossed looks way more interesting than I thought it would, and I love the look of the tattoos etc. The 100 and Reign are both disappointing to me, and I don’t watch VD so the Originals does nothing for me.

  • Me


    Shut up! The Originals is an spin-off, genious.
    Nobody gives a crap about Rosswell and Heroes. The CW made its own shows. Get over yourself.

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