The CW Releases Clips and Trailers for 'Reign', 'Star-Crossed', 'The 100', 'The Originals', & 'The Tomorrow People'

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May 16th, 2013

The Tomorrow People Pilot



Star Crossed:

The 100:

The Originals:

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The Tomorrow People:

  • CKO


    Since neither Bill or Robert work for The CW, all they – or anyone else – can do is speculate.

    RE: Nikita. A show doesn’t have to have 88 episodes for syndication, generally the more episodes the better, though. There could be a number of reasons why Nikita didn’t get a full season order. Firstly, showrunner Craig Silverstein has a new series at AMC, so he wouldn’t have been able to oversee a full season. Secondly, with the ratings the way they are, they probably couldn’t justify ordering a full season. They must have expected this when ordering Season 3, but ordered a 4th season regardless because they wanted to give the show a satisfactory conclusion for Netflix/Hulu purposes.

    RE: The Carrie Diaries. Again, their decision to renew the series is apparently based on the show’s popularity on Netflix and Hulu. It may become a limited-run series, which would minimise the number of episodes that they actually have to air.

  • Bella Bellini

    I love them all already! My DVR will be full this fall ;p

  • Potato


    As others have said, yeah, Tomorrow People is based on an old british show (which I watched when I was in middle school and LOVED.) But that’s not what I’m correcting you on– if you’re gonna call ripoff on it, it’s far more “Jumper” than “Heroes” lol

  • viistor

    The CW template : Pretty People with ‘Problems’.
    Expect poor acting, luv triangles, and endless amounts of youthful angst.
    .. and 20-year-olds playing teenagers who have 30-year-old parents…

  • Matt

    None of them look all that good except originals because I like TVD… However I like the fall preview sizzle clip with iconapop song

  • Amy

    @viistor Most shows that have “teenage” characters have actors in their 20s playing them whether they’re on the CW or not. You just have to look younger.

  • david

    The Tomorrow People looks good from the preview and the one hundred does too. Reign I am not really into period dramas but hope it works for them. The Originals i will watch because i am a fan of TVD.

  • John

    The Tomorrow People looks like it belongs on a major network after a great lead-in. Superb. And it has great acting presence with Mark Pellegrino.

    Also interested in The 100 and The Originals. Looks great.

  • Michael

    disappointed the 100 is for midseason…

    they couldhave placed beauty and the beast for midseason with a full 22 episode run to replace a show that fails

  • Andersonreds

    The Tomorrow people looks good. rest i’m not that impressed with going by the clips or the notes i’ve read about them.

  • Freyja

    Reign- No thanks I’ll pass, looks and sounds so boring.

    Tomorrow People- Very interesting concept I’ll take a look.

    The Originals- Already loved the Backdoor pilot, so I’ll check it out online.. As I have NCIS and The Shield to watch.

    100- No thanks I’ll pass, looks and sounds boring.

    Star Crossed- Not bad has potential, will give it a shot maybe.

  • Andrea


    I know they just speculate (even though their speculation often comes across as truth. How else would you describe Fan Excuse Bingo?)

    Thanks for your thoughts, even though I don’t buy the Netflix/Hulu thing unless the financial dynamics changed in the last couple of years.

    Still awaiting their responses! (An autopsy would be even better.)

  • SQ

    Reign and The Tomorrow People look interesting enough to watch.

    Based off these trailers there is not enough information to say if Star Crossed and The 100 will be good or not; I have no clue what star crossed is about, I will probably have to go read the description for it.

    The Originals looks good I guess, I don’t watch The Vampire Diaries so I wont be watching it.

  • Trey

    The Tomorrow People? Really? They couldn’t have come up with a better name for the show?

  • Vcoolwater

    It looks like The Tomorrow People is going to have a quad. That is even worse than a love triangle. Why does every show on CW have to have a love triangle in it.

  • Holly


    The Tomorrow People? Really? They couldn’t have come up with a better name for the show?

    Well, that was the name of the original show, so there’s at least a decent excuse for it. Though in general this seems to be the year of really generic show titles.

  • Revenger

    The 100 looks great!!!

  • SMG4E

    Just bring back RINGER.

  • JuJuroo

    Will definitely watch Reign and the tomorrow people. Will check out the 100 and star crossed but they dont look as good.

  • Body of Poof

    I hope they all FLOP.

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