The CW Releases Clips and Trailers for 'Reign', 'Star-Crossed', 'The 100', 'The Originals', & 'The Tomorrow People'

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May 16th, 2013

The Tomorrow People Pilot



Star Crossed:

The 100:

The Originals:

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The Tomorrow People:

  • Colin

    The 100, and The Tomorrow People look great! Ima have to see if Star Crossed is still good…

  • serendipity’s last stand

    @Sel then don’t watch I doubt they will miss you. As for me I love scifi and genre shows so I am super excited about all these new shows and the ones like sleepy hollow on the other networks.

  • serendipity’s last stand

    @ryann from what I have read yes it will be one that those who do not watch tvd can watch. So no it does not seem that the vampire diaries back story will not be needed to watch it. And I spend way too much time online lol.:-)

  • serendipity’s last stand

    Damn this tiny keyboard …..I ment no you do not have to have watched tvd.

  • Barb

    Have both the British and New Zealand versions of Tomorrow People. This version is definitely different. Will keep an open mind on this one (which is rare on remakes which 9 times out of 10 are lousy here in the states).

  • RS

    I had the same question about the Originals. I’ve never watched tweeny VD and never will, but can I watch this new show – with adults in the most interesting of cities – without the background? I’ll watch Reign because I love period pieces (I’ve seen every version of the King Henry VIII trope that is out there). I’m glad someone else noticed the obvious take on the school integration in Star-crossed. The 100 (teenagers stomping on earth and screaming), and the Tomorrow People (Mark Pelligrino saves the show) are not great promos.

  • Jeremy

    Reign looks like a Game of Thrones wannabe. Will definitely be the first to be canceled. Star Crossed looks way too gimicky. It’s a show made for a pre-teen girl. So I’ll definitely be skipping that one as well. The only semi-interesting ones are The Tomorrow People and The Originals. The 100 has terrible actors and the writing seems sloppy.

  • Dani’is

    Just watched all the teasers. Honestly, all of them don’t seem worth watching.

    And after what they did to Nikita, not giving it at least 10-13 episodes, I don’t think I’ll be watching anymore CW shows. Goodbye to this network.

  • Tyler

    The Originals trailer looked mildly interesting (until I saw the clip). I’ll stick to True Blood. Pass.

    Tomorrow People…might have potential for the CW, though I doubt I’ll watch.

    The rest of the pilots look awful, especially Star Crossed (tatties…lmao!)

    Supernatural has been decreasing in quality in recent years and Nikita only has six episodes left. Looks like I’m almost done with this network.

  • Tvdxitachi

    @Ryan and anyone else that doesn’t watch TVD, yes check out The Originals, the pilot was purposely made for new comers to understand and the shows vibe is very different from TVD, a war is brewing in the city between master and former highschool setting and it’s adults on the screen, with adult feelings, and problems. No High School. Trust me you will for in luv with The originals. And if ur a fan of TVD, guest appearances from the main TVD cast is already confirmed, the originals looks beautiful, it’s filmed in French quarter be orleans.

  • Randy

    I do agree that the CW is taking ideas from other shows or networks. Roswell, Heroes, and the 100 looks like Terra Nova, but who knows if there will be any dinosaurs. Quite frankly the trailer, and description are terrible. They don’t really tell me much.

    I liked Heroes & Roswell, so I will give these shows a chance. The 100, forget it.

  • Randy

    Just as a sidenote, Star-Crossed with the hyphen in the middle is NOT a good idea. The reason being is because people are going to be searching for Star Crossed, and NOT get this show at all. It’s bad enough they put it on in the middle of the season, but than the hyphen will mess people up when searching for it. It should just be Star Crossed instead.

  • jason50

    Even if these are clips and not the actual trailers, couldn’t they have taken better clips from the pilots. For Reign, Star Crossed,and The 100 there ws nothing in there to get me excited for the shows. It probably dropped my interest for some of these shows. CW should have waited until they put proper trailers together before they showed anything.

  • Derrick

    How many people know what these shows are about without actually googling the plots??? just saying, these trailers are horrible.(with exception to the Tomorrow People)

    The Tomorrow people trailer makes it seem as if the CW is finally moving away(or at least branching out) from the Female lead/teen only shows.

  • Penny

    Reign – I’ll check out the pilot.
    Star-crossed – Looks painfully awful.
    The Tomorrow People – Looks awesome, Definitely be watching.
    The 100 – What the hell kind of promo was that? Doesn’t look exciting.
    The Originals – Have always wanted to get into TVD but always couldn’t. Hopefully with Phoebe Tonkin I’ll end up loving it.

  • zoe

    Worst acting I have seen in years .These actors would not get jobs on American soaps.

    What happened CW!!

  • Pepper

    These all look pretty bad. I won’t be tuning in. When Supernatural ends, I’ll be done with the CW for good.

  • sarah nz

    The Tomorrow People – Pellegrino!

    Why Not:
    Star Crossed – trailer intrigued me (keep the “tru-luve” angle below the sickening threshold please)
    The 100 – clip didn’t give me enough to judge what it’s about [apart from teenagers/young adults in transport cargo pod (from future ?) arrive on Earth ?]

    Reign – really came across as a “tru-luve” type show. Definatly not my cup of tea.
    Negative points to the show and reason why I should not watch after only a 75 second clip
    1. the camera introduction of the love interest (and what the heck was he wearing ?)
    2. my nitpicking also started to wonder about the dresses the ladies in waiting were wearing..
    3. way to overplay the musical cue when Mother (baddie ?) of said love interest appears on screen asking about her son’s future with the teenage Mary Queen of Scots (?)
    4. how soon until the prophesied death(s) start ?

    Don’t watch VD so Originals hold no interest.

  • ryann

    Thanks to all those who answered my question, I watched the first series of the vampire diaries and didnt think much of it, but theres something about the originals that makes me wanna watch it
    New question, will I have to watch the back door pilot that the vampire diaries shown or can I just watch it when it premieres in the fall

  • CrazedNovelist

    The Tomorrow People, The 100, and The Originals are very male oriented… they’re trying to broaden their horizons. The CW’s new target is adults 18-34.

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