The CW Releases Clips and Trailers for 'Reign', 'Star-Crossed', 'The 100', 'The Originals', & 'The Tomorrow People'

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May 16th, 2013

The Tomorrow People Pilot



Star Crossed:

The 100:

The Originals:

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The Tomorrow People:

  • SS

    Good Question Ryann – I have to think that they will probably make the first episode in a way that negates the need to see the backdoor pilot, but I would still recommend watching it.
    As for TVD, season 2 was the best, so if you felt at all that you liked the show better at the end of season 1, then you should try the first half of season 2 before giving up on it (but if not, oh well, I agree with the others that you don’t need to watch TVD to like The Originals).

  • Ryann

    @SS thanks for the advice, I’m definitely going to give the original’s a go and will watch the back door pilot closer to the actual premiere.

  • pinkie

    Matt Lanter will be a treat to watch on Star Crossed.The 100 sounds like Lost(but i havent watched the trailer yet).Reign will bomb.The tomorrow people will rock.The originals is sure shot success.but if nikita can get an undeserving final season despite no syndication prospects,they should atleast give a six episode summer run to provide closure to Ringer and TSC.Its not like they will lose any money since they market their shows around the globe.

  • ann

    Nothing appeals to me so another year of not watching anything on the CW since I gave up on TVD a couple years ago.

  • Jena

    Is Reign a HS production? Jesus, is that acting? Beyond cheese. Now we know why crappy shows were renewed.

  • Samunto

    Finally got to watch the clips.
    Tomorrow People is Heroes.
    Reign – a costume drama that i’ll only watch the pilot.
    The 100 a sum of all sci-fi series and movies including Terra nova, similar star crossed.

    Really all supernatural/Sci-fi.
    Then again, the only CW pilot i watched this season was Carrie Diaries and struggled to get through. Planning to watch the pilot of Arrow today.

  • networkman

    The Tomorrow People has alot of potential. I love that it is airing after Arrow. It will definately appeal to those who enjoye Heroes.

    The other clips were horribly put together. I don’t know what the heck The 100 is about after viewing. The others were not interesting as well. I don’t know how Reign ended up getting the timeslot after Vampire Diaries.

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