Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Chicago Fire', 'Modern Family', 'American Idol', 'Criminal Minds' & 'Supernatural' Adjusted Up; 'Nashville' Adjusted Down

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May 16th, 2013

Chicago Fire

Modern Family was adjusted up two tenths, American Idol,Criminal Minds , Supernatural and Chicago Fire were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49, while Nashville was adjusted down a single tenth versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, May 15, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX American Idol 3.0 10 12.11
ABC The Middle 1.9 7 6.76
NBC Dateline NBC 1.3 4 5.79
CBS 2 Broke Girls -R 1.0 3 3.80
CW Arrow 0.9 3 2.77
8:30PM ABC Family Tools 1.2 4 4.54
CBS 2 Broke Girls -R 1.1 4 3.91
9:00 PM ABC Modern Family 3.7 10 10.03
CBS Criminal Minds 2.6 7 10.56
FOX So You Think You Can Dance 2.3 6 7.01
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1.5 4 6.48
CW Supernatural 1.0 3 2.31
9:30PM ABC How to Live With Your Parents 2.0 5 6.14
10:00PM CBS CSI 2.0 6 9.53
NBC Chicago Fire 2.0 6 6.90
ABC Nashville 1.7 5 5.56

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  • DougF

    In the top 25 markets, the Office retrospective did a 2.5 A18-49, and the series finale a 3.5 A18-49.

  • SueP

    @Mi – I was disappointed by SPN, too. The last scene with the angels falling was amazing — one of the best SFX shots I’ve seen on TV, but the the rest made the entire season pointless since their ‘big quest’ ended up going nowhere and all the drama between the brothers that was contrived and borderline pathetic. I only hope they can just put the “I’m not worthy”, “You will always be No. 1″ angst crap behind them for good now and just let these guys grow the hell up! I know a lot of ppl loved the brother moment, but for me it was cheesy and all I could think was “haven’t they gotten past this a few times already?” It’s like they keep reiterating the same darn thing and just never move on. They’re both over 30 for goodness sakes! Time to put the co-dependence aside and be adults. I like the family/brother bond, but this was over the top angst If they can have the Winchesters actually be kick-ass hunters again, I’m on board, but the angst and sappy LimpSam and CaretakerDean story has got to stop. Fight monsters. Lighten up. Have some fun. Pay attention to canon. :) Is that asking so much? Oh, and please, don’t make season 9 the Season of Angels. I want Winchesters.

  • Mae


    Sam and Dean will always be each others #1. I think it is one of the foundations that the show is built on. I don’t see that ever changing. Growing up does not equal growing apart. Sam and Dean do not, and never will, have a normal sibling relationship. Not with the life they live and everything they have been through. I think the finale was a turning point in their relationship and I think we will have less angst between the 2 next season.

    I actually liked that fact that Sam did not complete the trials for a couple of reasons. 1) it was nice to see the Winchesters fail, and to be selfish for once. I liked seeing Sam and Dean doing something purely for themselves. I fully expected them to slam the gates to hell, so I liked the twist that instead they CHOSE not too. 2) I would terribly miss the demons had the Winchesters closed the gates.

    I don’t see how caring about someone else makes the Winchesters pathetic or less kick-ass hunters. It makes them human.

  • BenA


    Please refrain from insulting about Chicago Fire. It hasn’t gone lower than a 1.6 in 5 months.

  • Restless

    “Being close siblings” doesn’t actually mean you have to have an unhealthy often abusive codependent relationship.

    Things healthy relationships have that no relationships on Supernatural have or rarely have, especially the Winchesters:
    Mutual respect
    Trust & Honesty
    Separate identities – including having friends
    Good communication
    A sense of playfulness/fondness

    It’s not actually that hard to write, but all the relationships feel like they’re based on a parody of love in this show. I think half the reason some fans prefer the early seasons is because the brothers were closer to actually feeling like brothers.

    So yeah, I hate the “brotherly bond”. The relationships on Supernatural make Twilight’s look sane and healthy. That big dramatic showing of just how gross the brothers are in the finale reminded me of a scene from a Lifetime movie where the jealous boyfriend manipulates his tearful girlfriend into giving up her friends and career aspirations to be a good wife.

    As to the rest of the finale, hated it. I love the angels and Castiel, don’t get me wrong, but I hate human!Castiel, and human!every angel is just… blarrrgh. If Cas gets stuck in the bunker as the new ‘Bobby’ or riding in the backseat, I’ll mail them a brick to throw through their window. Two codependent brothers is sickening enough, please let Cas keep his own individuality and stories. Seriously just fix the angels in the first five minutes of season nine. What the hell are they gonna do as humans anyway?

    As for good things, well, the special effects were good. No guys died, so Crowley and Kevin are still there; three strong female characters did though, if you hate women. What else… uh… Dean got startled by a gay couple and made funny faces…. Yep, special effects were the best part. :/

  • Louis

    Well they not normal. I think when your whole family, lovers and friends die the way theirs did you grow dependent on each other.

    As for Cas im sure he will get his mojo back soon enough.

  • Louis

    I agree 100% on that statement Mae.

  • SueP

    @Mae- Sm and Dean will always be each others #1 – I have no problem with that. But all the heavy angst and co-dependence is making the show more melodrama than fun adventure. They’ve already been over this time and time again and, after 8 seasons, they’re still doing it. We get it. They have a bond that trumps everything — so just accept it and move on instead of keep making stupid contrived reasons to have to rehash it all. That’s what I’m asking. I don;t want them to grow apart — completely the opposite. I want exactly what I said, for them to grow up. Act like adults, not teenage lovers who have to prove themselves to one or the other every year. I understand they’re not the normal sibling relationship, but can we try for a healthy one? Co-dependence — and yes, this is bordering on pathetic — is not attractive or entertaining.

    I didn’t want the gates of Hell closed, but having them make such a huge deal all season — and it being their only purpose — and then to NOT do it makes the rest of the season seem like a waste of time. It’s like being on a bus that picks you up from the station, takes you all around town, then lets you off back where you started without making any stops along the way. Rather pointless.

    Kripke always answered questions while posing new ones. I loved that. It kept momentum going and kept things fresh. They didn’t answer anything. Sam and Dean were regressed back to where they were 6 years ago (but a lot less fun!) and I’m not sure what we were supposed to take away from this year. That Dean can’t have any friends because it makes Sam sad? That Sam can only have a life he likes if Dean is dead? That neither of them is allowed to have anyone else in their lives at all? I completely didn’t get whatever they were trying to sell.

    Loved the special effects, Dean’s line in the bar “What show you been watching?” was perfect. But what did Cas need him for anyway? To sit in the bar and drink? It was out of character for him to drop the trials and leave Sam at the 11th hour, but it needed to be done so Naomi could give him a warning. It’s the obvious way they’ve contrived everything this year that’s bugged me.

    Anyway, I’m hoping season 9 isn’t all about angels. They’re all apparently dicks. Nor am I interested in Cas becoming human or Limp!Sam. I’m hoping for a fun, exciting adventure with scares and laughs and Winchesters working together without contrived drama and a boatload of angst and melodrama. What show have I been watching? Supernatural — but I’ve been wondering that same question for a few years.

  • Melanie P.

    Yay for Chicago Fire!! :)

  • POIFanatic

    Very very few finales of any show can ever beat “Swan Song”. But “Sacrifice” was the best one since that. Happy to see Supernatural finish on a high. If the ratings hold, it’d have tied TVD for the No.1 spot on CW.

  • Alen

    I totally agree with Mae. The brotherly bond is the show for me. :)

    Happy to see Supernatural finale matching the high numbers of the season.

  • Alice

    Yeah the finale top the last two seasons for me too. Very good gave me goosebumps.

  • socoolioni8

    So I watched SPN’s finale in its entirety !
    Well I thought it was great.

    It was definatly not the typical where is Sam or Dean, but it was so cool watching all of those angels falling.


    For suha low budget show sometimes they really impress me with the VFX on this show.

  • sarah nz

    @ Mae – Totally agreed with your post. Thank you.

  • Carl

    I can’t say I liked most of Swan Song. I actually liked this finale in part because they dumped the core idea of Swan Song, that you can only make up for your mistakes if you kill yourself.

    I don’t think Dean was regressed to 6 years ago. 6 years ago he spent his time leering at women and getting drunk. The codependency with Sam has always been there. At least now he has more friends and doesn’t hate himself as much. I really don’t believe they were saying Dean can’t have friends. The only reason Sam said what he said was because he was so full of self-hatred. Dean never apologized for having friends. Dean wants to have friends. Dean wants Sam to live too. He will probably always put too much focus on Sam, but I don’t think he ever wants to go back to just having Sam as his universe. Unfortunately no friends will stay around, because only Sam and Dean stay around, but he has more friends now than he’s had for most of his run on the show.

    Sam was regressed, but the finale took him so low perhaps the next season will start to build him up again.

    They did a crap job writing the demon tablet story this season but I don’t agree the whole thing was for nothing because the gates weren’t closed in the finale. They have at least one more season. These episodes built up to the closing, with the possibility still there. To me it’s much more interesting to see what happens when they pull back than it is to see Sam or Dean die for the tenth time.

    Cas actually did need Dean, as he was flying off the handle and Dean was the one who kept smoothing everything over. Cas also wanted to say goodbye. I don’t think having a few scenes where Dean wasn’t standing around with Sam took away from the story.

    I don’t see why human Cas is automatically uninteresting. If anything this should give Cas MORE potential to be his own person, if the show tries (jury’s out on that). He’s been controlled by the angels and manipulated and obsessed with them at the expense of any character development in the last few years. I doubt he will ever just ride along with Sam and Dean, or be their Bobby. He’s always gone half the season because Misha Collins is never contracted for more than half of the episodes. In that time he will probably have his own story, although it would be nice if for once that story isn’t entirely offcamera.

    I get tired of the brother angst too, but I felt like the finale was a way to try to resolve some of the tension once and for all. Taking away the idea that you must prove yourself by committing suicide is one of the healthiest things the show has ever said, even if the show took a very long and stilted way to get there.

    @Restless, only Naomi died, although I wish she hadn’t. Abaddon is still alive, just out of a meatsuit. Jody didn’t die, one of the producers confirmed it.

  • Carl

    @tj, the move bothers me too, as it’s going to likely lose a few tenths, at the least, against tougher competition, and with a less compatible lead-in. I hate to see is lose some of the growth it’s had this season, especially if some of those who were upset with the finale don’t come back. I guess we’ll see if the CW is willing to lose some of the demo in order to do better on Tuesday night.

  • Nancy


  • Ginger

    What is wrong with caring about your family? It is not sappy at all. When your life consists of only one other person, that you literally depend on for your life, you naturally will have a closer connection to that person. This was about resolving issues of trust and misunderstandings. There is nothing wrong with that- they might be 30+ years old, but they are human and they are family- emotional and caring beings. Not just robotic macho monster killers. What is “grown up” anyway? Half the adults in this world still act like children.

  • Restless

    “Codependence” does not mean people who are super close and have each other’s backs. It means one person (the codependent) who wants the other person to have to depend on them.

    “Codependence” is caretaker!Dean and limp!Sam. Person B has problems. Person A wants to be the one to always fix them and manipulates Person B into having to rely on them and not be able to fix their own problems or go to other people for help. It often is because Person A has extremely low self esteem and feels like their life is out of their control, and so attempts to control Person B’s life instead. Person A becomes a martyr and focuses on taking care of Person B, so that way Person A can feel needed and like Person B can’t possibly do without them. They don’t want to accept help for themselves and they don’t want to be equal. They want to be necessary.
    Person A is the ‘codependent’, the one seeking approval and acceptance by having others depend on them and helping others to unhealthy degrees. Codependency can lead to other problems, like alcoholism, (sex) addiction and other self destructive/self defeating behaviors.

    Obviously wanting to help someone is nice and not necessarily a problem; it’s when your entire sense of self worth, etc. is in taking care of others that it’s unhealthy and becomes codependency.

    It is Dean “not letting Sam grow up”. In the finale it was Dean reminding Sam he’s a screw up, Dean saving Sam at the cost of everything else, Sam admitting he wasn’t feeling the usual support from Dean and Dean groveling to get Sam back. That bothered me. Obviously neither of these guys have great self esteem. They both have problems, but Dean’s is the most obvious and consistent because usually his only storyline is helping Sam (or Benny or Castiel), which makes him look especially codependent whether the writers are purposely writing him like that or not.

    @Carl thank you for letting me know Jody is still alive. I wish she had saved herself and that were made clear in the episode!
    I still am counting Abaddon personally because it’s basically the same thing, we’re not likely to see that actress ever again and her ‘meatsuit’ was destroyed violently (and rather pointlessly).

    As for Cas, well, he’s my favorite character. Part of what I enjoy most about him is his often epic (sadly yes, also often off camera) stories. I don’t want his story next season to be adapting to becoming human. I don’t want him to share the same point of view and be doing the same things as Dean and Sam. That is my worst case scenario. Okay sure, I’d probably still enjoy the story, Team Free Will or whatever and I do love Cas’ funny attempts at being human, but I’d mourn the loss of his wings and his ‘bigger picture’ at the same time.

    Also yes, good point about Sam’s suicide, although the show didn’t have to make suicide the end result of closing the gates of hell, and the reasons for the suicide attempts seemed different to me. Sacrifice felt like someone wanting to suicide because they couldn’t live up to expectations and let loved ones down, whereas Swan Song was a soldier jumping on a bomb he didn’t defuse properly to save his platoon. Both attempts at atonement though, I suppose.

    Also Swan Song made sense that the solution would be to lock Lucifer back up; but I don’t see any logic as to why someone would have to kill themselves to close the gates of hell and so ultimately it just seemed added for extra drama. So as to not just complain, as a suggestion if it had been Sam giving his soul up and not just his life it would have made some sense to me since two of the trials dealt with a soul/demon soul and would have had the same effect of Dean not wanting Sam to do it (and paralleled Cas having his grace stolen, even though Cas wasn’t closing any gates). Could have still had a depressed!Sam speech, maybe with an added, “I don’t want to feel anymore anyway.” Same result, but a little more logical I think.

  • Joel

    Chicago Fire is really good. I can’t get into Nashville at all, I can’t see it going beyond a season 3.

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