ABC's 'Scandal' Marks Most-Watched Telecast Ever and Spikes over Last Season's Finale

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May 17th, 2013


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In its second season finale, ABC’s red-hot Scandal delivered the series most-watched telecast ever (up for the 3rd week in a row) and tied a series high in Adults 18-49  for the 2nd week running.  The show also achieved new all-time highs across all key Women (W18-34/W18-49/W25-54). Scandal dominated the 10 o’clock hour, beating the second hour of CBS’ 2-hour Elementary finale by 68% in Adults 18-49 to finish as the #1 TV series in its slot on each of its last 16 first-run broadcasts.  Scandal spiked over its year-ago first season finale in Total Viewers (+25%) and Adults 18-49 (+39%).  Scandal built on its Grey’s Adult 18-49 lead-in for the 3rd time in 4 weeks.


Scandal Social Stats:  Scandal once again topped Thursday night as the most social series with 571,353 tweets, which is its highest number this season.  This is up +83% from the prior week, and Scandal has now delivered over 4.3 million tweets this season making it ABC’s most social program.  As it has continually done this season, Scandal outperformed the American Idol Finale by +56% (366,061 tweets)


  • Scandalfan

    Still, the finale sucks.

  • imadiva

    The finale was incredible and the ratings and tweets speaks to what a great show it has become. Go Scandal!

  • RonDigi

    only abc show I have watched in 20 years besides nba/nfl

  • Jax T

    I agree. This is the only show I have watched on abc since the mid 80’s other than sports.

  • Chrissy…

    the thing about this show is, it is adult programming. I feel grown, watching it… very sophisticated…

  • Matthew Thomas

    The show is really an incredible success story for ABC. It’s almost impossible to see tv shows, especially serialized dramas build up a strong viewership after having a weak start. The fact that Scandal did it speaks both about its quality and the level of viewer engagement it has.

  • Jan

    I think the people who say the finale sucked are FAR outnumbered by the people who absolutely loved it and couldn’t breathe by the time it was over. Check out the Scandal FB page and the posts – in the tens of thousands.

  • BenA

    @scandalfan, are you serious? The finale was epic was last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jax T

    @Jan there are millions more who just watched and didn’t go on facebook to say how good it was. People who post online usually are there to complain.

  • Miss-Marbles

    I started watched the Elementary finale but it was just so godawful that I switched to Scandal, which was SO WELL DONE! Other TV writers would do well to watch Scandal to see how a TV show is supposed to be written.

  • Melanie P.

    Great finale for Scandal!!

  • AprilFox

    I agree with Miss-Marbles. Elementary’s 2hour season finale was absolutely godawful! I can’t believe that a show that had excellent episodes finished with such tripe. I adore Natalie Dormer in Game of Thrones, tere was no chemistry between her character Irene Adler and Sherlock. Dreary, dull and the only deadly thing about the show was the two hours I sat and painfully watched it. :(

  • jack

    i am sorry, who ever watch season 1 to 2 i feel really bad. horrible script, horrible series i dont care how many season this show gets. I wont even waste my time because this show is so unoriginal it ripped from so many movies, shows into one mix. i wont even click watch or enjoy it.

  • BlueAndGreenHair (former BigFlop)

    I would like to know where abc took those tweet numbers. They are totally inaccurate. They are very different from specialized websites in social media tendence.

  • tv watcher

    I loved last night episode of Scandal….loved it. I can’t wait till next season..i bet the season opener will have crazy ratings. Can’t wait! If you haven’t seen the show. People catch it on netflix and truly sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

  • Pada

    @jack – Scandal doesn’t want you to watch it. It doesn’t need you. And I don’t know what shows and movies you think the series has ‘ripped into one mix’. ALL art steals from other sources, but Scandal’s a unique look into the political world of Washington that really hasn’t been examined (so different from The West Wing). It combines suspense/mystery and soapy elements so skillfully…the last two weeks have provided endings that truly shocked viewers. I’ve watched a lot of great TV and films in my years, and can usually spot this stuff coming, but I’ve been genuinely surprised with how the last two episodes of season 2 have concluded. Last night’s ending was superb – so many threads have been pulled together but there’s been so much drama set up for next season!

  • gregg

    wow scandal was soooooo good. i have a new addiction

  • AD

    Scandal is one of the best shows in a long time. The writers have outdone themselves. People will be watching season 2 over and over this summer.

    @jack – don’t worry, the show will survive without you.

  • USAmerica1st

    Way to go, Scandal!

  • GuyAwks

    I wish ABC had put Revenge in the same timeslot as Scandal, on Sundays it never stood a chance. Revenge could have been this for ABC if they’d scheduled it properly.

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