Thursday Final Ratings: 'Hannibal', 'The Big Bang Theory', 'The Vampire Diaries', 'Grey's Anatomy' & 'Office' Retrospective Adjusted Up

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May 17th, 2013


The Big Bang Theory was adjusted up four tenths, Grey's Anatomy, the Vampire Diaries, Hannibal, & The Office Retrospective were each adjusted up one tenth among adults 18-49, versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, May 16:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory - Season Finale 4.8 16 15.48
FOX American Idol  (8-10PM) - Season Finale 3.6 11 14.31
NBC The Office Retrospective 2.1 7 4.43
CW The Vampire Diaries - Season Finale 1.1 3 2.24
ABC Wipeout 1.0 3 3.81
8:30PM CBS The Big Bang Theory -R 3.3 10 11.83
9:00PM ABC Grey's Anatomy- Season Finale 3.1 8 8.99
NBC The Office - Series Finale (9-10:15) 3.0 8 5.69
CBS Elementary (9-11) -Season Finale 2.0 6 8.98
CW Beauty and the Beast -Season Finale 0.5 1 1.26
10:00 PM ABC Scandal -Season Finale 3.2 9 9.12
NBC Hannibal (10:15-11PM) 1.1 5 2.46

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  • zth

    It’s pretty funny that Kerry Washington has so much success on TV with Scandal, yet her last movie Peeples bombed epically. i guess not everyone is a movie star too.

  • Justin121

    CBS Thursdays will be a disaster next season.

    The Millers will pull no more than high 2s following Big Bang Theory.

    Crazy Ones mid-2s

    Two and A Half Men was already trending down on Monday. Looking how all CBS sitcoms (HIMYM, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly) are trending in the 2s,TBBT-less Men will probably follow that same path.

    HIMYM could see a bump and be regularly in the 3s courtsy of final season, but Two and A Half Men will barely pull a 3.0. I expect a season low of 2.0. Elementary will be in the high 1s most of the season.

  • Matt

    With all the assists from CBS, it doesn’t seem to help Elementary at all.

  • Ashley

    Yay Hannibal! :) I’m glad it’s hanging on. It’s the best show on TV period! However, I can’t help but wish NBC would drop it and let A&E take it over. A perfect lineup would be “Bates Motel” and then “Hannibal” It is such a wonderful show and deserves a proper place and timeslot..following Bates would be just that too!

  • Jelly86

    Hannibal is done.

  • The End

    @Im just saying Elementary will have a weaker lead-in next season

    Wait what? Two and a Half Men is a much stronger lead in.

    Also, why are you so focused on the performance of ONE episode? Jesus christ, well technically it was two airing back to back. But my god some of the statements some people are making over this are both wrong and hilarious at the same time.

    I know some people must make it a hobby or something to provide infactual statements on here and enjoy being proven wrong time and time again.

    I’ve said all that needed to be said on the other topic, I don’t feel like repeating, but needless to say, this show is in no danger what so ever and will reach syndication numbers. Beyond that is anyones guess, but CBS as a network have invested in this show and want it to succeed, it won’t be moved to Friday, despite what some people suggest, because they want their fav show in that slot or something.

  • charmedcraft

    I will be really surprised if Hannibal is renewed. A 1.1 is awesome for CW but very bad for NBC. I know 1.4/1.5 is now pretty good for NBC; 1.1 is way below that.

  • k:Alex

    What a beautiful evening filled with “The Office”.
    Like “Seinfeld”, the series that were not the great success with the start, it becomes always as NBC continues.

  • Jayson


    Thank you for the clarification!

  • CBSviewer

    @ Alex

    I didn’t say Elementary will be moving during next season but maybe after season two or three.

  • Cass

    TBBT must be because of heavy DVR usage. Only explanation.

    The “why adjustments occur” link on every one of these ratings posts says nothing about DVR. I have always been under the impression that DVR plays no part in the final ratings and that it’s all about adjusting the prelims so it reflects what was actually aired as opposed to preemptions/overruns.

    @CBS Viewer
    Elementary moving timeslots in 2-3 years is pointless to speculate about based on what we know. It’s like saying Nashville will move nights at some point in the future. Um, okay? And using the 2.0 season finale data point as justification to launch that speculation is even more pointless given you, me, everyone under the sun knows one or two airings don’t matter.

  • Rebecca

    @Jayson & @Alex
    I was lazy in my short reply to Alex earlier. Of course, the sound editing is a factor in what really sounds fake or natural. And yes, laughter can build up OR be instantaneous. I was just thinking of brief scenes on shows where it seems like you hear the same 3 or 4 seconds of mass laughter during a minute long scene (or shorter) just because there were some silent pauses (I think I noticed it during the preview clip from “Sean Saves the World” and I know I’ve heard it with TBBT, maybe TAAHM, and some other current multi-cam shows). While I like TBBT, that kind of sound editing turns me off – I’m too used to the single cam shows (and a quieter TV I guess, lol) where I’m not prompted to laugh….I just laugh on my own at whatever I find funny. Some audience laughter can sound great, though (and not forced). It’s all in the editing.

  • Rebecca

    Also, Alex is right in that they usually add laughter (in editing) where there was already audience laughter (I think they still add some to fill silent pauses, too, though – maybe not as much as they used to). If you ever go to a sitcom taping, they often do the same scene around 5 times – so the laughter they use is most likely from the first or second take. Those tapings take a long time, and no one in the audience can keep up the laughter with each take. Or almost no one, anyway.

  • jess

    tvd has been bleeding viewers this season.

    lol it’s hilarious.

  • lostboy

    was that a joke about tvd bleeding viewers, I thought the show was about Vampires. I love this site great place to troll.

  • Mark3

    Awsome for the office! The best comedy show ever. Not to many shows make it 9years:)

  • Mark3

    @ashley wow thats exactly what i said too. Im a huuuuuuge bates fan. Never seen hannibal tho. But.to put hannibal before bates on same night on same network would be awsome. Two huge movies with.two big named shows back to back!

  • Joseph A

    @CBS Viewer , @Cass , and other about Elementary, the Final Numbers, and Next Season ,
    1st With the exception of American Idol all of the Thursday shows pulled nice numbers given the high level of competition. The AI Finale is comparable to Sporting Events, so its really up to the advertiser if they still consider the shrinking audience worthy of such a premium ad price.

    Next Season,
    ABC , gets stronger, Last Resort was fail out the gate vs Wonderland that should be # 2 in the 8:00pm 1/2 hour. The also got help from CBS since they are the only drama at 9pm next season.
    CBS , The Big Bang Theory, and The Crazy Ones are GOLD ! The network though does need to go back and redo The Millers so its less crass. The challenge here is that there are 3 networks all doing comedy at the same time, and The Michael J Fox Show is going to be strong competition for MEN. Elementary should not be heavily effected once they figure in DVR, Streaming views.
    FOX , two shows here that are no longer relevant, X Factor which will have significantly worse ratings then less year (at least 20%), and GLEE that lost its way when it became an afternoon school special.
    NBC , the positives here are Parks and Rec, Michael J Fox, and Parenthood all of which should as a group do well. The problem here is 8:30 – 9:30, starting with FAMILY that should not have cast Joseph Haro as Junior, they really needed someone that would be more believable as the boyfriend / father to be (sorry but all I see is his character Clark from MTV’s Awkward). The other issue has to do with the dated looking, and badly written mess that Sean Hayes signed up for.

  • Andrew

    An NBC comedy gets a 3! Yay!!

  • gustavo

    Scandal is finally having in the ratings all the recognizion that they deserves:Awesome show! :-)

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