Unaired Episodes of 'Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23' Now Online and Select Mobile Devices

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May 17th, 2013

Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 Title

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The Origin of Chloe’s Evil Ways Is Revealed in the Final Episode Featuring Richard Dean Anderson (“MacGyver”) and Famed Latin Singer and Actress Charo as Themselves


Chloe drugs June, calls off her friendship with James and goes to AA in the final unaired episodes of “Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23,” currently available in their entirety on WATCH ABC on ABC.com, the WATCH ABC Player for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Kindle Fire, Hulu and iTunes. The episodes will be live through June 2, 2013.


Show highlights include:


-         “The Leak...” – It’s crunch time and James goes into serious training to be in top form for “Dancing with the Stars.” Luther is tasked with keeping James on a strict regimen, but leave it to a jealous Chloe to try and sabotage it. Still, that’s the least of their worries when embarrassing photos of James leak all over the internet.


-         “Monday June...” – June has been so stressed and consumed with work that she has no time for anything else, including Chloe. Chloe’s remedy for this is to slip June an herbal relaxant, but the next thing June knows, it’s Tuesday, and Monday is a complete blackout. As she tries to piece together what happened, June discovers some surprising things about herself. Meanwhile, James grapples with the idea that he may have impregnated June’s friend, Crissy, on her wedding day,


-         “Teddy Trouble...” – With the help of Teddy, her childhood friend from psychopath camp, Chloe prepares for the imminent battle-royale at an annual department store warehouse sale. However, she is uncharacteristically distracted by the return of Benjamin who, June insists, is Chloe’s true love. Meanwhile, James is disappointed to learn his Beek-brand jeans are not selling as well as expected.


-         “The D...” – When Chloe gives June a ‘D’ on her yearly roommate evaluation, June correctly assumes the poor mark is due to her anemic social life. In order to up her grade, she agrees to go on a blind date with James’ agent’s assistant, Will. The pair hits it off, that is until June realizes they know a person in common. Meanwhile, Luther helps James prepare for an audition with Woody Allen.


-         “The Seven Year Bitch...” – When Chloe uses her time-honored veto power to try to force James to break up with his new girlfriend, James decides to buck tradition and continue seeing the girl. Needless to say, Chloe doesn’t take the rebuff well, and so she and James decide to take some time off from their seven-year friendship. A devastated June does her best not to choose sides, but she and Luther soon discover how Chloe and James’ lives are drastically affected by their time apart.


-         “Using People...” – June is shocked to discover that Chloe has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings solely to have a captive audience for her stories... and to score free liquor. As June gives Chloe an earful for using people for her own ends, Chloe points out that hypocrite June has been taking advantage of Mark and his unrequited feelings for her, leading June to the realization that maybe she has stronger feelings for Mark than she’s been willing to admit. Meanwhile, worried he’s too “light weight” to be cast by Martin Scorsese, James tries to add some depth to his character by co-opting others’ tales of woe.


-         “Ocupado...” – As Chloe and Benjamin’s sex-fueled relationship amps up, each admits to currently having additional sex partners in their “rotations.” While this revelation comes as no surprise – or deterrent -- to either, Chloe is uncharacteristically jealous when she learns that she is number two on his roster, while Ben is her number one. Meanwhile, while working on a commercial, James competes with director Ben for the crew’s affections.


-         “Original Bitch...” – Ten years before June moved to New York, Chloe moved into Apartment 23 and met her new roommate, Trish... the original “bitch.” After taking Chloe under her wing and teaching her everything she knew about bitch-itude, Trish betrayed Chloe and disappeared. Now, thanks to the services of a private investigator, Chloe’s got a lead on Trish and, with June in tow, sets off to exact her long-awaited revenge. Meanwhile, James learns his father isn’t his real father. Richard Dean Anderson (“MacGyver”) and famed Latin singer and actress Charo appear as themselves.


“Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23” stars Krysten Ritter as Chloe, Dreama Walker as June, Liza Lapira as Robin, Michael Blaiklock as Eli, Eric André as Mark, Ray Ford as Luther and James Van Der Beek as James Van Der Beek. This is a Twentieth Century Fox Television production. Nahnatchka Khan, David Hemingson and Jeff Morton are executive producers.

  • Mark

    It’s great that these episodes are available, but why are they only giving us 2 weeks to watch all 8 episodes?

  • forg

    I wished ABC would burn this off on TV as well even on a Summer Saturday spot

  • CBSviewer

    On hulu ?

  • colt13

    I agree with both Mark and Forg, but just happy they are getting aired at all.

  • Alan

    They should air it on summer, ABC doesn’t air anything but repeats anyway!

  • Rebecca

    Yes, on hulu. Not sure if it’s only hulu plus, but I saw the banner for the show this morning when I went there to watch The Office.

    I don’t think I’ll watch Van der Beek’s new show (nor did I ever really watch Dawson’s Creek) but I enjoyed him playing “himself” on A23. That show had its moments – I hope the unaired episodes are good.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    such a short time to watch the episodes, but whatever, i’ll find time.

  • SJ

    Hopefully someone puts them online (not geo-blocked). All eight episodes are getting “aired”, sweet! I was worried about “The Leak” since it’s the only season 1 episode that was left unaired.

  • Donof

    This is my favorite show that got canceled. I was hoping they would air in the summer too. I wish I could download them and watch them whenever I want. I’m not happy about having to watch all the episodes by June 2.

  • Rebecca

    I’m three episodes in now (the “new” episodes) and they don’t disappoint. All great so far.

  • Guardian Owl

    They added them up on Amazon instant video so at 2 bucks and episode you can watch them whenever.

  • jake

    I wish they would consider burn them off on summer!
    The show was very good, maybe if there’s high streaming numbers…

  • Dan S

    I was hoping it would be on demand from Comcast. I guess I’ll have to try & catch it online at ABC. Thank You for screwing over fans of this show ABC.

  • SVU: Hannibal

    Anybody know if this show is on Netflix and if the episodes are in their intended order? Between this, Awake, Terra Nova, Political Animals , 666 Park Av and Persons Unknown I may have to get Netflix again.

  • Rebecca

    They’re on ABC.com and on hulu for free.

  • Rebecca

    They’re “disc only” on Netflix, and season 2 isn’t released yet (so, no streaming). And I think maybe the only one that’s out of order is “The Leak” that SJ mentioned above. In that one, Van der Beek is still training for DWTS and we know that’s an old story line. That one plays first, on hulu, of the unaired episodes. They’re hilarious. Dang it, ABC….I wish this had stayed on the air, at least to finish its run. I bet it’s funnier than some of the new shows.

  • Jason

    Yes, I can watch it on Hulu Plus on my Apple TV.

  • Andrew

    I was going to start watching some Apt 23 episodes and I just found out that they pulled the latest episodes offline on June 2. Lame! They get rid of the newest episodes but keep the ones that aired in January online? Makes no sense to me.

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