CBS Pulls Tonight's Season Finale of 'Mike & Molly' Because it Features Tornado

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May 20th, 2013


CBS has decided to pull tonight's scheduled season finale of Mike & Molly and replace it with a repeat because the plot involves a tornado hitting Chicago. Executives decided the topic was too sensitive because of the tornado in Oklahoma City today. In a press release, a CBS spokesperson stated,"“Due to the tragic events this afternoon in Oklahoma, we are pre-empting tonight’s season finale of Mike & Molly, which has a related storyline. A repeat broadcast of ‘Mike & Molly’ will run in the time period. The season finale will be broadcast at an appropriate date.”


  • dan

    SEndiND PrayeRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob

    I think ever since 9/11 we have become so sensitive about everything. That was 12 years ago

  • TheFrenchGuy

    @Cody R

    You are right ! I’m not in the U.S. But I’m worried for the people in Oklahoma City. What happened is terrible and CBS is right to yank the episode. They are are just respectful and everyone should be. Good Luck to people in Oklahoma City !

  • Zombie!Ant

    I can see both sides of the coin. If I had a relative that was eaten by a zombie and then saw a show about zombies, I would turn the tv off and maybe break down crying. I wouldn’t be offended but the episode’s nature wouldn’t be something I’d watch. In that case, for those that are coping with the tragedy in OKC, I’m sure they would like to turn on the tv and watch something, like say a comedy of 2 overweight peoples, to get away from reality and laugh for half an hour, having an episode centered around a tornado wouldn’t exactly be that.

    I agree that sometimes people try to be too PC, but I think if it helps just one person cope, then it’s the right move by CBS. However, if this happened to a show that I actually cared about, I’d be steaming mad at this move. But that being said, still the right move by CBS.

  • Ultima

    You people are inconsiderate.

    Because we don’t differentiate between a tornado hitting the suburb of a city as opposed to blowing away someone’s farmhouse?

    One of those is national news, the other is not, but if you’re the person whose house is gone, it’s equally tragic.

    Bad things happen every day. That’s life. Sorry for not participating in the media feeding frenzy that surrounds mass destruction.

  • Ultima

    but I think if it helps just one person cope, then it’s the right move by CBS.

    You could use that logic to argue that the networks should never air anything, ever.

  • Iggy

    I don’t see an upside to airing it.

  • Ultima

    By the way, I’m sure a much better way to help people cope would be to not plaster images of a flattened town across the TV screen 24/7; but since that’s not going to happen, I guess pulling an episode of a sitcom will have to suffice.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    @ Ultima

    You coulduse that logic toargue that the networks should never air anything, ever.

    I agree. Families of murders’ victims could be hurt by CSI or anotyer procedurals but, on the other hand, the tornado was this afternoon. It is too recent and I also agree with Zombie!Ant. People (victims and their Family) need help. We don’t care about Mike & Molly. Real people are dying and some commenters are complaining because they will not watch the Season Finale of a TV Show ???

  • networkman

    I feel that the network allowing the episode to air would be more awarness to this natural disaster. The show is dealing with reality and we would get to see how these characters are dealing with it. The outcome or effects of tornadoes are tragic. Maybe this episode could have helped to ease the pain and find some hope while dealing with events that we have no control over. I think it is ridiculous for the episode to be pulled.

  • Ultima

    Real people are dying and some commenters are complaining because they will not watch the Season Finale of a TV Show ?

    So if instead of hitting an OKC suburb, the tornado just hit a single farmhouse and killed someone, but it didn’t make the national news – should CBS still have pulled the episode?

    Or was that person not a “real” person?

  • jake

    Maybe when it’s something like an terrorist attack or a mass killing it’s better not to show a program with similar content but this is a natural disaster, no one has the control of that so there’s no point of pull that episode, this things happens a lot and it’s sad but life it’s what it is, we can’t be inside a bubble and think everything is good and perfect cause it’s not.

  • JJ

    CBS is really screwing Mike and Molly lately. First it’s scheduled next season as a mid season replacement and now it’s finale is pre empted because of a Tornado?? I mean if people find the subject sensitive there are about 900 other channels to choose from.

  • Jazz

    @Cody R
    I hope you and yours are okay. Weather is scary. Having lived through a few different kinds in different parts of the country. We hear and see so much that it is easy to become desensitized until it hits too close to home.

    Death (not directly related) is a topic many shows handle in an interesting way but when it hits too close to home, I have to change the channel those times.

    Now all that being said this is not a message board with a reputation for sensitivity. So asking for it is a bit of a long stretch around here.

    And, I personally, don’t always believe shows are pulled for sensitivity. That would be nice and all but they know their numbers could be low (subject matter, pre-emptions) and it’s May so that is what I think. Plus the backlash that comes from airing shows so close to tragic events is just a pr challenge they don’t want to take on.

    I can see how people would turn to a show like a Mike & Molly to escape national tragedies. I think it was a good call on their part.

    But sensitivity on online forums, well that is about as likely as me watching that show, ever.

  • Ram510

    M&M welcome Rules of Engagments world since you are now officially the new ROE in CBS’s eye (see what i dd there). So M&M should get used to it one minute your on the air the next your replaced by ¡Rob!

  • Cody R

    Thanks @TheFrenchGuy, I know everyone here in Oklahoma appreciates the positive thoughts and prayers coming this direction.
    @charmedcraft, thank you so much for that advice- literally a eureka moment for me. Why don’t I just go and be helpful? What a novel idea.
    I live here and I thankfully have discovered that all of my family is safe. Right now I am doing what I can for those still in need. What I don’t understand is the inconsideration so many people seem to have. No one asked or demanded that CBS not air this show, otherwise many of you would have a point. They heard what happened elsewhere, and probably responded the way they felt they should as human beings. Yes, bad things happen everyday. But if a vast entity, such as CBS, KNOWS about it and decides that they don’t want to air something too similar to the events occurring, why would you believe they are being too PC or whatever? A large town may not be more important than one single farm, in the eyes of the farmer, but that doesn’t change anything here. When one citizen falls, they hopefully have a family or friends in their community to lift them up. When a community falls, a bigger community can hopefully help lift them up. That’s all I see CBS doing- a gesture of sympathetic understanding- by doing what they did. Would we expect a TV Network to air a show about school children being gunned down by a psychopath the very same day that it happened in real life? The only parallel I am drawing between this example and what happened in Oklahoma today is that both are tragedies. Both are horrible in their different ways. But no matter the horrific occurrence, why would we not show respect? It is what some people call common courtesy. I don’t watch Mike and Molly, never have. I would never have even known about such an episode if it had aired. But when I hear they did what they did, it makes me feel like there’s other people out there that care about fellow humans. It’s heartwarming.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    @ Ultima

    The tornado killed 10 people for sure and there is dozen other in danger, it destroyed two schools and trapped Childrens. If it hit a single farmhouse CBS would not have pulled the episode. But they can’t pull episode eveytime something happen. The tornado is the biggest for a very long time that what makes it special and probably why CBS yanked the Mike & Molly Season Finale.

  • tim_m

    @Cody very happy to hear all your loved ones are safe and ok.

  • snoot

    CBS cares

  • Cody R

    @Jazz, thanks. My family was fortunate to only get a little damage. You are probably right on all counts, but the gesture by CBS still is nice even if it’s not completely altruistic. About considerate behavior: I have never understood the propensity people have for being horrible in online forums. I likely never will.

    @Ultima, I typically enjoy reading your posts, but I feel like you’re missing the mark and not understanding this one. It is not being said that one person in a farmhouse is less important than a community. You’re argument is somewhat odd to me in the fact that unless it is an extremely high profile person, tragedy for a single human will not demand the same scale of attention in comparing to an entire suburb. If my grandparents’ farm was destroyed and they were killed, it would be the worst thing in the world to me. But no person outside of the town they are from or my family would have any clue as to what had happened. The response would be appropriate, by scale, in that the people that knew they existed would mourn and take note. A whole community on the other hand, is much more public, widely noticed, and therefore reacted to by the general population. It is a larger scale version of the single person in the farmhouse. While a TV network may not notice that single person, they will notice a highly public communal disaster and respond in kind. That is the point. Nature or man-made, does it matter?

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