CBS Pulls Tonight's Season Finale of 'Mike & Molly' Because it Features Tornado

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May 20th, 2013


CBS has decided to pull tonight's scheduled season finale of Mike & Molly and replace it with a repeat because the plot involves a tornado hitting Chicago. Executives decided the topic was too sensitive because of the tornado in Oklahoma City today. In a press release, a CBS spokesperson stated,"“Due to the tragic events this afternoon in Oklahoma, we are pre-empting tonight’s season finale of Mike & Molly, which has a related storyline. A repeat broadcast of ‘Mike & Molly’ will run in the time period. The season finale will be broadcast at an appropriate date.”


  • TheFrenchGuy

    @ Cody R

    I’m so happy for you and your Family and Friends. Good luck ! All my Family in France hope everything will be OK.

  • Ultima

    But they can’t pull episode eveytime something happen

    How insensitive of them.

    The reality is that this has nothing to do with CBS being sensitive, it’s all about getting good public relations, be it garnering goodwill or avoiding badwill. Ergo, when people complain about the episode being pulled, they aren’t being insensitive to the people impacted by the tragedy, they simply care more about their show than they do about CBS, which is fine.

  • The Cool Max

    Totally stupid!! We have natural disasters EVERY DAY!!! How about we pre empt a show for a 1 shock earthquake?? Total BS!

  • Cody R

    @tim_m Thanks! I was quite scared for a while when one sister couldn’t be reached, but her house narrowly escaped and her children were in different schools than the ones hit. I still feel so much fear for all of those other parents though! I wish I could go help, but I would only be in the way of rescue workers. We are finding organizations that are helping though and hopefully I can at least assist in the cleanup after the searching is done.

  • Shepherd

    This doesn’t make sense to me. Something like 40-45 people are murdered on a daily basis in this country, and yet they’ve never pulled a single episode of CSI or NCIS because of it. What a silly decision.

  • tim_m

    @Cody glad you reached them all. I’m sure anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

  • tim_m

    @shepherd that’s basically what point i’m trying to make. I am in no way trying to say this isn’t a awful horrible tragedy. It obviously is and i feel for all those affected and who have lost loved ones. But to your point. When things like Newtown happened or the Boston Marathon bombing. With the exception of the days that coverage was on all day, did CBS cancel csi or NBC law and order svu? I didn’t see anyone say how dare they not preempt those shows the week of those tragedies.

  • nope

    ban assault tornadoes

  • Ultima

    @Cody R
    I feel like you’re missing the mark and not understanding this one

    No, I completely understand. CBS is pulling the episode because it is in their best self-interest, not for some more noble purpose.

    Then, people read about it and complain, because it conflicts with their self-interest, and then they are criticized for doing exactly the same thing that CBS is doing.

    It’s ridiculous. Being upset that your show isn’t on doesn’t make you insensitive. You can still offer your prayers, be charitable, be sad and so on.

    unless it is an extremely high profile person, tragedy for a single human will not demand the same scale of attention in comparing to an entire suburb

    Which is my point. How come it’s national news when an NFL player is involved in a murder/suicide, but it’s not when any of a thousand of other people are? It’s not like the media is magically awakened and becomes sensitive to the issue – it’s a story and they want ratings. Self interest, nothing more.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    UGH! just lame CBS! It shouldn’t surprise me though. People trapped in the tornado probably would be checking Mike and Molly while waiting for help so it would have been offensive to them to see the plot of the episode while being trapped.
    Anyway tonight’s ROE’s series finale I hope it goes up a bit in the ratings. It’s gonna be the only new comedy on CBS tonight.

  • CBSviewer

    That’s terrible ! I hope everyone is safe. If I could help…

    @ Bitter Ringer Fan

    I hope it too for Rules. At least CBS promoted it as the Series Finale. I’m a little scared about Hawaii Five-0 :(

  • Melissa

    This was a horrific tragedy, but honestly, it’s ridiculous and somewhat degrading to think that people would be offended by a fictional sitcom’s plot.

  • Fake Me Out


    … Families of murders’ victims could be hurt by CSI or anotyer procedurals but, on the other hand, the tornado was this afternoon. It is too recent …

    There are what? 30,000 to 50,000 murders in the US every year? Not a single day goes by that hundreds of people across the country are killed in accidents, DUIs, gunned down, ODs not to mention those who die from natural causes … never mind those who are beaten, sexually assaulted, maimed, disfigured. Given this I expect all networks to pull all programs that have anything to do with anything out of “respect”. Sorry, maybe it’s me but if I lived through a tornado … for a 3rd time … and someone told me they pulled a TV show out of respect I’d laugh in their face and ask how the hell does that show “respect”? Ultima is right … how is showing the same clips over and over and over just to try to get ratings but we’ll call it “news” so it’s ok? Please. What happened in Boston was terrible … seeing that old dude knocked down by the blast 6 gazillion times helped with the healing? Made me understand the events better? I don’t even watch the M&M, it’s the principle of all these shows being pulled “out of respect” … maybe they should stop making shows that are “disrespectful” then?

    Now I will show some respect by saying those who are impacted are in my thoughts … tornados are nasty pieces of work and they can strike out of nowhere with little or no warning. Most of the time we just lose our stuff, this time we’ve lost people, a lot of people, and that’s sad.

  • Keith

    I don’t think it’s being removed because it’ll offend anybody.. They’re taking it off just out of respect for the now 55 people killed. The people involved in the storms won’t be watching anyway, so it’s not about offending anyone. It’s simply a show of respect.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    @ Fake Me Out

    CBS doesn’t want to hurt anybody. People who are involved by the tornado will probably don’t watch TV for a few days. CBS is just showing respect like NBC did when they pulled an episode of Hannibal after the Boston Bombing.

  • Marthie

    Since when is a Natural Disaster, or any Disaster is ‘S T U P I D’ – would you think that if YOU lost your house, or family or all your belongings
    STUPID………………GROW UP & GET A LIFE::(:(:(

  • Tate

    So wait. Unless Mike and Molly take place in Oklahoma what difference is prolonging it will help? They are not going to forget the people who are hurt or dead within a week or so.

  • Fake Me Out

    @TheFrenchGuy & all others on the “other side”

    I don’t think any amount of back and forth here is going to settle this or sway either sides opinion … it’s a personal thing how this is viewed I guess and I just don’t see this as anything whatsoever to do with “respect” on the part of CBS other than the ‘respect’ they have for the bottom line. If CBS wanted to do something to show “respect” they would have aired the episode and donated 50% of the ad revenue to the Red Cross and/or other agencies scrambling in to help. But pulling a show, IMHO, does NOT show respect … period … end sentence.


  • TheFrenchGuy

    @ Fake Me Out

    That’s a good idea. But why just 50% ? CBS is rich enough to donate 100% and maybe more… But it’s CBS pulling the episode is the only thing they can do because unfortunately they love money too much :(

  • joel

    3 minutes into Mike & Molly and at least I don’t have to waste any more time on it tonight.

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