CBS Pulls Tonight's Season Finale of 'Mike & Molly' Because it Features Tornado

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May 20th, 2013


CBS has decided to pull tonight's scheduled season finale of Mike & Molly and replace it with a repeat because the plot involves a tornado hitting Chicago. Executives decided the topic was too sensitive because of the tornado in Oklahoma City today. In a press release, a CBS spokesperson stated,"“Due to the tragic events this afternoon in Oklahoma, we are pre-empting tonight’s season finale of Mike & Molly, which has a related storyline. A repeat broadcast of ‘Mike & Molly’ will run in the time period. The season finale will be broadcast at an appropriate date.”


  • Fake Me Out


    “… But why just 50% ?…”

    Like I said … they have ‘respect’ for the bottom line too … so like Solomon they split that ad money baby right down the middle! ;-)

  • tim_m

    Personally wouldn’t the news coverage and footage shown to nauseum in OKC which i’m sure is taking place be more upsetting? If there is a CBS affiliate in Oklahoma that shows anything tonight other then an insane amount of news coverage i’d be shocked. If they want to do something respectful maybe they should stop showing footage of the tornado and its devastation. A fake tornado on a sitcom isn’t gonna upset people. Seeing footage of their homes and community destroyed over and over is.

  • DW

    if there was a mass shooting , and CSI was tackling that subject , it would be pulled. it’s been common practice to do this for decades. cbs is not the first to do this.

  • josh2770

    well “Hawaii Five O” might not get that good ratings probely around 1.4-1.7 with MAYBE 6 million but my guess is around 5!

  • Dan

    Very stupid, it’s a season finale. Just get it out of the way.

  • josh2770

    ok i am stupid probably about 1.9-2.2 and 8 million!

  • josh2770

    i forgot it was the season finale!

  • Spen B

    First the bombing scene in a public urban area in the POI finale, now this.

    CBS, what do you know?

  • Laura G

    I myself find this quite respectful of CBS. Its quite a tragedy going on right now

  • sofaspud

    While they’re at it, why not pull the whole series in deference to America’s obesity problem.

  • Tony JJ

    I just cannot believe how ironic things like this occur. Revolution and Castle both have bomb episodes right when the Boston bombing happens. Mike and Molly has a tornado episode when there’s a tornado in Oklahoma. I just find these things wierd and ironic. And I’m sure there’s more examples. I wonder when they’ll air this episode.

  • Cody R

    @Ultima- I see better now what you’re saying, and I do agree with you. I’m sure it was done in CBS’s own best interest.
    I think part of my irritation earlier was that in expressing their own thoughts on CBS’s decision, the line seemed blurry between thinking CBS is stupid because this was for PR, and thinking CBS is stupid because what happened isn’t a big deal. Adrenaline ran high all day, everyone wondering if family members were in buildings being torn apart in front of our eyes… And at my job sometimes I have nothing to do but surf the net. I didn’t need to get on these forums- and in fact knew better- but I did just to see if there were any updates on my TV shows. I apologize if I directly hurt anyone or pissed anyone off, I hope I didn’t ruin your day! I know we appreciate any well wishes for Oklahoma right now and I wish you all well.
    I can’t wait to finish with college and move far far away from tornadoes. One of my least favorite natural disasters.

  • Brad

    Didn’t stop the episode leaking onto the Internet. Haha.

  • KJ Styles

    I don’t watch this show, but I agree that postponing it is ridiculous. With all due respect to those who were affected by the tornado, I doubt that most of those people would have even watched Mike & Molly tonight if it was as bad as reported. Most of them likely don’t have electricity.

    And even if they did, I don’t think they would have been offended. I have watched several shows that featured natural disasters. I went through 3 hurricanes in as many years and a show featuring one wouldn’t have offended me at all. I recall Hot In Cleveland having a show that featured a hurricane. I actually enjoyed the episode. It’s not like they made fun of the situation. They acted like anyone else would during a natural disaster, and I’m sure the same occured on M&M.

  • Jim

    Man Oklahoma get it pretty bad like earthquake that keeps hitting japan or chile alot. But people it is NOT funny and is it necessary to show disrespect for people that are suffering in these disasters. This can be you or me one of these days. So stop talking trash. Rob60990? Melissa? Oliver? and tim_m?

  • tim_m

    @KJ nor only do they likely not even have electricity but i find it highly unlikely the local CBS affiliate would show it. It likely would have been preempted by the local news. Anyway, i saw the episode. I really see no reason it had to be preempted a small window gets blown in by some object. Then a short news report of a jacknifed 18 wheeler. I can’t see anyone being offended by that.

  • Edward

    Very interesting to see how many non-US posters are on here who are outraged by this decision. I’ll read the comments with a new perspective on the trends here. I think CBS made the right call.

  • tim_m

    No idea why it matters to non-us people. It was shown outside the us.

  • Chris

    Hell, CBS wasn’t going to win tonight anyway. With the DWTS Finale, and the Voice. So why pull an episode that is…

    a)the shows season finale
    b)not going to win its time slot

    Then again this type of thing has happened many times before. Both in and outside of prime time.

  • Chris

    Continuing on with my last point, I doubt people in Oklahoma would’ve seen Mike and Molly tonight anyway due to news coverage of the tornadoes, and if they did nobody in Oklahoma given the tragic events unfolding there would’ve cared to watch it.

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