CBS Pulls Tonight's Season Finale of 'Mike & Molly' Because it Features Tornado

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May 20th, 2013


CBS has decided to pull tonight's scheduled season finale of Mike & Molly and replace it with a repeat because the plot involves a tornado hitting Chicago. Executives decided the topic was too sensitive because of the tornado in Oklahoma City today. In a press release, a CBS spokesperson stated,"“Due to the tragic events this afternoon in Oklahoma, we are pre-empting tonight’s season finale of Mike & Molly, which has a related storyline. A repeat broadcast of ‘Mike & Molly’ will run in the time period. The season finale will be broadcast at an appropriate date.”


  • Scifibookguy

    To everyone who said this is political correctness gone amok…

    Ya, it is.


  • cindy

    CBS pulled it, but citytv (Canada) did not

    so just watch it on line

  • Andrew

    I don’t care about Mike @ Molly but have we have become a nation of sensitive p#@&*es? Or is it just the network heads?

  • jessica

    Cindy and tim_m,
    DIMENSION and LOL fake most of their releases as being from Canada but any Canadian could easily spot it as not legit. They are meant to fool Americans and given they have been doing it for nearly a decade i think they have fooled many. Hello! the logo is the old Citytv one not the new City one. The name was changed like 6 months ago. The basic fade-in/fade-out hasn’t been used by Citytv since 2007 and never since the name change to City. City showed a repeat of s3e8 “Mike Likes Briefs” just like CBS. If you actually watched a broadcast of City tonight you would know that. I watched it twice, from the channels of the east and west master control for the network. Both had the same repeat.

  • tim_m

    @Jessica well it obviously aired somewhere or found its way online somehow cause it was definitely the right episode lol.

  • tim_m

    This episode definitely will have to air sometime before next season because of the ending. It’ll easily be noticed as out of place. Anyone who did see it online will know what i mean.

  • jessica


    Clean pre-air gleaned from a post-production facility or someone who made themselves a copy when it was transmitted to individual stations or something else like that. Where exactly they come from is a bit of a mystery but it isn’t limited to one broadcaster or one production company. If it is an NBC show they sometimes will have the NBC bug in the lower left; those are harder to pretend come from Canada. :) If it is a channel they don’t have a mock-up scheme in place for then the episode will be clean or contain only a mock-up of the programme rating at the beginning. That happens a lot with shows said to come from Bravo, CTV two (and its previous brandings), and the now defunct SunTV (see Charmed s8).

    With Charmed they released them Sunday night in line with broadcast on The WB but 5 days before they were broadcast on SunTV, which had the series scheduled for the following Friday. Somehow even that fooled most people into thinking they were really coming from Canadian broadcasts.

    Folk can watch or not watch the season 3 finale of Mike & Molly but there really is no thanks or blame owed to Canadians. Speaking of the ending… with there normally being 4 months before the premiere of the next season but this time it being held back until January-ish that is a great way to fast-forward that story-line closer to its climax. Most any fan of the show should easily guess what that is.

  • Ricky

    Weird how differently people in the same country experience certain things.
    When the big tsunami hit Thailand, I remember that they pulled the song “Die perfekte Welle” (The perfect wave) from the radio programs. This was in Germany, so SJ, I hope this keeps your mouth shut for even a litte longer.

  • john

    molly announced she was pregnant. you guys didn’t miss much.

  • Colin

    Children died and you care about your stupid sitcom. Shame on you.

  • cindy

    I think people were more upset about CBS treating them like babies, and putting on a replay.

    had they broadcast a special from Oklahoma no one would have objected.

    plus this is happening more and more. it seems that after every tragedy some network pulls an episode.

    no one forces anyone to watch anything. if someone does not want to watch change the channel.

  • KarenM

    Someone watches Mike & Molly? Silly censorship.

  • Psychic

    Ugh. Ridiculous. I don’t even watch this show, but honestly? Who’s it going to offend??

  • Hardline_Pro

    “This is hilarious (unlike the show).”

    Lol, yep.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    They should air it on Wednesday. Before the Criminal Minds two hour finale they just have a Two and a Half Men and Two Broke Girls repeats leading into it. I think they should air it then

  • tomsman

    I haven’t got an opinion one way or the other about whether CBS should or shouldn’t have – I can see valid points on either side. That said, it is the appalling things that people are saying to “back up” their points. What the heck is wrong with you? It strikes me that all of you that are physically able need to get out of your parents’ basements need to go outside, get some sun on your face and start interacting with other human beings face-to-face. Almost as much as my heart breaks for those in OK right now, it breaks for you. Where does this insensitivity come from? While the lives of the adults are as equally important, a staggering minimum of TWENTY children are verified dead, the search continues as many more are missing. Comparing relatively short advance times for tornadoes and hurricanes which brew for many days is preposterous. If you are going to live your lives in front of a tv, watch a science or weather channel every once in a while, or, for that matter, tune in to msnbc or CNN right now and take in the devastation for a few minutes. If after that, you can still spew your disgusting comments – I fear there is little hope for you.

  • Frank

    Usually I’m not a supporter of pre-empting programs due to news stories but in this situation it’s the right decision. Also I don’t think I would have watched comedy programs on such a night anyway when every news covers this tragic events.

    And for everyone saying a show would not have pre-empted in Europe: If a tornado hit Germany and 90+ people died I don’t think there would be even any regular scheduled program because every channel (with a news squad) would air live coverage 24/7. And they would be right about it!

    I wish all the best to the people of OKC!

  • a p garcia

    Political Correctness carried to an extreme!

  • Ryan

    Is there a possibility that they make this episode a season premiere in the fall?

  • rgxx

    I respect CBS’s desicion on this.

    Boo, Hiss to those that are so upset, about missing you’re 22 minute show.

    Respect for the fallen!

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