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May 20th, 2013


Tonight, two new series premiere.

The first, crime procedural Motive premieres on ABC. Well, it's new to the U.S. It's a Canadian import, like another ABC summer series Rookie Blue. Motive is a hit in Canada, but will it work here? Because it is premiering during the regular season, Motive faces stiff competition by summer series standards from the season finale of Hawaii Five-0 and a new episode of Revolution. So how do you think it's going to do? Make your predictions.

The second is the long delayed comedy The Goodwin Games on FOX.  It was announced with great fanfare at last year's upfronts. It stars two popular actors, Scott Foley and Becki Newton. But it never premiered. Now it's getting classic summer burn-off treatment, airing as FOX's sole new episode against new episodes of The Voice and the Dancing With the Stars season finale. So how low do you think the ratings for its premiere are going to go?


  • don

    I vote low

  • ethan

    1.2, and then falls sharply…will be lucky to last as long as the mob doctor.

  • Andrew

    According to ABC’s advertisement on your website, Motive premieres Thursday 9/8c

  • Andrew

    I predicted 1.2 also

  • Joel

    Goodwin Games is going to be low because it has been on hulu for the past week.

  • Observer

    @Andrew you are right! Directly above this article MOTIVE advert with premier Thursday at 9pm. I predict low numbers.

  • Holly

    According to ABC’s advertisement on your website, Motive premieres Thursday 9/8c

    It will air there normally, but there is a “sneak preview” tonight.. so apparently they will air the premiere twice this week.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    I won’t watch motive because of all the ads on this site that made it impossilbe to look at stuff.
    I hope Goodwin Games is good because I want a good comedy this summer

  • DW

    i will be watching my idol mel brooks PBS tonight. :)

  • brian

    Goodwin Games 1.0
    Motive 1.4

  • Robert Seidman

    Andrew/Holly: yep, the special premiere and the time period premiere on Thursday. Both are new episodes though.

  • Darryl

    ABCs website states that tonight is a special sneak preview for Motive, regular timeslot premiere will indeed be Thursday 9e/8c.

  • rob60990

    I havent seen ABC say in 1 ad that it was airing tonight so 1.4 at best.

    .8 for Goodwin Games.

  • Samunto

    Motive 1.6 those old viewers from DWTS will stay tuned.
    GG is DOA with a 0.8.

  • Andrew

    Hopefully its the same episode on Thursday, or else people tuning in on Thursday are in for a surprise.

    I predict the encore on Thursday will have equal/higher numbers than the Monday airing (low 1s for both) as they are advertising Thursday as the premiere. Revolution will have an easy win tonight, followed by Hawaii 5-0, then Motive. I predict 1.1 for Goodwin Games, it would have a slightly better shot had it premiered after New Girl at 9:30, or better yet at 9:30 on Fox’s normal comedy night, Tuesday.

  • Doug8895

    I have been watching Motive in Canada and it is one of the best crime dramas i have seen in a long time. They tell you the killer and the victim right at the start and you try to figure out what happened. Very interesting show

  • s0303

    i haven’t seen any promotions for the goodwin games (though i don’t watch fox much)…i don’t think either show is going beyond one season though…

  • Andrew

    Just read Robert’s comment. Wow, so its different episodes both nights. Hopefully its not serialized or people tuning in on Thursday thinking its the pilot are going to be confused and switch channels fast. ABC should be advertising tonight as the premiere on the banner as most people aren’t going to click for the details (I didn’t). Dumb move on ABC’s part.

  • Survivor Fan

    Goodwin: 1.1
    Motive: 1.4

  • Andrew


    I watch several shows on Fox on regular basis and I have never ever seen a promo for Goodwin Games. I only know about it because of TVBTN. I heard the first episode was put on Hulu so I may just watch it now.

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