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May 20th, 2013


Tonight, two new series premiere.

The first, crime procedural Motive premieres on ABC. Well, it's new to the U.S. It's a Canadian import, like another ABC summer series Rookie Blue. Motive is a hit in Canada, but will it work here? Because it is premiering during the regular season, Motive faces stiff competition by summer series standards from the season finale of Hawaii Five-0 and a new episode of Revolution. So how do you think it's going to do? Make your predictions.

The second is the long delayed comedy The Goodwin Games on FOX.  It was announced with great fanfare at last year's upfronts. It stars two popular actors, Scott Foley and Becki Newton. But it never premiered. Now it's getting classic summer burn-off treatment, airing as FOX's sole new episode against new episodes of The Voice and the Dancing With the Stars season finale. So how low do you think the ratings for its premiere are going to go?


  • Andy W

    Seen both premiers already thanks to FOX already putting The Goodwin Games online and Motive premiering in Canada back after the Superbowl.

    Both are pretty good, Goodwin Games premise is a little dumb but the show itself is quite funny and Motive, despite looking like a typical crime drama is actually decent.

    As long as it gets between 1.0-1.5 then ABC will probably bring it back next year since CTV in Canada already renewed it and it’ll be cheap to air.

  • NBC Fan

    Dancing with the Stars-2.2

    Rules of Engagement-1.9
    Mike & Molly-2.1
    Hawaii 5-0-1.8
    The Goodwin Games-0.8

    The Voice-3.9

  • Sel

    I saw the pilot of Goodwin Games and I found it great. What I don’t understad is why FOX killed it, when they could easily launch it right after Raising Hope end its 3 season?

  • Stewart

    ABC’s website says tonight is a ‘sneak peek’ of the episode before Thursday’s premiere, so obviously trying to get the ‘Dancing’ audience early

  • Rebecca

    If GG is on hulu I’ll watch it there. Tonight it’s on at the same time as the series finale of Rules of Engagement, so I’m going to watch that.

  • erwanfromfrance

    The Voice : 4.2% Revolution : 2.1%
    Goodwin games : 1.2%
    Motive : 1.6%

  • Stephen

    Motive – 1.5 may go a bit higher if DWTS is stronger than recent weeks but would be shocked if it hit a 2.

    Goodwin Games – .6 maybe .7 I just don’t see this getting any higher given the competition and that it’s the only new episode of the night for FOX.

  • Rebecca

    How about a poll for the ratings for RoE’s final episode? Didn’t have one for The Office last week. I’m halfway through GGames on hulu now, and so far it’s pretty funny. Maybe if it is just for one season as burn-off, they’ll have a game winner at the end.

  • MichaelChickless

    I’m guessing a 1.4 for Motive and a shocking 1.6 for The Goodwin Games.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    Tonight Ratings:

    2 Broke Girls (R): 1.8
    Rules of Engagement: 2.2
    The Big Bang Theory (R): 3.2
    Mike & Molly: 2.5
    Hawaii Five-0: 2.1

    Dancing with the Stars: 2.5
    Motive: 1.6

    Raising Hope (R): 1.0
    The Goodwin Games: 1.2
    New Girl (R): 1.2
    The Mindy Project (R): 0.8

    The Voice: 4.8
    Revolution: 2.0

    Oh Sit!: 0.3
    Oh Sit!: 0.4

  • I love TV!

    I would love for The Goodwin Games get at least a 1.4 A18/49 so FOX could realize how idiots they were with this show.. Still, gotta be realistic and probably go with a 0.9 A18/49 for tonight

  • Rebecca

    Very good pilot. I just gave it a 1.3-1.4; hope it does well tonight.

  • DonJ1973

    For anyone who has already seen Motive, is it distinctly Canadian? Like setting and references? I know Rookie Blue and Flashpoint tried to keep things sort of vague.

  • SS

    Motive looks decent and I will check it out Thursday, but new Revolution episodes come first on Monday.

  • JD

    I’ve seen motive advertised a lot (living in Canada) and I dismissed it as “another cop show” but the idea of showing the killer & victim at the beginning, and making the “why” the important part, is pretty interesting. We’ll see how it does. It seems suited to the older DWTS audience.

  • JoshuaCanada

    I’ll be checking out Goodwin tonight and then the bates motel finale at 10. I”l be DVRing Revolution.

    In terms of Motive, I watched it after the superbowl and I didn’t really like it.

  • Anon

    The DWTS audience will go to bed as soon as the mirrorball is hoisted. Expect no retention.

  • jessica

    Rookie Blue and Flashpoint are as distinctly Canadian as Criminal Minds and The Following are distinctly American; you might not see the signs. If you can’t enjoy a show without needing to pretend it is set in the US then the problem isn’t with the show. Some scenes I have noticed are openly making use of real businesses and places which you can find google earth which aren’t renamed in the show. The Flashpoint finale shows and has text overlay declaring Toronto City Hall so it isn’t that ambiguous.

  • John Doe

    Just watched The Goodwin Games on hulu, it’s pretty enjoyable if not a slam dunk, but can definitely grow into one. I’ll be tuning in every week.

    I don’t get FOX’s rationale for it, unless it had some reason (didn’t like the show/creators/stars, too pricey??, w/e) to sink it as it had so many open slots to put it in. Someone mentioned putting it in Raising Hope’s place after it ended its season early on, or it could’ve used it to plug the hole that Ben & Kate left as it’s very compatible with Raising Hope as a lead-in. Surely new episodes would beat repeats they had for several weeks in the Tuesday 8:30 slot, right? Unless they wanted real badly to have a summer show. Still, doesn’t make sense to have 1 new summer show surrounded by repeats. Maybe they were afraid of pulling attention away from New Girl as they’ve said focusing on a 4-comedy line-up instead of on promoting New Girl was a bad idea (according to one of the VP/P’s of programming or something). Ahh who knows wtf they were thinking.
    Bent on NBC. Traffic Light on FOX. Now, possibly, Goodwin Games. Fun little shows that got steamrolled by poor planning.

  • Katherine

    John Doe,

    The way I’ve heard it is that fox was extremely displeased with the quality of the show after a few episodes.

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