NBC Airing News Special Tonight In Place of 'The Voice' Recap Show

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May 21st, 2013


As you may have noticed if you glanced at the TV schedule grid on the right side of our website, NBC is preempting tonight's previously scheduled The Voice Recap Show for an NBC News Special: Devastation in Oklahoma about the tornadoes in the Oklahoma City area.  Though all of the networks are ramping up their news coverage this week, so far this is the first primetime special dedicated to the disaster.

  • MichaelChickless

    I’m not watching any of it. I’m going to see Star Trek tonight.

  • Cody R

    @MichaelChickless, it’s a great movie! I want to go see it again actually.

  • HalCapone

    Network television newsertainment at its finest: exploiting and sensationalizing the latest tragedy, capturing every detail of the death and destruction, along with somber music and hard hitting questions like “How do you feel now that you’ve lost your home, all your worldly possessions and a family member?”

  • The End


    I agree with you. If anything hard hitting questions should be aimed at anyone involved in the rescue effort(If they have any free time) and those that can give information that can be of help to those affected, and perhaps recap a bit about what has happened, and what measures have been taken.

    The last thing people who have lost their homes, or family members/friends is a camera infront of them asking them questions.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    I see no problem with this. It’s a recap show, no one is missing out. NBC News ( Not MSNBC) is one of the few things they beat CBS and ABC in

  • tim_m

    The only problem i see with this is really do these people really need to see the footage of the tornado destroying their town repeatedly? Not to mention all the reporters that will be asking them stupid questions over and over. Leave these people alone. They suffered a horrible tragedy. Give them time to grieve for their losses. They don’t need constant reminders of what happened.

  • tim_m

    If this were my community i would personally rather see the voice. I wouldn’t wanna see constantly repeated video of the tornado or the aftermath and i sure wouldn’t want some reporters asking me what happened!

  • Maximillian

    Didn’t NBC preempt programming for the Boston marathon bombing “special primetime” coverage too? Which I recall won its time period with much higher ratings then what was originally going to air.

    Seems like NBC has found a new way to make money. Quickly throwing together primetime specials on national tragedies. Guess they got to keep their doors open somehow.

  • tim_m

    Makes me sick cause its simply about ratings and money. They aren’t doing this cause they care.

  • joel

    I saw Star Trek this afternoon. Lots of references and homage to the original series, which I like.

  • tim_m

    I though The Voice was being preempted? It was on here before Grimm.

  • Frank

    They are a company. Everything they do is about money. But wouldn’t it be cheaper for them to air a recap show they already cut instead of a one hour live news special? So maybe they thought it would be more relevant!
    I don’t think it’s a good decision ratings-wise because its hard to beat the 2.0 from last weeks Voice recap.
    Also they never mentioned pre-empting The Voice, just the 8pm recap show.

  • cas127

    Re – Sudden affection for news vs. money matters for NBC/Comcast.

    Ever since the Feds signed off on the Comcast takeover of NBC (gotta keep that content library outta the hands of potential free OTA/broadband competitors…), NBC has more or less become “Official Mouthpiece of the US Government”(tm, Patent Pending).

    NBC is ever more hip deep in statist flackery and MSNBC, well, hell MSNBC is one step away from glowing documentaries on the glories of North Korea.

    What does this have to do with pre-empting a ratings hit with a mid-tier reality tragedy?

    Well, the reality/news mashup gives the scandal-besieged Prez (current count – 4) a chance to role-play concerned Father of the Nation ™ and Lord Bountiful (“Zimbabwe Ben, speed up your magical money/patronage machine!”).

    Also note, ABC interrupted the View yesterday (“See how much your proxy baby-daddy *cares* about you, Julia…the welfare check’s in the mail so long as you vote early and often…”)

  • Frank

    I won’t discuss your political statement because I’m not interested in (even though it seems like a crazy conspiracy theory).

    But The Voice recap show isn’t that much of a hit then you think. Of course for NBC a 2.0 is a great rating, but I think they were happy yesterday to maintain such a rating without The Voice one times.

    Still I’m not sure if it was the right decision for good ad revenue (I guess a lot of companies won’t air commercials to interrupt footage of people who lost their homes), but ratings-wise it worked better than I expected.

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