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May 21st, 2013

Grimm Season 2

Grimm airs its season finale tonight. The show's ratings have risen a bit since it moved from Fridays to the Post-Voice timeslot on Tuesdays. Last week, it scored a 1.7 adults 18-49 rating, down from a 1.8 the prior week. Tonight it faces off against the finale of Dancing With the Stars and an NCIS repeat on CBS. So how do you think Grimm will do? Make your predictions below.

  • lostboy

    Grimm is going up with DWTS and Repeats of NCIS. The people over 75 that watch CBS won’t realize NCIS is a repeat.
    DWTS are they crowning the champion tonight. I said a 2.0 for Grimm for some reason I thought they were up against BOP and Golden Boy. I would be surprised if Grimm hit a 2.0 or higher. I will say 1.8 although NBC has been promoting the hell out of it. I don’t watch the show, hope it does well in the finale. I am not a CBS fan or a abc fan since LOST. I do watch Revenge but abc managed to screw that show up royally.

  • GG

    who cares, its going back to fridays.thankfully

  • The End


    Yup, back where it’l have lower expectations, and pull the roughly the same numbers as it did on Tuesday.

    Which is baffling why some Grimm fans are complaining about that. Why would any fan want their show in a demanding slot on Tuesday, when it pulls the same numbers as a lesser slot on Friday? Strange bunch.

  • The End

    *the roughly the same numbers

    Typo, meant to say pull roughly the same numbers. lol

  • HV

    The Voice 3.2
    Grimm 2.3

  • ChipL

    1.4, tops.

  • josh2770

    2.000000000000000 :)

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    The Voice 3.2
    Grimm 1.8

    Last week the results show for the Voice was 0.3 below the performance show. This week should duplicate last week.

    The season 1 finale of Grimm had a cliffhanger in the sense that Juliette was infected by the cat and Nick found out his mother was alive. However the villain of the episode was defeated.

    The season 2 finale of Grimm also ended with a cliffhanger but the villain of this episode achieved his goal. This finale wasn’t as satisfying as the season 1 finale. Once Upon A Time’s season 2 finale also had the villain Tamara accomplishing her goal. OUAT only increased by 0.1 from the week before so I’m predicting Grimm to go up by 0.1 from last week.

  • HUbert R.

    didnt know GB is done yet. was it pulled or did it get to air the whole season?

  • Frank

    1.6 or 1.7 (voted for 1.7-1.8)
    I expect less interest in Grimm from the usual Voice audience but maybe the season finale helps a little bit.

  • Ashley


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