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May 22nd, 2013

nashville v chicago fire

Tonight, the last night of May sweeps, the two freshman dramas named after cities, Nashville and Chicago Fire will compete head-to-head for the last time. Both shows have been picked up, but Chicago Fire is moving to Tuesday night next season. Chicago Fire has beat Nashville their last few outings, hitting a big 2.0 adults 18-49 rating  last week (and tying the season finale of CSI) compared to Nashville's 1.7. The two shows face what is probably their stiffest broadcast competition of the season from the second half of the Criminal Minds finale. So how do you think each show will do tonight? Make your predictions.

Chicago Fire:


  • BenA

    Chicago Fire: 2.1
    Nashville: 1.8

  • rob60990

    Chicago Fire: 2.1
    Nashville: 1.9

  • Charmed

    Chicago Fire: 2.1
    Nashville: 1.8

    I wish Nashville had higher ratings :(

  • danny94

    I would love Nashville to get a 2.0 but not so sure it will so I am saying a 1.8 maybe a

    I predict Chicago Fire to get a 1.8 as I think criminal minds may dent it slightly

  • ally

    Chicago Fire probably shares some of its audience with Criminal minds so as a result I think Chicago fire may be down,
    Nashville will probably stay around a 1.8, criminal minds probably wont affect the more female targeted Nashville.

  • Juan

    Gosh I wish nashville was higher, especially since the last few episodes where increadible. I say it gets a 1.9 but hoping for better


    MINDS 2.6
    CF 1.9

  • Terry

    Criminal Minds will crush both shows sadly.

    CM 2.7
    CF 1.8
    NA 1.6

  • BigBrotherFan

    Really don’t get how people would tune in to that old people cast on criminal minds and the bland boring plot of the show. Why?

    Nashville is the best show currently on TV and CF is another one I like too!

    CF 1.9
    CM 2.4

  • BenA

    Thank Goodness that Chicago Fire is getting moved to Tuesdays and not having to face Criminal Minds and CSI.

  • Michael

    Chicago Fire: 1.9

    Nashville: 1.6

  • DenverDean

    @BenA – CBS blunted CF’s move to Tuesday, which should have happened at midseason – with move of POI. If NBC was smart, they would move CF to Tuesday night ASAP during summer to get viewers used to the new timeslot.

    CM for the win tonight.

  • BenA

    @DenverDean, I definitely agree. NBC tried moving Grimm to Tuesdays but next season, CF will do much better on Tuesdays than it did this season.

  • BigBrotherFan

    I’m really hoping NASHVILLE can make a come back next season and do a Scandal and rise. Sadly SHONDA’s name isn’t attached and ABC won’t go the extra mile for it like they did wonderfully with Scandal. My only problem with that is a lot of the key characters on Scandal are OLD and maybe there may not be as much longevity as NASHVILLE’s hot young talented cast (Hayden, Jonathan, OC guy, the guy who plays Gunnar etc etc) but then again NASHVILLE has an uphill battle because people likely think it maybe a COUNTRY GLEE when it’s EVERYTHING BUT!

  • rob60990

    “old people cast on criminal minds”

    lol I don’t even watch Criminal Minds and I know the cast isn’t that old. I’m sure most of them are younger than the so called hip Connie Britton.

  • k:Alex

    CF is a weird show in ratings.
    Sometimes 1.6, other times 2.0

  • Vcoolwater

    No brainer

    Chicago Fire will beat Nashville in the ratings.

    Chicago Fire – 1.8-2.1

    Nashville – 1.6 – 1.9

  • BigBrotherFan

    joe Mantegna 1948!!!!!!!


    Give me a break you loser! Connie is a total MILF and you’re an idiot. NOT ONE person on CRIMINAL MINDS is as hot as her and the rest of the cast is extremely closer to her age, anyway!

  • BigBrotherFan


    wow! you’re really covering your bases there!

  • D Diva

    Nashville will be the show that ABC does a “Smash”-esque style of promotion for this fall. They will promote the whole hell out of this show to raise the viewership, otherwise ABC is stupid.

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