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May 22nd, 2013

nashville v chicago fire

Tonight, the last night of May sweeps, the two freshman dramas named after cities, Nashville and Chicago Fire will compete head-to-head for the last time. Both shows have been picked up, but Chicago Fire is moving to Tuesday night next season. Chicago Fire has beat Nashville their last few outings, hitting a big 2.0 adults 18-49 rating  last week (and tying the season finale of CSI) compared to Nashville's 1.7. The two shows face what is probably their stiffest broadcast competition of the season from the second half of the Criminal Minds finale. So how do you think each show will do tonight? Make your predictions.

Chicago Fire:


  • NBC Fan

    The Middle-2.1
    Modern Family-4.0
    How to Live-2.1

    Criminal Minds-3.0


    Chicago Fire-2.1

  • Flame

    Fire by 0.3 – CF 2.1, Nash 1.8

  • Dan S

    I’m guessing 2.1 for CF & 1.7-1.8 for Nashville. Hopefully the latter can gain traction next season against a retread of Ironside & an aging CSI. CF should be able to hold its own against a relocated POI on Tues.

  • Fred

    Nashville is a very addicting serialized drama. Anybody who has been watching knows what I’m talking about. But I can’t see it performing much better than a 1.7 for the finale. Not easy to lure new viewers to watch it live at this point.
    However ABC should repeat some of the key episodes this summer and early next season air a recap special. Nashville has the potential to become a hit. Not saying it will pull a Scandal, but it certainly has a chance to become a 2.0+ 10:00 show which is a hit these days.

  • cas

    I would say CF would get a 2.0 but I think CM will dent it a little so I would go with a 1.8 but maybe I could be wrong. I would be surprised if Nashville beats CF though.

  • cas

    You named a whole 2 people on the cast that are older than her. The age of the rest of the cast varies and some are close to her age. Granted I do like her though, but I think AJ Cook is way hotter than she is.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    My guess for Tonight:

    The Middle: 2.1
    Modern Family (R): 1.9
    Modern Family: 3.6
    How to Live with Your Parents: 2.0
    Nashville: 1.8

    Two and a Half Men (R): 1.4
    Mike & Molly (R): 1.3
    Criminal Minds: 2.9

    Dateline NBC: 1.3
    Law & Order: SVU: 1.8
    Chicago Fire: 2.1

    Masterchef: 1.6

    Love Happens: 0.3

  • Vcoolwater

    Hopefully Nashville is one of the shows that will air with 12 episode batches. The scheduling for this show was awful. No wonder ratings haven’t improved.

  • Samunto

    Criminal Minds will probably hurt both.

    CF 1.9-2.1
    Nashville 1.6-1.7

    Then again, CF has been pretty solid.

  • Ali

    both shows will hit 2s. I am willing to bet on it.

  • Alan

    Chicago Fire – 2.0
    Nashville – 1.8

  • Riley

    joe Mantegna 1948!!!!!!!


    Give me a break you loser! Connie is a total MILF and you’re an idiot. NOT ONE person on CRIMINAL MINDS is as hot as her and the rest of the cast is extremely closer to her age, anyway!

    LOL! You named the 2 people on the cast that are actually older than Britton. The rest (excluding Jeanne Tripplehorn – June 10, 1963) are all younger.

    AJ Cook July 22, 1978
    Matthew Gray Gubler March 9, 1980
    Shemare Moore April 20, 1970
    Kirsten Vangsness July 7, 1972

    And in my opinion, AJ Cook & Kirsten Vangsness are way hotter than Connie Britton.

  • THE cancellation Bear!

    Shuldnt this be the theme for Arrested Development coming back? Ooops, wait-that was The FINAL Countdown!


    A J Cook IMO is the hottest woman on TV….that lady is smoking!!!!

  • GG

    who cares, they wont be in competition anymore.

  • ethan

    @ D Diva, yea because that worked out so well for smash. What they oughta do is put at on sundays at 10. It is highly compatible with Revenge.

  • ethan

    Nashville: 1.7

    SVU: 1.7
    ChiFi: 1.9

    CM: 2.7

  • rob60990

    “Give me a break you loser! Connie is a total MILF and you’re an idiot. NOT ONE person on CRIMINAL MINDS is as hot as her and the rest of the cast is extremely closer to her age, anyway!”

    Oh man I can’t wait to trash Nashville’s ratings. Thanks for giving me another show’s ratings to make fun of. :D

  • Paul P

    Chicago Fire 1.9
    Nashville 1.8

  • Vcoolwater


    So you just a huge troll. I truely don’t understand people like you who take joy in other people discomfort and pain. Well I just ignore your comments from now on.

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