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May 22nd, 2013

nashville v chicago fire

Tonight, the last night of May sweeps, the two freshman dramas named after cities, Nashville and Chicago Fire will compete head-to-head for the last time. Both shows have been picked up, but Chicago Fire is moving to Tuesday night next season. Chicago Fire has beat Nashville their last few outings, hitting a big 2.0 adults 18-49 rating  last week (and tying the season finale of CSI) compared to Nashville's 1.7. The two shows face what is probably their stiffest broadcast competition of the season from the second half of the Criminal Minds finale. So how do you think each show will do tonight? Make your predictions.

Chicago Fire:


  • Bee

    since nashville will be airing against criminal minds instead of CSI, i doubt it’ll grow much. it has a steady fanbase, but it’s not big enough yet. i’ll guess 1.7-1.8 tho i wish it was 1.9+. but given how barely any ABC shows increased for their finales, ill say 1.7

  • Skylar James

    CM 2.5
    CF 1.8
    NV 1.6

  • gerry

    i think both of these shows have a pretty steady following so even with the competition i think everything will be flat or basically on par with where the ratings have been.

    nashville was tight last week, i cannot WAIT for the finale tonight!

  • gerry

    oh, actual ratings guess

    cf: 2.0
    nashville: 1.8

  • lostboy

    Criminal Minds 2 hour finale 3.0 . Actually A.J Cook is pretty hot. Connie Britton yep she is a MILF. Thomas Gibson must ne FILF. Never much of a fan though of C.B. Cause CM is going to kill the competition. No pun intended.

  • rob60990

    “So you just a huge troll. I truely don’t understand people like you who take joy in other people discomfort and pain. Well I just ignore your comments from now on.”

    Did you miss the part where I was called a loser and an idiot because I disagreed with their BS ramblings?

  • Jay

    CF about 2.1, Nashville around 1.7.

  • SJ

    Nashville falls to 1.6, Chicago Fire rises to 2.1.

    A solid 3.0 for Criminal Minds.

  • Mike

    Criminal minds: 2.5-2.7
    Chicago fire: 2.1
    Nashville: 1.5

  • BigBrotherFan


    There is NO WAY you are 22!I’m betting either 9 or 79. Why in the world would you pick a show “to hate” based on comments from someone over the internet? there really must be NOTHING going on in your life.

    This proves you randomly hate shows you haven’t watched.

    Further proving you’re a troll!

    LOOK I hate on shows (a couple) on here but at least I sat through season one of “Girls” before I bashed it! I sat through the Pilot of “Hannibal” and have seen several scenes from episodes aired hoping to catch Gillian Andersons scenes you’re hating on NASHVILLE because someone on THE INTERNET called you an idiot? Sad.

  • senor chang

    Chicago Fire was down to a 4.2 from a 4.7 last week in the overnights; Nashville was up to a 4.5 from a 4.2 last week. Obviously, these numbers don’t always correlate with actual ratings, especially when it comes to 18-49, but my guess is that CF will be a bit down and Nashville will be a bit up. Likely both shows will tie or be within a tenth of each other.

    That Criminal Minds peaked at 10:30 with a 7.3 doesn’t help Chicago Fire’s odds either.

  • serendipity’s last stand

    I gotta go with bigbrotherfan here connie brighton is hot and I’m a girl a straight girl and half her age id still think seriousally about hittin that she is really pretty. Does not hurt that she looks 10 yrs younger than she is. :-)

  • serendipity’s last stand

    Ok almost half her age I might be closer to 30 than 20 lol;-)

  • Lisa

    @rob60990, shouldn’t your issue actually be with the person who called you those names rather than a show that person likes? It makes zero sense to trash Nashville’s ratings just because one Nashville fan was rude to you. Your best move here is probably to report that person to site admin and hope s/he is banned for making things personal.

  • Austin

    The quality of Nashville is much better than the recent seasons of Glee and all of Smash. People just don’t know about it. :/

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