New Episode of 'Family Tools' to Replace Repeat of 'Modern Family'

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May 23rd, 2013

Family Tools Pilot

ABC is burning off the remaining episodes of canceled comedy Family Tools this summer. A new episode of Family Tools is now slated to replace a repeat of Modern Family on Wednesday, June 5 at 8:30PM.

  • rich

    so it was pulled for 1 week then reinstated?

  • Rob R

    In other words, it returns to its regular time slot.

  • Dan

    @Rob R – Basically but the show was to return May 29 after being preempted May 22, and then it was to be preempted June 5 and then return again on June 12 until the rest of the episodes got burned off.

    So the show is not set to return May 29 to burn through the rest of the eps.

  • Fakeem

    Yes Rich. They wanted higher ratings for the ast night of sweeps.

  • Dan

    I meant to say now set to return, and the show will be finished burning off episodes on July 10 if its not preempted again.

  • Rebecca

    A rerun of MF replaced a new FT episode last night. I’ll keep watching FT – it’s not a great show but it’s watchable. Soon all I’ll have left on Wednesdays are FT and HTLWYP anyway, until they finish their runs.

  • MichaelChickless

    I don’t think I want to watch a Family of Tools.

  • Dan

    They may as well burn both Family Tools and HTLWYP, originals will be better than Neighbors or Suburgatory repeats.

  • Rebecca

    So far they WILL be airing the rest of HTL’s episodes, through June. Each week in June still says “TBA” on futoncritic, but it’s enough for the rest of the episodes to air.

  • Oliver

    They pulled it on Wed for sweeps (and to try and boost the MF finale). No such concerns now.

    No idea why there was a MF repeat scheduled in its slot in the middle of nowhere, though.

  • Monique Barbee

    I think they should just get rid of mf, I don’t know what’s going in that show and I I’ve never seen a single episode and on top of all that don’t even know anybody who watches it

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