'Supernatural' Has the Biggest Adults 18-49 Ratings Percentage Growth of the 2012-13 Television Season

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May 23rd, 2013


If you asked most television viewers which television show's Adults 18-49 ratings improved the most this television season, they'd probably guess sophomore sensation Scandal. Actually, when measured on the basis of percentage growth, that honor belongs to Supernatural, which grew 22 percent, as revealed in a fascinating chart on Vulture comparing the season-to-season ratings  of all returning shows. For most series, it was bad news. Overall, 12 series, including Scandal, Parenthood and Grimm grew while more than 60 declined, with Touch falling the furthest (-64%).

  • Jeff (Canada)

    I don’t think Supernatural will ever be canceled. It’ll end when the creators and stars say they’ve had enough. For a show to grow 22% in its EIGHTH season, that’s a pretty big accomplishment. Yes, it’s on The CW, where even a 0.1 ratings increase can be a 15%-20% increase, but still my point stands. Good for Supernatural.

  • TV#1

    It isn’t really that surprising, at least not to me. On Fridays last season SN generally got around a .7 or .8 in the 18-49 demo. So for it to come back to a more standard weekday and see it get .9’s or 1.0’s seems about right.

  • Lexa

    Congrats Supernatural it is well deserved!!!!

  • Guardian Owl

    In fairness, the majority of that gain is because they moved Supernatural from the purgatory of Friday to the greener pastures of Wednesday.

  • Edward

    SPN always had great buzz and many people found it late through Netflix streaming. Also Carver refreshed the series after declining 7th season.

  • gerry

    i just saw the graphed report of this on vulture. good for spn, i don’t watch but i give it its props. to be that far along and see such a viewing surge has got to make some people happy.

  • JR

    Supernatural and Grimm grew because they were moved from Friday night. The growth for Scandal and Parenthood are more impressive, but it makes me think NBC made a mistake moving the latter to Thursdays where it’s likely to decline.

  • Dan

    Yeah, because SPN moved from Fri to Wed. The show should do better on Tues helping out The Originals.

  • Dochas

    Regardless of the move in itself, the achievement is outstanding for SPN. For any show to not only come off of Friday’s but to grow 22%, while in it’s 8th season, is extraordinary. Supernatural has a staying power I haven’t seen before from regular hits to cult favs.

  • rob60990

    So why does CBS keep on touting nonsense that POI is the fastest growing show?

  • David Howell

    Might be the old peetooplus nonsense, rob60990 – it gets a squinty jillion out-of-demo viewers, and it might have the best year-on-year progress in that department (certainly in raw viewer counts, as opposed to a percentage basis).

    Jeff from Canada suggests SPN will end when the people involved want it to end. I have a feeling it will end when the CDub ends – unless it becomes surely the first show in television history to outlast its network and move to a new one twice!

  • Justin121

    I can’t believe Vampire Diaries, Parenthood, and Grimm increased, and that they had larger increases than Scandal.

    Though using Live plus seven days of DVR instead of live ratings only makes this very complicated for us, daily ratings followers.

  • LisaM

    Ok, so SPN is doing well on Wednesday, so they move it to Tuesday next season??? Can’t wait to see if this impacts it for the better or not.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I saw the chart, it’s pretty sad! most of the shows went down. Smash and Touch were the most pathetic ones! even my “B”!

  • Winston

    Hart of Dixie had a no increase or decrease. For this I celebrate.

  • Anthony

    The most surprising show for me was the Vampire Diaries. Admittedly I don’t follow the shows ratings very closely, but I really felt like it down year to year most of the season… Somehow it ended up increasing it’s ratings though… Glad about Grimm and Parenthood though, two of my favorite shows. This chart though brings new meaning to the expression flat is the new up.

  • Melissa


    So why does CBS keep on touting nonsense that POI is the fastest growing show?

    I think they’re talking about total viewers.

  • TV#1

    Supernatural will probably run at least 10 seasons. It could possibly run even more than that if the ratings stay up and the cast/crew still want to do it.

    Personally, I stopped watching the show a few years back. I just lost interest in it. But I like both the leads, so I continue to wish them well. I hope when SN is over they do something that I would enjoy to watch.

  • Dave

    I would’ve guessed Scandal as well but congratulations to Supernatural.

    I don’t watch it but it growing in its eight season is pretty good.

  • coolioni

    I am one of those people that found Supernatural on TNt during ther day about a year ago.
    I then started watching it daily on Netflix.
    I think I watched the first 6 seasons in about 1 month.
    I think the show was at its besr from season 2 though season 5.
    ESeasons 6 and 7 were definatly not as good.
    But season 8 was incrediable after the first 8 or so shows. I think the episode was called Citzen Fang was the end of boring episodes from season 8. It kind of seems as if they ran a sort of test run to see the fans reaction to the show and then went in a different direction after that.

    I am surpised how quickly they can get a show on the air after it is shot.
    It seems to me that they can get a show on the air in about 2 months .
    I am so happy that this show is doing so well in the ratings.

    I bet they end up getting a bigger budget for season 9 since it did so well in season 8.

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