'Supernatural' Has the Biggest Adults 18-49 Ratings Percentage Growth of the 2012-13 Television Season

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May 23rd, 2013


If you asked most television viewers which television show's Adults 18-49 ratings improved the most this television season, they'd probably guess sophomore sensation Scandal. Actually, when measured on the basis of percentage growth, that honor belongs to Supernatural, which grew 22 percent, as revealed in a fascinating chart on Vulture comparing the season-to-season ratings  of all returning shows. For most series, it was bad news. Overall, 12 series, including Scandal, Parenthood and Grimm grew while more than 60 declined, with Touch falling the furthest (-64%).

  • Melanie

    I’m so happy. Supernatural is still my favorite show!

  • SPN fan

    We, the viewers, are captivated by such wonderfully crafted, and rewarding entertainment. Hopefully it’s popularity will only grow throughout season nine, and hopefully Dean and Castiel will become a romantic pairing before the season ends!

  • Julie

    I agree with SPN fan! Now that Misha Collins is gonna play a bigger role on the show, Destiel might actually become canon :)

  • Leeloo

    It’s amazing that Supernatural not only survived the place where other longtime shows go to die (Friday nights) but actually bounced back and thrived on its new night. I think the current showrunner is a better fit than the one who replaced the creator of the show in seasons 6 and 7 and he revitalized the creativity. It also helped that Castiel was brought back this season as a main part of the story. I know I started watching again this season for those two reasons.

  • Lora

    Season 8 was really good. And I think Castiel brought back a lot of viewers too, next season will be even better with him as a regular.
    I hope we will have more years of Supernatural, I love it!

  • Wright

    Hell yeah!!! That’s the Winchester way.I hope this show lasts forever.

  • Soraya

    I am thrilled that Supernatural jumped 22%, especially in its 8th season. As long as the cast wants to keep doing it I will be watching it. Love love the show!

  • JJ

    Supernatural really gained momentum this season when it was taken off Fridays and aired Wednesdays with Arrow. That was a smart move by the CW. It also doesn’t hurt that Supernatural is syndicated on TNT now and usually makes the list of the top 100 cable series on a daily basis. More viewers seem to be finding this show and watching new episodes. Hopefully other CW series can continues to grow like BatB and Arrow. Two of the BEST..atleast in my opinion new series to launch on ANY network this season.

  • Daniel

    I only started watching SN after I found it on Neflix. I watched all 7 seasons in about 2 months and now I am watching Season 8. My 17 son has also started watching SN on Netflix and will probably at some point catch up the the current seasons on the CW

  • Daniel

    One further point, we are talking about percentages which can be misleading.
    IF one person watches something and then two people watch something that a 100% increase. Sure thats a great percentage increase but you arent doing that well. A show like Scandal or POI may have a smaller percentage but the total number people is going to be a lot larger. You can own 75% of the grocery store down the street or you can own 10% of Apple. I think the 10% is going to get you more money

  • AAA

    That is true, but you can go with negative versus positive gain. Making little money on grossery store much better then losing it on Apple. Don’t forget: we are talking about CW here.My point is: there are not too many shows with positive gain. And there is only one among it with 8 seasons under it’s belt. So yes, a little victory here for fans.
    Hope you and you son enjoy the show and will join us for season 9.

  • cas

    Nothing against SPN as I love Jensen and I plan on watching the series someday, but I do think that some of it has to do with the fact that the CW finally took it out of the crap timeslot on Friday’s and moved it to Wednesday’s. I am sure the people that you lost when it was moved to Friday’s (even though they may have still watched it online or on their DVR) started watching it live more, plus it had a better lead in which could have had people get hooked onto it, and maybe people who knew it was moving to Wednesday decided to watch it via Netflix. Not that I watch Touch, but how much of the decline was due to the Friday move?

  • Paleonut

    Destiel becoming cannon is one of the very few things that would actually make me stop watching Supernatural….

    That said, Dean’s speech at the end of the finale indicates to me that that will never happen…

    @cas It’s hard to say, the data factored in the DVR viewers, so it should be a gain in new viewers vs. people just DVR’ing it b/c it was on Friday… And irregardless of where they found Supernatural (TNT, Netflix, or on Wednesday) it’s impressive to see so many people begin watching a show in it’s eighth season :-D

  • rehabber

    They can keep moving Supernatural and J2 will always play my favorite brothers on TV, Sam & Dean are like family to me and I will follow them forever. Great news for an 8 year old series.

  • Blucola

    While the switch to Wednesday may have helped, in my opinion, the real reason (as an avid fan) is that Supernatural has produced some really knock out episodes this season. Including a jaw dropping finale. Good job, all those who create Supernatural, you deserve all the kudos you get!

  • SPNCastielLover

    So happy for Supernatural and am thrilled to be part of that 22% as I’m a 28 year old female that just began watching Supernatural this past year for Castiel and Dean/Cas scenes! I fell completely in love with the show and with Cas,Dean, and Sam and can’t wait for Season 9 now!

  • POIFanatic

    Supernatural season 2-5 is one of the best shows of all-time.

    Season 8 rejuvenated the show after the dreadful 7th season. Well done.

    POI is also steady and I’m happy for that.

  • Alen

    Congratulations, Supernatural! Especially Jared and Jensen (Sam and Dean), who are the show for me. Keep the brotherly bond coming and I’ll watch it for how long it airs!

  • coolioni

    I can’t wait to see how the writers are going to spin all of the angels falling from heaven. It looked like a meteor shower at first then you could see it was falling angels.
    That was the coolest end to a season finale the show has ever had.

    I can’t wait until October for season 9 !

  • Andrew

    This is wonderful news, but I’m really surprised that NO ONE picked the real reason for such a big jump. It’s lead in!! ARROW was the break out hit of the season and a great big success for the CW. People who had never heard of the CW were turning into ARROW and then staying with whatever show was afterwards. Don’t get me wrong, I really like SN and it pairs really well with ARROW. But put SN on ANY other night without such a big lead in and it will dip to its usual numbers.

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