'Supernatural' Has the Biggest Adults 18-49 Ratings Percentage Growth of the 2012-13 Television Season

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May 23rd, 2013


If you asked most television viewers which television show's Adults 18-49 ratings improved the most this television season, they'd probably guess sophomore sensation Scandal. Actually, when measured on the basis of percentage growth, that honor belongs to Supernatural, which grew 22 percent, as revealed in a fascinating chart on Vulture comparing the season-to-season ratings  of all returning shows. For most series, it was bad news. Overall, 12 series, including Scandal, Parenthood and Grimm grew while more than 60 declined, with Touch falling the furthest (-64%).

  • Restless

    Congrats to Supernatural and the other few shows that gained and stayed steady, like Person of Interest. :)

    And wow lots of Castiel fans <3

  • neJANIS

    While the ratings are impressive whow sucks for a long time now. I stopped watching at middle of season 8, I just can’t take this crap anymore. Every single storyline, every single dialogue has been played over and over for million times.

  • Geordiegirl1967

    Great news about the ratings increase for SPN. Amazing for a show in its 8th season. And the finale was absolutely outstanding, so it went out strong. Bodes well for next season. I’m sure many will tune in for 9.01. If they don’t drop the ball with next season, and keep the audience happy, SPN may well go for a 10th.

    @Julie “Destiel might actually become canon ”
    @SPN fan ” hopefully Dean and Castiel will become a romantic pairing before the season ends!”

    This will NEVER happen as Dean is straight. So if this is what you are hoping for you’ll be disappointed.

    I’m less than enthused about Cas becoming a regular. I don’t mind him but feel he is best used sparingly. So I’m really not thrilled about Cas becoming human. I have no interest in him moving into the bunker, driving around in the Impala with them etc. I’m hoping his is mainly a separate story from Sam and Dean’s and one that doesn’t get much screen time.

    Wherever they go with s9 this is still a fantastic result for s8. Congrats!

  • Geordiegirl1967

    @Lora “Season 8 was really good. And I think Castiel brought back a lot of viewers too”

    There is no evidence whatsoever to support this theory. Cas wasn’t in s8 any more often than he was in s7 so the s8 ratings rise wasn’t anything to do with Cas. And the eps he was in in s8 have no higher ratings than any other eps. In fact eps 8 and 10 which featured Cas in their promos only got 1.99m and 2m viewers respectively – well below the average for the season. While the much vaunted ‘Cas is back’ ep Goodbye Stranger only got 2.16m which was around the season average.

    I know some people really love Cas, but his presence / absence clearly isn’t a dealbreaker for many viewers because whether he is in an ep or not makes absolutely no measurable difference to the ratings.

  • Restless

    Nah, the more screen time for Castiel the better. He’s the only one with a half decent storyline (even though it’s likely going to be fixing heaven and redemption again) and the only character left alive that I still like. There’s 14 episodes planned for him so far, and hopefully that gets adjusted upwards like it did this season.

    And speaking of, Castiel was in more episodes in season eight than season seven. He was in four (five if you count dying in the first few minutes of episode two) in season seven, and in nine this season.

    Plus the lowest rated episodes this season (ie We Need To Talk About Kevin, Bitten, Blood Brother, Taxi Driver) didn’t have Castiel in them, and the average for this season was 2.12 million, so the two episodes you cited as being 100k shy are not ‘well below’ anything.

    Therefore I’d say people can claim Castiel makes a difference with just as much evidence as you saying he doesn’t. We don’t actually know why Nielsen viewers choose to watch or not, they’re people, all we see are some rounded numbers so everyone’s just guessing at their motive. Your guess is no more valid and doesn’t mean more than anyone else’s.

  • Virginia

    Supernatural is great and they have such a large family and it grows daily Way to go Guys!

  • Geordiegirl1967

    @ Restless

    “Your guess is no more valid and doesn’t mean more than anyone else’s.”

    It is not ‘a guess’ it is based on a statistical analysis. 100k IS a significant difference when the ratings have been consistently within a narrow band anyway. And it is simply a fact that several of the episodes he appeared in this year got below average ratings.

    I didn’t say no one likes Cas. I said there is no strong evidence that he affects the ratings at all. And I can say with absolute factual certainty that the episodes he appears in are not consistently higher rated than those where he is absent. That’s just the numbers. By all means do the maths yourself. It is perfectly straightforward.

  • Restless

    Yes, it is a guess. Don’t kid yourself. I’ve seen you post plenty at this site before, so you surely know what fan excuse bingo is? Fans guessing as to why a show was or was not watched? That’s what you’re doing. You’re making claims as to a cause (or lack of a cause, actually) without any real way of knowing.

    If I tell you 2,166,690 people voted for Austrian president Heinz Fischer in 2004 and 2,508,373 in 2010, based on that can you tell me why they voted? Can you tell me why 2010 had a historic low voter turnout? No, because all you have are voter totals for one president elect. That tells nothing about why people voted, just like the ratings say nothing about why a show was watched. You’re just drawing a random conclusion on a few data points. (And one that this very site preaches doesn’t even matter at that.)

    We don’t know ‘why’. You’re making a guess, you’re not doing “statistical analysis”. And if we are making random guesses based on viewer totals as to why or why not an episode was watched, then Supernatural needs more racist trucks because Route 666, one of the so called ‘worst episodes of Supernatural’, had the all time highest viewer totals at 5.82 million. That has as much ‘fact’ behind it as any other claim put forth in this thread so far as to why an episode was or was not watched.

    Also, I obviously have looked at the numbers, just for fun. I do visit this site, after all. How about you, have you looked at the numbers? There are also episodes with Castiel that have gotten above average viewer totals. And as I said, four non-Castiel episodes had lower totals than the two ones you cherry picked. So therefore someone can conclude Castiel affects the ratings with even more ‘facts’ than you can conclude he doesn’t. And that’s not ‘statistical analysis’. Once more, your guess is no more valid than anyone else’s.

    Also the viewer totals for this season ranged between 1.78 million for Blood Brother (no Castiel) and 2.51 million for What’s Up Tiger Mommy (Castiel present). That’s a difference of 730,000 viewers between the low and high. Not that narrow a band. So considering this range, what episodes are we to consider “consistently rated” to judge Castiel’s affect by? What explanation do you even have for these ‘significant differences’? How do we predict viewer totals outside of “around 2 million, give or take a few significant hundred thousand”? How can we say what affect Castiel has using just the ratings with any kind of certainty, especially when taking into consideration absolutely no outside factors (not even something as simple as the average of the entire night in relation to Supernatural) and no accurate expectations of how episodes should do with him vrs without?
    Again, there’s no “statistical analysis” taking place here. You’re guessing causation based on a general pattern where apparently the only variations you take into consideration are the ones that fit your view. Facts like numbers are simple, but they’re also meaningless without explanation. And explaining the facts, well that’s not always so simple.

    Maybe you should look up what the term “statistical analysis” actually means before you claim to be doing it.

    What we do know is that Castiel has a larger role, more episodes and upgraded to a main character again, in season nine. So he’s obviously having a positive effect, and even if it’s not apparent to you at a glance of the ratings, it must be apparent to The Powers That Be. I honestly have no problem with people saying that Castiel doesn’t seem to affect the ratings, but if it’s not obvious from my tl;dr post yet, that’s just your ill informed opinion, and it doesn’t mean more than the people who think he does affect the ratings.

  • Chris

    “What we do know is that Castiel has a larger role, more episodes and upgraded to a main character again, in season nine.”

    You should learn to differentiate between a claim and a fact. They claimed the same thing back in pre-S8 and then took Cas out for most of it. I would not count on any promise made until they have actually lived up to them for a full season to undo the damage to credibility.

    As for statistical analysis you are correct. The person should have used the term correlation. Cas might be highly (positively) correlated with better numbers, but he is also positively correlated with better scripts in S8. But by this point there would be few who are watching selected episodes only. The difference in viewers is probably due to the illogical breaks they take which tend to disrupt watching schedules. Some are diligent enough to Wiki the air dates, but not all.

  • drew

    Just got into this show. almost done with season 6. Love it. Went years just watching an occasional episode on tnt.

    will finally get to watch it as it airs this new season

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