Wednesday Final Ratings: 'MasterChef', 'Modern Family', 'Criminal Minds' & 'Law & Order: SVU' Adjusted Up; 'How To Live With Your Parents' Adjusted Down

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May 23rd, 2013

Criminal Minds cast

Both hours of MasterChef, Modern Family, Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 while How to Live With Your Parents... was adjusted down a tenth versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, May 22, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 FOX MasterChef - Season Premiere 2.1/7 5.30
ABC The Middle - Season Finale 2.0/7 7.70
NBC Dateline 1.4/5 6.20
CBS Two and Half Men - R 1.1/4 5.17
CW Love Happens (8-10PM) 0.3/1 1.02
8:30 ABC Modern Family - R 1.6/5 5.68
CBS Mike and Molly - R 1.2/4 5.40
9:00 ABC Modern Family - Season Finale (9-9:31PM) 3.7/11 10.01
CBS Criminal Minds (9-11PM) - Season Finale 2.8/8 11.01
FOX MasterChef 2.3/6 5.48
NBC Law & Order: SVU - Season Finale 1.7/5 6.66
9:30 ABC How To Live With Your Parents… (9:31-10PM) 2.1/6 6.26
10:00 ABC Nashville - Season Finale 1.9/5 6.02
NBC Chicago Fire - Season Finale 1.7/5 6.13

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  • Joe.

    MF’s Season 3 was watched by 60,000 more than this years. Not much at all, Season 2 was watched by 300,000 more and Season 1 was watched by 139,000 more. Not bad at all!

  • Zach

    Posted May 23, 2013 at 3:26 PM
    Wow, CF did NOT build on its lead in, as so many people thought.

    Well, CF marks 1.8 for the 2nd half hour!

  • Kangarookeeper

    WTF Joe, NOBODY cares about total viewers.

  • joethehobo

    I don’t watch How To Live With Your Parents, but the ratings it continues to get despite its treatment by the network and late premiere date definitely warrant a renewal. Do we have any insight as to why ABC cancelled it yet gave renewals to Suburgatory and The Neighbors?

    I’m just saying, if I was a fan of HTLWYP I’d be kind of upset with ABC for cancelling a well-liked and well-rated show for seemingly vague reasons while it renews shows that are less deserving.

  • Joe.

    Kangarookeeper; Obviously I do.

  • Bri


    ‘Paget Brewster leaving, Jeanne Tripplehorn meh presence, and continued lame stories (Beth, the transformation of JJ & come on, it took them this long to figure the Replicator was an insider?) have hurt the show.’

    Or maybe it is the fact that broadcast TV in general are down in live +SD viewing, DVR usage being up ( there is a reason why Les Moonves is pushing for C7 instead of the C3 numbers) maybe all this is part of it?

    But the fact is, NCIS is down in demo from season8 3.99 to season9 3.75 to a 3.35 this season. So not just CM is down, the mighty NCIS is too.

    The important thing in all this is CM is still CBS number one show on Wednesday, it is still CBS # 2 drama, CM does equal to POI in demo ( will see if that still hold when/if I get the C3 report), better than NCIS:LA, H50, Elementary, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, CSI, the Friday shows and everything new that CBS came up with this season. Not bad!

  • Anon

    If HTLWYP were not riding the coattails of MF, it would not be getting these ratings.

  • dan

    The Middle with the highest number of viewers for season finale \o/

  • Birdie

    For the Season, Criminal Minds 18-49 demo – Ranked: #22 (and tied w/The Bachelor & X-Factor)with a 3.3, behind on CBS Big Bang Theory, 2.5 Men, NCIS, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor: Phillipines, NCIS: LA & Person of Interest.

    For the Season, Criminal Minds Total Viewers – Ranked #18 (12.15 million) behind on CBS: NCIS, Big Bang Theor, NCIS:LA, Person of Interest, 2.5 Men, Blue Bloods (that’s impressive for a Friday night show), Elementary, 60 Minutes. It was only an average of about 200,000 more total vieweres than Vegas which was canceled (Vegas demo was a 1.9).

    Source: Deadline.

  • Birdie

    Criminal Minds is NOT CBS’ #2 drama. See my post above. In the demo it ranks behind NCIS, NCIS: LA & Person of Interest. In total viewers it ranks behind NCIS, NCIS: LA, Person of Interest Blue Bloods and Elementary.

  • Bri


    CM demo this season is a 2.9 same as POI and NCIS:LA(not totally sure with LA as I am not done yet getting all of CBS shows demo) and I mention CM was CBS #2 drama so don’t know why you are bringing up comedies as I was talking about drama and as anyone who comes to this site know viewers numbers are meaningless, asked those who worked on Vegas, Without a Trace, CSI:Miami etc….

  • Bri


    Person of interest demo is a 2.90 rounded to a 2.9 CM is a 2.87 rounded to a 2.9( rounded as Nielsen and the C3 numbers are in all the reports I have seen). Will get the NCIS:LA 2.82 for LA rounded to a 2.8.

    So unless my numbers are wrong, Yes CM is # 2 tied with POI in the demo.

  • Bri


    btw my numbers are for L+SD viewing.

  • Bri

    jeez ‘Will get the NCIS:LA 2.82 for LA rounded to a 2.8′ meant ‘ NCIS:LA 2.82 for LA rounded to a 2.8.’


  • ABCFanatic2013

    Yeah Nashville!

  • CBSviewer

    Criminal Minds ratings

    SEASON 1:
    Premiere = 7.0 Adults 18-49 / 19.57 million viewers
    Finale = 4.5 Adults 18-49 / 12.67 million viewers
    Average = 4.5 Adults 18-49 / 12.63 million viewers

    SEASON 2:
    Premiere = 5.5 Adults 18-49 / 15.65 million viewers
    Finale = 4.7 Adults 18-49 / 13.21 million viewers
    Average = 5.0 Adults 18-49 / 14.05 million viewers

    SEASON 3:
    Premiere = 4.4 Adults 18-49 / 12.66 million viewers
    Finale = 3.8 Adults 18-49 / 13.15 million viewers
    Average = 4.5 Adults 18-49 / 12.78 million viewers

    SEASON 4:
    Premiere = 4.9 Adults 18-49 / 17.01 million viewers
    Finale = 4.0 Adults 18-49 / 13.99 million viewers
    Average = 5.1 Adults 18-49 / 14.95 million viewers

    SEASON 5:
    Premiere = 4.3 Adults 18-49 / 15.85 million viewers
    Finale = 3.1 Adults 18-49 / 12.97 million viewers
    Average = 3.6 Adults 18-49 / 13.70 million viewers

    SEASON 6:
    Premiere = 4.0 Adults 18-49 / 14.14 million viewers
    Finale = 3.3 Adults 18-49 / 12.84 million viewers
    Average = 3.8 Adults 18-49 / 14.11 million viewers

    SEASON 7:
    Premiere = 4.1 Adults 18-49 / 14.13 million viewers
    Finale = 3.6 Adults 18-49 / 13.68 million viewers
    Average = 3.8 Adults 18-49 / 13.20 million viewers

    SEASON 8:
    Premiere = 3.1 Adults 18-49 / 11.71 million viewers
    Finale = 2.8 Adults 18-49 / 11.01 million viewers
    Average = ?

    We can see how Criminal Minds is falling since season 4. I hope the Show won’t get another two-hour season finale.

  • forg

    I was really hoping ABC comedies would do better with no AI finale competition this time.

    The Middle’s total audience grew this season, too bad the demo stayed practically the same as last season’s. But hey steady ratings for 4 season, even if it’s average, is good enough.

    If How to Live scored at least a 2.5 I think ABC would have reconsidered its cancellation. 2.1 is just on par with every other post-MF sitcom ratings had in the past and does not suggest that it could stand on its own. And yes MF is down from last season but the gap between it and How to Live is still significant and does not inspire confidence

  • Kay

    YAY! For Criminal Minds and Nashville… I knew Chicago Fire would be low going against those two… Of course I never got into CF, so happy for my other two shows….

  • forg

    If How to Live had critical buzz I guess ABC would have renewed it just like Happy Endings in Season 1. But we all what happened with that

  • Birdie


    Deadline clearly shows a different story and they’re presumably using Nielsen as their data source as well. One thing that might account for the discrepancy though, Deadline looks at the entire season, even in weeks where a show had repeats.

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