Will 'Save Me's' Ratings Make a Case For Its Salvation? - Poll

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May 23rd, 2013

Save Me

This week is sort of a secondary premiere week for summer reality series, Canadian imports and burn offs of series that the networks deemed unworthy of the regular season. Tonight, three series premiere: returning Canadian police drama Rookie Blue, reality series Someone's Got to Go and comedy Save Me. Save Me, about a woman who starts receiving messages from God after a near death experience, originally seemed like it would be a high profile television series. It stars TV A-lister Anne Heche and was one of the first series NBC greenlit for the 2012-13 season. But it never got a premiere date, until now. NBC's Thursdays suffered from such dismal ratings this season that it's possible that, by virtue of airing against repeats, Save Me could perform as well or better than NBC's regular season comedies. So how do you think it will do? Make your predictions.



  • mathew

    isnt on in washington cuz a bridge collapsed ;(

  • Jonathan

    I loved it! Had no idea Heather Burns was it!! One of my favs

  • Ravenrei

    Sat through the whole hour, but I won’t be back next week. Even 1600 Penn made me laugh once; this didn’t.

  • HV

    Was there really that much about the bridge? I’m not sure what time it collapsed, I first heard about it aroud 7:30, but I heard that everyone was alright? It’s scary because I have driven on that bridge so many times.
    Save Me was actually the one new NBC comedy this year I was not planning on watching. I imagine the only way it could be funny is if it was one of those shows that kind of like mocked itself and the idea behind it.

  • anotherhour

    I like Anne Heche, She was a great Vicky/Marley on Another World, good In Men In Trees, She played Marion Crane In the remake of Psycho exactly as is. I just dont see this show lasting cuz of NBC and the fact its on thursday even though we’re going into the summer swing. I’ll tell you this though, She wont be promoting it on Ellen :)

  • Karen W.

    I didn’t make a prediction because I’m done trying to figure out what people will / won’t watch when so much crap stays on and good shows get the boot.

    I will say I watched it because nothing else was on and I actually liked it as did my Uncle and he’s a miserable SOB ;)

    Surprised at some of the really bad reviews it got.

    It’s supposed to be a light comedy for goodness sake not Masterpiece Theater.

  • BigBrotherFan


  • DanaK

    I watched the first episode so far and was surprised that I liked it.

    If they’re going to skip 5-6 episodes, I wonder if that will hurt continuity?

  • CBSviewer

    @ r0ckmypants

    The Big C is also a comedy… not sure why you think it can’t be funny.

    Save Me is about a Woman who receives messages from God after a near death experience. It sounds like a Comedy splot for you ? When I first heard about the Show I thought it was a drama.

  • brian

    1.0—Less than divine intervention. Maybe religious uproar can cause enough controversy to save it?

  • Cheryblosen

    Yeah I’m watching it on Hulu and it should be a drama not a comedy

  • Samunto

    The 1st episode was soo funny. LMAO The 2nd wasn’t as funny but was good.
    Judging by the pilot, the concept was there but something must have gone very wrong seeing as the 2nd episode was being shot in is it March or April?

    It’s a feel-good comedy. I’ll keep on watching.

  • Colin

    When I started watching this show, I thought it was going to be terrible, but it was actually funny…

  • Rebecca

    No. I bet she won’t be on Ellen’s show – but yesterday DURING Ellen’s show I did see one commercial for Save Me and was surprised. But Ellen most likely doesn’t get to approve or turn down any ads that run during her show anyway. And Ellen is the reason I won’t watch Anne Heche.

  • John A

    0.7 i didnt think it would do that bad.

  • Marius

    I’ve never found Anne Heche funny or interesting to watch as an actress (Men in Trees, Cedar Rapids, or otherwise). Ellen aside, at least Portia deRossi had a career before living with her.

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