Thursday Final Ratings: 'Hell's Kitchen' & 'Motive' Adjusted Up

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May 24th, 2013


Hell's Kitchen and Motive were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49, versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, May 23:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory (8-8:31PM) - R 2.2/8 9.06
FOX Hell's Kitchen 2.2/8 5.62
ABC Wipeout 1.2/4 4.22
NBC Save Me - Series Premiere 0.7/3 3.18
CW The Vampire Diaries - R 0.3/1 0.81
8:30 CBS Two and a Half Men - R 1.8/6 7.71
NBC Save Me 0.7/2 2.93
9:00 ABC Motive (9-10:01PM) 1.3/4 6.06
FOX Does Someone Have to Go? - Series Premiere 1.3/4 3.02
CBS Person of Interest -R 1.2/4 6.87
NBC The Office- R 0.6/2 1.92
CW Beauty and the Beast - R 0.2/1 0.74
9:30 NBC Parks and Recreation  - R 0.7/2 1.79
10:00 ABC Rookie Blue - Season Premiere (10:01-11PM) 1.2/4 5.99
NBC Hannibal 1.0/3 2.69
CBS Elementary - R 0.9/3 4.70

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  • The End


    Motive and Rookie Blue are Canadian imports, so really the network doesn’t have much invested in these.

    Where as Mistresses is an ABC studios + Ecosse_Films produced show, which basically means it needs to perform a little better than these 2 shows to be considered renewal worthy.

    That said if you need actual numbers, I would say anything above 5 million, on or around 1.5 18-49 may do it.

  • Drew

    Look at NBC’s other shows Thursday evening before condemning Hannibal

  • Jon

    Save me is toast, and rightfully so. It might be the worst sitcom I’ve seen in years. I watched the pilot, and about 15 minutes of the second episode, and decided to bail on this garbage

  • Sam

    Oh, poor Hannibal. It really is an extremely well-acted, well written, compelling, quality show—albeit, literally very dark (although next week’s promo seems to have it lightening up a bit—so we can actually see it). However, it has no business (and probably no chance) of ever fitting in with the NBC brand (whatever that is these days). A Friday niche night of Grimm, Dracula, and Hannibal seems like a potentially promising lineup (though I have no idea how economically feasible that may be in terms of ratings). Could there a potential cable home?

  • Ultima

    @KJ Styles
    I don’t see why they air new shows post-upfronts anyway, knowing that none of them will be renewed.

    Seinfeld! ;)

  • BigBrotherFan


    I know! Hannibal really stinks. I was so out of my mind laughing at the pilot and THAT was terrible. Family members that are born in like the freakin’ 60’s told me about RED DRAGON so I had read it awhile back and this is a mess.

    I’m thrilled the show is failing HARD!? I mean, a 1.0 is a horrible rating no matter how you chalk it up and yes for “a summer series” EVEN ON NBC. The only exception would be THE CW and no way will they pay for this cringe worthy series.

    I will say it again THE BIGGEST PROBLEM HERE was the casting. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t just pay GILLIAN whatever the heck she wanted and made her a series regular and they should of promoted the heck out of her in the show. She would do wonders for this type of show and she has a loyal fan base. Nobody could give a flying **** who HUGH DANCY is or what he’s done. I mean, REALLY people look at this mess of a cast. Buddy playing Hannibal looks and acts like a dude I rehire to decorate my apt.

  • ViolaDeWynter

    I agree w/ Dennis & BigBrotherFan! Hannibal is THE WORST show on television right now. It’s so obvious they’re trying to rip off a masterpiece called The Following which is the best show ever but they are failing miserably. I just hope it goes below 1.0 before it’s canceled, that would make my entire year!

  • Julie

    @ BigBrotherFan :
    I don’t agree with you, reviews for Hannibal have been generally positive.
    It’s finely acted, visually scrumptious, and deliciously subversive
    Mads Mikkelsen also won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival .

    To be fair, Hannibal was also NBC’s highest rated show last night so…
    My hope is that they cancel Hannibal and then put it on another network, maybe Starz or Showtime or something, that way they don’t have to worry about offending anyone and censorship and whatnot.

  • John Doe

    I’m kinda hoping Hannibal gets canceled by NBC and picked up by a cable network, where more can be shown and written into it. Either way, its an exceptionally good show in an era of pedestrian sitcoms and paint-by-numbers police procedurals.

  • DesdeMona Lisa

    Sorry Anthony, but Mads Mikkelsen makes such a great Hannibal… Haaa Fresh Blood.
    HANNIBAL is excellent but perhaps too mature for a network audience. Smartly scripted and a rare display of visual storytelling. Considering Netflix picked up the THE KILLING which is not even network pablum, sincerely hope this finds a new home.

  • DesdeMona Lisa

    Hannibal better continue..with or without NBC. That show is incredible.

  • Rob R

    Rob60990: In the interest of accuracy, that Season-to-Date list that had “Revenge” edge “Scandal” was based on 22 new episode airings of “Revenge” versus 29 airings of “Scandal” that included 22 originals and 7 repeats.


    Amazing,even in reruns,Person of Interest kicks much azz in the ratings and total viewership numbers. :)

  • Jay

    Speaking of season-ending episodes, have you blockheads ever heard of Nikita, one of the best shows on TV?

  • The Cannibal


    Wow talk about delusional. If you think that Hannibal isn’t quality show and pthe best show currently on network TV, you are delusional. Mads Mikkelsen is absolutely great as Hannibal and he is one of the greatest actors of our generation. If you don’t know Mads Mikkelsen you are not watching the right type of films. Then Hunt was a brilliant film and he won best actor prize at Cannes last year. Are you some kind of network executive wanna-be because ratings shouldn’t matter quality should. It’s just one of those things that is wrong with TV world.

  • cbjbs

    I hope they give motive enough of a try out. it is interesting. deserves a chance.

  • Kat

    You say the same thing every week. I’m surprised commenters still take your ranting more seriously than I do! I personally dislike several shows on air, but I’m not going to cheer for low ratings or cancellation. Let viewers enjoy what they like. Fans aren’t going to stop being fans because someone else hates it! :)

    I was really hoping for higher ratings for Hannibal. But I’m wondering how the show might move to cable if NBC had some sort of cheap international deal.

  • Lizabeth

    Hannibal is brilliant. It isn’t getting great ratings, but it can grow, to be sure. Hopefully, NBC won’t be stupid enough to cancel the show.

  • rgxx

    Wow – HK Up from their Monday nites…okay – good for Gordan & Fox

  • r0ckmypants

    @Charmed – “I think Hannibal should move to USA, like what happened with L&O: CI.”

    The difference is that Law & Order: CI was already syndicated by USA and had over 130 episodes. Plus, its ratings warranted the switch. Hannibal is a ratings failure for NBC (though I suppose a 1.0 isn’t terrible for a summer show, depending on how well/poorly NBC’s new others do in the comming months) and has no syndication value for USA.

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