Will 'Smash' End on a High Ratings Note? - Poll

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May 24th, 2013

Smash April 20

The Smash finale airs tonight. No show has been a bigger punching bag for critics or our commenters this season, as it lost over half of its first season audience, then was exiled from Tuesdays to Saturday nights, where its ratings fell even further, and it suffered the humiliation of being beaten by reruns and Bet on Your Baby.Its most recent episode on May 11 scored a paltry 0.4 adults 18-49 rating. However,the show has earned over 100 percent gains in the Live + 7 ratings, meaning that the majority of Smash fans do not watch it on Saturdays. (Perhaps they are too busy attending live theater?) So its ratings have the potential to rise tonight, when it airs in the higher profile Sunday 9-11PM timeslot, facing nothing but reruns and NASCAR (which presumably has a very different audience). How do you think it will do? Make your predictions.



  • Lane

    See Smash is finally getting the voice lead in it needed.

  • tested

    I figure with little else on besides sports it has a chance to crack the 1.0 barrier. I will be watching.

  • Tom

    0.7 or maybe a 0.8 but anything higher than that would surprise me.

  • Greg


    It would be pretty funny if the show lost to CBS and ABC reruns.

  • rob60990


  • Melissa


  • Flame

    0.6, not more

  • Liam

    0.6 to 0.7, i dont think it will crack a 1.0.

  • HalCapone

    Hell no.

  • Dan S

    I voted with the majority in this poll. I say 0.6-0.7 but no more, it is after all Memorial Day Weekend & people are usually on the road or have other plans.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    “Will Smash end on a high ratings note?” …. That ship has sailed, long long time ago ….. 0.6

  • Remote Patrolled

    It is airing opposite Behind The Candelabra which attracts a similar audience – tough choice for gay fans like myself!

  • CBSviewer

    It airs against repeats but I can see The Mentalist winning the hour.

  • HV

    The Voice R 0.7
    Smash 0.7
    Smash 0.7

  • Toni

    “Will Smash end on a high ratings note?” In the alternate universe of Fringe, maybe yes, let’ say a whopping 5,8 :-) Over here nothing more than 0.5/0.6

  • BeBe

    0.0 xD I hate that show, Community FTW! I know it’s hard, but i hate Smash more than Glee…

  • Michael

    There is absolutely nothing new tonight on TV, including cable (I believe) if it doesn’t rise, it just shows how unsuccessful the show truly is.

  • Chuck_T

    No, not on the Sunday before Memorial Day. Won’t even crack 1.0.

  • Dan S

    @ Michael, on cable tonight there is a new Mad Men. Over on HBO is the Liberace movie but it’s not a movie I’ll seek out. There’s also Nurse Jackie on SHO so there’s something for everyone.

  • Joseph A

    Given that Saturday hit 0.4 , and near no one knows that SMASH is on tonight the numbers should be low, but then again it is a Sunday night , and though it is a Holiday weekend , the numbers should be pretty low ,
    I doubt it goes below .4 , but would also be surprised if it were lower then .7

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