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May 24th, 2013

Smash April 20

The Smash finale airs tonight. No show has been a bigger punching bag for critics or our commenters this season, as it lost over half of its first season audience, then was exiled from Tuesdays to Saturday nights, where its ratings fell even further, and it suffered the humiliation of being beaten by reruns and Bet on Your Baby.Its most recent episode on May 11 scored a paltry 0.4 adults 18-49 rating. However,the show has earned over 100 percent gains in the Live + 7 ratings, meaning that the majority of Smash fans do not watch it on Saturdays. (Perhaps they are too busy attending live theater?) So its ratings have the potential to rise tonight, when it airs in the higher profile Sunday 9-11PM timeslot, facing nothing but reruns and NASCAR (which presumably has a very different audience). How do you think it will do? Make your predictions.



  • a p garcia

    Smash will average 1.5 with the Voice leadin. By now it really doesn’t matter since it is cancelled but it would be ironic if its finale earns a 2.8.

  • Niki

    It will probably end between 0,7 and 0,9.
    You really were a great punchbag, Smash.

  • josh2770


  • ABC hater


  • Rebecca

    I voted 1.0 but won’t be surprised if it’s lower. I posted an earlier comment that isn’t here, oh well. I always enjoyed Smash, although some episodes were better than others. I found many boring, but overall I liked it. Good music.

  • Danak

    NBC hasn’t even promoted it in primetime (or on television at all from what I’ve seen) and it’s on a Sunday after the end of the regular TV season and before a holiday, so it will be lucky to get above .5. The last remaining fans will be lucky to even catch it. Thanks for only appearing to do the show a favor NBC. Maybe it will do its usual number in the DVR ratings.

  • Fox

    Based on what happened last year in the 18-49 demo, NASCAR will win the night, and Univision’s Premios OYE! 2013 will come in second. Smash will probably come in a very distant third.

  • Pepper

    Smash is on tonight??? oh man, it’ll get a 0.5 at best

  • Alan

    I think all the people that DVR’d it will watch it live today, so I expect a 0.9 or 1.0

  • Kevin

    SMASH is the most watched finale in TV history. Oh wait… that is MASH. Nevermind, I will say a 0.6.

  • forg


  • Katherine

    This show was not unsuccessful, NBC gave this show an awful time slot, specially after they moved it to Saturday nights, but NBC doesn’t count the online views or DVR views, 175% increase from DVR views, the highest increase of all the shows, but those are not really counted, not to mention that is one of the most watched shows online. The same thing happen to the shows Heroes. One of the reason why I love HBO and Showtime is because they do count the DVR and online views. NBC just keeps drowning this show, they aired the finale a Sunday before Memorial Day.

  • Kallum

    I know a lot of people who stopped watching after the premiere but are returning to see how it all ends.

  • Danak

    I really enjoyed the finale. I’m sorry to see it go. Now maybe the critics can move on and needlessly rag on something else.

  • AniMatsuri

    Last night’s Smash was mostly good. Lot of good stuff but to little to late to do any good.

  • BigBrotherFan


  • MJ

    I’ll say it rises to a 0.9.

    It was actually a pretty good finale. Wrapped things up decently well.

  • Lodak

    I’ll miss it. Nashville will fill the void.

  • Joseph A

    Smash might have tied out the story lines, but it all ended in a boring way with really bad production numbers

  • Theoacme

    @Katherine: No advertising supported network counts DVR viewing unless it is live + same day – especially if commercials can be skipped. Online viewing, unless it has the same commercial load as the broadcast, same thing – that does not count.

    HBO and Showtime get direct subscription fees, remember – since they have the money in advance, and not from advertisers (so much), they have to count DVR and online (through their controlled outlets, NOT via Pirate Bay, etc.) as views, to see what their subscribers want, to keep them happy.

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