With Less Competition, Will 'Revolution's' Ratings Rebound?

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May 27th, 2013

Revolution Group Shot May 27

Revolution's ratings declined throughout the season, with the show earning a 1.9 among adults 18-49 for the past few weeks. But now the season is over, and Revolution still has a couple of new episodes. With its only new broadcast competition coming from a 20/20 special about the British royal baby, will Revolution's ratings rebound?  Make your predictions.


  • Mars

    Sorry…If they killed OFF Charlie the show would instantly become the most watched program of all time.

  • The End


    Jason Neville would be a much better main character in this show, at least if you need someone to replace Charlie. That said, she isn’t getting killed off anytime soon.

  • TSC’s Revenge

    Probably won’t go up or go down much. It is rather unusal for highly serialized drama to recover lost viewers.

  • The End

    Dunno, the show does get over a 3.0 when the Live + 7 ratings are factored in. Some of those DVR Nielsen viewers might watch.

  • cimmer

    I don’t believe it’s the competition that’s hurting Revolution’s ratings so I’ll say 1.9 as the final for it.It’s audience will stick with it through to the end.

  • Cyrax86

    When is the Revolution finale airing?

  • Simon

    Next week titled ”The Dark Tower”.

    2.0 (maybe) but more likely 1.9 in keep with the past three or so episodes, at least it is steady.

  • Eric Z

    @ Mars

    IMO, Charlie is the most annoying character on the show. She is a terrible actress who relies too much on facial gestures to get her point across. However, they’ll never part with her because she is eye candy. Lest you forget the episode where she was taking a bath and then got dolled up to go the cathouse next door to become a runaway prostitute.

  • Rob

    am… maybe if they stopped taking about 5 months break in a season and messing up all there good shows and losing all the audience then maybe the ratings wont fail? will never invest in a show that takes a long break in the middle… no one comes back and eventually its cancelled… which i am 99% sure will happen next season for revolution

  • JoshuaCanada

    It’s the only show I’m going to be watching tonight. The weeks between the end of TV season and the start of most summer shows is a very boring time for TV.

  • verus

    A lot less people watching tv at this point. My guess is about 1.7 or so.

  • Rebecca

    I wouldn’t mind if they got rid of Charlie, but she’s basically the main character/anchor of the story so they probably won’t. If they ever kill off Miles, I’m gone. I’m guessing 1.6 for tonight, and I might be able to watch it live for a change. I still need to stream Smash and Mad Men. Also looking forward to The Goodwin Games tonight. The rest of the week all I’ve got are HTL, Psych and Family Tools, so there’s plenty of time – and I’m up to episode 2 of Arrested Development season 4 on Netflix….I hope the new season stays on their site for quite a while.

  • The End

    Personally I found it interesting that the back half of Revolution is doing better than Once Upon a Times back half in the Live + 7 18-49 area lol

  • Jas

    If they got rid of Charlie, I’d stop watching. She’s attractive.

  • 728huey

    I think the ratings will actually go down a bit this week due to the Memorial Day holiday, and I’m including The Voice as well. Having said that, I think NBC will dominate the night, with The Voice getting around 3.0 and Revolution getting a 1.7.

  • Two


    The 5 month break had little to do with the ratings slide. Revolution ended it’s fall run with a 2.9 rating. It premiered in the spring with a 2.7. Viewers came back, they just didn’t stick around.

  • Melissa

    I feel like the ratings for The Voice could’ve helped up much better if they began earlier and ended during sweeps.

  • Melissa

    *held up much better

  • The End

    @Viewers came back, they just didn’t stick around.

    Lol wrong. Revolution has always been a younger skewing show, it’s only down like 2 million when compared to what the show was averaging over the course of the first season. Viewers stayed, just the ones that matter, a few of them left.

  • The End

    *of the first season

    Blah. Typo. Meant to say first half of the season.

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