With Less Competition, Will 'Revolution's' Ratings Rebound?

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May 27th, 2013

Revolution Group Shot May 27

Revolution's ratings declined throughout the season, with the show earning a 1.9 among adults 18-49 for the past few weeks. But now the season is over, and Revolution still has a couple of new episodes. With its only new broadcast competition coming from a 20/20 special about the British royal baby, will Revolution's ratings rebound?  Make your predictions.


  • sarah nz

    1.8-1.9 that’s the loyal audience, doubt if it would increase and those still watching are hanging tough for the last 2 episodes… nanite zombie monster anyone ?

  • AniMatsuri

    Cable shows go on long breaks too and don’t lost much audience.

  • Ultima

    @Billy Moyet
    Perhaps it was a mistake to take it off the air for so long?


    If you have no clue what the ratings are for the show, then ask questions instead of offering worthless opinions.

  • Ultima

    maybe if they stopped taking about 5 months break in a season and messing up all there good shows and losing all the audience then maybe the ratings wont fail?

    If you had bothered to look up the ratings, you would know that the hiatus had virtually no effect on the ratings. The spring premiere had the same rating as the two episodes prior to the fall finale.

    On the other hand, the fall low was only 63% of the series prmiere and 76% of the second week’s episode, while the spring low was only 69% of the spring premiere. The ratings were dropping significantly even when the show was airing every single week.

    will never invest in a show that takes a long break in the middle

    Like practially every single show on broadcast that takes a 4+ month break during the summer or the countless cable series that run split seasons?

  • Brian


  • Taylor

    I chose 1.6-1.7 option forthe poll, because they were grouped together, that being said, I’m guessing it will actually get a 1.7. With it being Memorial Day, I’m expecting its ratings as well a pretty much every other TV show’s ratings for tonight to be down.

  • AppleStinx

    Rebound? Revolution’s ratings might rather relapse irreversibly.

  • BBFan

    Gross! Elizabeth Mitchell looks so old in that pic!

    Is Kim Raver back on it? What happened to her character?

  • Mars


    Yeah I agree she’s hot but the character is tedious.

  • tomsman

    Billy Moyet said – “Perhaps it was a mistake to take it off the air for so long?”

    @Ultima “If you have no clue what the ratings are for the show, then ask questions instead of offering worthless opinions.”

    Jeez. That was super harsh, Ultima. Give a guy some slack. Not everyone comes to the site with the vast knowledge that you do about tv and ratings (no sarcasm intended). Also, when did a question mark at the end of a sentence stop being a question? He just asked a question, expressed some observations after doing so and sought feedback – not mean judgmental snark. Who are you to determine someone’s opinions are “worthless”. Shutting someone down like that was really and truly unnecessary and as you are a longtime commenter on this site, it strikes me that if someone else posted a response to you (or anyone else for that matter) to a question this way you would call them out on it. I believe I’ve seen you do so. Lighten up.

  • CrimTV

    Wtf? Charlie is NOT a bad character, nor should she be killed off. I’m sure she’s not the most talented actress on the planet but she doesn’t need to be! This is her first major American television role and she is still getting used to her role, i’m sorry but all most people do is bash Revolution and it needs to stop because how would you feel if we started bashing your beloved Person of Interest or Castle? Obviously the producers of the show liked Tracy Spiridakos enough to cast her in the first place.

    It’s still the highest rated new show of the season.

  • Other than THAT Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

    With shows of this type ratings typically trend down until they are done with significant gaps down after each hiatus and or time slot move. At least on network TV. On cable which often does returns and marathons to let new viewers catch up fare much better. Revolution could beat the odds but I doubt it.

  • Other than THAT Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

    Charlie is the most annoying character by far. Kill her off !! There are loads of others. Monroe coming in a close 2nd.

  • Chris

    @ The End
    Live + 7 means nothing unless NBC has convinced those paying for commercials to move from Live +3 (which would be amazing).

    Agree 100%. Ultima flirts with post deletion with that one.

    All the freshman of 2013 were very poor, but Elementary is easily getting better number than Rev., and it does not have lead-in nearly as powerful as the Voice.

    Since I have actually seen this episode now, I can confirm that the picture *is* a Spoiler for whomever sees the pic before they see the episode. It is from the end of the bloody 40 minutes, and tells us that people that were being shot at will not be dead by the magical guns (infinity battery pack and ammo), which are clearly visible in the ‘Others’ hands.

    I expect an adjusted (L + 3) 1.8, though the finale will only pop to 1.9 even without competition due to things like the spoiler below. They just keep on adding in technological advances and continuity errors, so only the die hards are going to stick around, and season 2 will probably settle around 1.7.

    Tracy need a permanent acting coach on set during all shooting. The Spiridakos Smirk being the default emotion that she keeps falling back to regardless of the situation, just shows how little the directors are paying attention to her. She has shown that she can act, she just need the guidance. Then again, just about everyone except Elizabeth, has also fallen back to their two or three default emotions, which are not always appropriate, so perhaps a permanent acting director would be a better add to this show.

    ******** Spoiler below for ep. 19 ***********

    Rachel – “You lead us into a slaughter-house.”
    Dan (leader of the ‘Others’) – “But we spared you.”

    With lines like that being so obviously incongruous with the fact that the Others had just been attacking Rachel’s group with the insta-kill guns, I very much doubt this will gain any viewers for the finale. There was also the little fact that half of Mile’s group was killing ‘Others’ at the same time, so you might have thought it strange that they calmly talked about the good ‘ol days instead of Rachel and Dan yelling into the intercom for everyone to stand down. But maybe that is just me? Remember this place was never touched by the nanties, and as a bunker is fully wired (cams and audio).

    Anyone else have a deja vu with that ‘meeting the Others’ scene? I remember it from Falling Skies and was looking for Terry to appear. Then we would know this is Lost, take 2, conclusively.

    ******** Spoiler ends for ep. 19 ***********

  • Chris

    @Other than THAT Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

    Monroe is better than nearly all the others, so by that logic they should just nuke the cast and start over? Monroe is a playing as a very paranoid dictator, and doing a pretty good job. I will acknowledge that the default crying emotion is overused. They could use a general acting director, since the main directors are not able to handle that much and get the episode shot on schedule (apparently).

  • Other than THAT Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

    Yep, Monroe is a real crybaby – his most annoying feature by far. The way he switches from souless brutal dictator to Mr. Sensitive Guy with lightning speed is just plain silly. They should have made him act more like that General guy in Costner movie The Postman – thats how an egomanical dictator acts.

    Most of the cast is rather annoying. Its so hard to choose!

  • Chris

    The sensitive guy could just be an act (no pun intended) by a clever sociopath. The problem is that David Lyons really only has three modes (happy, crying, and homicidal), and that needs to be broadened to at least five. But that is really a failing of the director to motivate the actors to get the performances that are necessary.

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