HBO's 'Behind the Candelabra' Garners 2.4 Million Total Viewers

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May 28th, 2013

Behind the candelabra

HBO's Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, garnered 2.4 million Total Viewers, ranking as the cable network's highest rated original movie since Something the Lord Made back in 2004.

  • toons

    could tell from the online reaction… not just the positive notices but the amount of people commenting.

    i know a lot of people who saw it too. emmys are gonna have a field day with this one. was really good. creepy. fascinating. douglas’ performance was so awesome. all of them were

  • Jackson

    Great numbers! Matt Damon was excellent even though the movie fell flat for me. Too dreary.

  • Joel

    The acting was great but they should have really delved more into what made Liberace tick. He came off as a borderline pedophile always being involved with men barely out of their teens.
    May have worked better as a miniseries covering more of his life.

  • toons

    joel… it’s based on a book from scott that covered this part of his life… it helps to have movies be focused especially since this was set up as a film… a miniseries would have given us more general info but less detail… and his lust for young men is not unusual… but definitely creepy. young men and women were and still are the playthings of the rich and powerful. in particular here (i’m in hollywood) because so many young people come here willing to do a lot to get success… actually happened to me about 12 years ago when i first got here… worked for a film company and an old man investor in the company around 80 had me over to his multi million dollar home in the hills. i brought a roomie since i wasnt sure what was up. even though he had been married and had a kid he was definitely gay based on his actions and his dvd collection of old time musicals lol… . at one point we went swimming and he went naked. i was very polite but we got out of there without doing anything. pretty funny. must be dead now. nice fella.

  • jeremy

    I agree good acting but the plot was thin. By the way Scott has had an interesting life, he was instrumental in convicting a mobster of a triple murder and was in the witness protection program for a while.
    He is in jail now awaiting trial for some petty crimes. Looks like he had a hard life. You would think he made some money off the movie. Anyway imagine Liberace’s reaction if he knew what they were showing the world about him after lying about his gayness even in death.

  • Rebecca

    It sounded like an interesting movie. I don’t have HBO. Maybe I’ll rent it some day. Michael Douglas really looked the part. Soderberg (spelling?) talked to him about the role back when they were filming “Traffic.” Ellen’s show had Rob Lowe on recently – he played the plastic surgeon, and the clip they showed on Ellen’s show was creepy but a bit funny (just how Lowe acted and looked).

  • Rebecca

    Off topic, but another famous figure whose life would have made a great mini series rather than a movie (in my opinion) would be Queen Elizabeth II….I liked “The Queen” (with Helen Mirren) well enough but I wished she could play her in a mini series so the story would have covered more of her life than just the time period around Princess Diana’s death. She looks so much like QEII I want her to play her again. The actor who played Tony Blair in that has played Tony Blair in a few things now, so maybe Helen M will get the chance again some day to play QEII.

  • TV Addict

    Where was Game of Thrones?!? I ain’t no body got time to look behind some candles!

  • KevinY

    Rob Lowe was the best thing about the movie! He had a brief role but I’m sure he’ll earn an Emmy nomination. Since the end of Brothers and Sisters he’s really had some interesting roles: this one, Parks and Rec, Californication. He’s a lot better actor than I realized a couple years ago.

    The question now is will Matt Damon and Michael Douglass both be in the “lead actor” category for the Emmys or will they put Damon in supporting?

  • PatF

    I’d say both would be leads. Just like Barrymore and Lange for Grey Gardens. One won the Emmy and one got the Golden Globe. Both deserve recognition as does Lowe.

  • James C.

    I tried to watch it, but I couldn’t. I had no idea it was about Liberace being a creepy predator. It was tough to watch. And so very, very gay. I’m gay and it was too gay for me.

  • dan

    it would have had a bigger rating if not on a holiday weekend when most rich gays are at the beach

  • John

    Back in the 50’s, Liberace was universally loved. As a boy, I used to watch his show mesmerized by his great piano playing. One of the reasons he was universally loved was that he kept his private life PRIVATE. It was a more naive time and while the more worldly adults could guess at his sexuality, the rest of us thought it was just great showmanship. If he were in his prime today, he’d probably be shoving his gayness down our throats like many other gay celebrities and his audience would be mostly gays, and few others, much like KD Lang.

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