'Mike & Molly' Season 3 Finale to Air Thursday, May 30

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May 28th, 2013

Mike & Molly Season 3 Finale

via press release:


The third season finale of MIKE & MOLLY has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 30 (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

In the episode, Mike and Carl get stuck working at the Renaissance Faire as a tornado approaches Chicago.  Gerald McRaney guest stars as Police Captain Patrick Murphy, Mike' s boss.  Jim Beaver guest stars as Dwight.

  • CBSviewer

    I bet on a 2.0 for the finale. Considering the TV season is over The Big Bang Theory will not repeat higher than a 2.5. Plus the episode already aired in Canada and fans know the ending.

  • rob60990

    A whole 10 days after the OK tornado is so much better…

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    People will NOT be offended now since the tornado is not happening right now anymore lol lame

  • Illinois

    CBS will not change their Schedule everytime something like that happen. Of course it was terrible but victims and their Family don’t watch TV when they are facing such things… They have other things to think about and probably don’t care about a sitcom.

  • John A

    Good idea to give it a better lead in than 2bg would have.

  • Hardline_Pro

    This is funny…unlike the show.

  • Jayson

    @John A

    I had the exact same thought.

  • DenverDean

    Good grief. Are we going to sanitize everything? Tornadoes happen in April and May and two years ago one of the worst ever hit Joplin (over 150 people dead – that’s 7X OK). Perhaps they shouldn’t have even filmed such as storyline to begin with – just in case.

  • Nick

    Nice move. If it had to be pulled, this would be the ideal place to put it. I can see it doing 2.3 behind TBBT’s 2.7. Way better than it would’ve done, say, last night.

  • Ram510

    I didn’t realize they still haven’t aired the finale. Why not just save the episode for next season at this point. It’s not like people are anxious for this one episode anyways

  • ragincajun

    This is stupid. They should use a TBBT repeat and the M&M season finale as the lead-in for the premiere of Under the Dome.

  • tim_m

    The amusing part of all this is if it had aired like it was supposed to it wouldn’t have even aired in OK that night of the tornado. I guarantee the only thing that was on tv that night on any CBS affiliate was the news. So people affected wouldn’t have seen it on tv until this Thursday anyway.

  • edward

    this show is gonna go down hill first it is not on CBS schedule this fall and second its finale gets pushed back to may 30 I bet anything it wont be back for season 5

  • Ronald


  • were123

    A TBBT repeat lead in was the best CBS could offer to Mike&Molly, so I think it’ll be fine. Probably will score a 2.2

  • Ram510

    I’m shocked that people think M&M will get a 2.0. The show skews old an its being thrown out there last minute alot of people aren’t going to know its even on. I would say at best a 1.8, but most likely a 1.4.

  • David


    Are you stupid? There’s no way Mike & Molly will end after season 4. The finale was preempted and season 4 will air once We Are Men is a flop.

  • OddGuy


    I think Melissa McCarthy won’t want to return for a fifth season. She doesn’t get along with her co-lead, and she will want to focus on her film career.

  • fakeem

    So, Molly doesn’t like Mike? Maybe that should be the storyline for next season.

  • Andrew

    I agree with rob60990. BBT repeat is a great lead-in though.

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