'Squawk on the Street' Relaunch Down in Total Viewers and Adults 25-54

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May 28th, 2013

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Last week, CNBC relaunched its top show Squawk on the Street with a new co-anchor Kelly Evans. After five days of ratings data, the show is down versus both 2013 to date and the same week last year in both Adults 25-54 and Total Viewers.

Squawk on the Street

  • Doug

    They actually didn’t “relaunch” anything – but you can thank Fox “Business” for the propaganda nonetheless…

  • roly

    Erin Burnett look-alike,alert.

  • Lust4Legs

    The jury is out on her til’ she emerges from behind the desk and shows us her gams.

  • Peter

    The show seems awkward with Kelly Evans on there. I don’t think it’s going to work. Carl Quintanilla, Jim Cramer, Faber, and the English guy should be enough.

    I’ve been following this because I watched Evans from England all the time. I don’t think she fits on Squawk On The Street. Honestly, what is she going to add that Cramer, Faber and Quintanilla couldn’t add by themselves. Maybe she’s too young and aggressive and seems like she’s trying to prove something and you put her next to these guys who have been around forever and it doesn’t work. I look at Faber when she’s talking and he seems disinterested in what she’s saying. Quintanilla and Cramer seem uncomfortable around her.

    I’m predicting it won’t last very long and they will decide to do something else with Kelly Evans.

    Give her her own show.

  • Bob

    I agree with Peter. Moreover, Kelly giggles a lot and raises her voice like she’s hosting a New Year’s Eve special. Maybe money isn’t important to her but it is to me and not giggle worthy. I am on the West Coast so SOTS is my morning business news. She has brought it down several pegs. It seems a return to the useless Trish Regan. I may go back to the Today show.

  • Cliff

    Have they gotten rid of Cramer on the show? If so, BIG MISTAKE! Poor Kelly, she seems bright enough but there is NO chemistry on the set. She seems bored to be there, at least Erin and Melissa acted interested.

  • Brian

    Sign me up along with those who think Evans isn’t working. Honestly, it’s uncomfortable watching her. I’m sure she’s well educated and very smart, but she does come across as though she has something to prove. And maybe she does sitting in with this crew. Bottom line – no chemistry. Doesn’t work. She’s kind of in your face with her anchoring – don’t like. I didn’t wake up early enough to watch her on WBE. I watched for a couple of weeks, but tired of watching her trying to man up all the time. I now watch Varney & Co. on FBN. I like Varney a lot. His “company” is okay. But it’s better overall than what SOTS has become. Get rid of Evans, and I might return.

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