Esquire Network to Debut September 23; Primetime Kicks Off With Special Celbrating Esquire Magazine's 80th Anniversary

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May 29th, 2013

Esquire Network

via press release:

-- New Series BREW DOGS and HORSE PLAYERS Added to Growing Pipeline of Original Programming --

LOS ANGELES - May 29, 2013 – Esquire Network will debut on Monday, September 23, 2013, it was announced today. The network will kick off primetime with a two-hour special that commemorates Esquire magazine’s landmark 80th anniversary, timed to coincide with the October debut of the magazine’s anniversary issue. The original ESQUIRE 80TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (WT) will look back at the social, political and cultural forces that shaped our lives over the last eight decades – told through the lens of the magazine, its stories, images and covers.

Said Esquire Network general manager Adam Stotsky, who made today’s announcement, “As Esquire magazine reaches such a significant milestone, it only seems fitting that Esquire Network kick off by celebrating the rich legacy of this iconic brand. And we will build on this unparalleled 80 year history with a new primetime lineup featuring compelling original programming that hits on the wide-ranging interests, aspirations and passions of men today.”

“Additionally,” said Laura Molen, Executive Vice President, Cable Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal, “Esquire Network is providing advertisers with an opportunity not currently offered by a television network to reach today’s educated, upscale man across multiple platforms.”

The 80thanniversary special joins a growing pipeline of original programming, including previously announced series KNIFE FIGHT, an underground cooking competition hosted by Ilan Hall; THE GETAWAY, exploring the world’s most amazing cities through the eyes of a revolving cast of travel-loving celebs; HOW I ROCK IT, a look at style in all its forms, hosted by NBA superstar Baron Davis; RISKY LISTING, a docuseries set in the exclusive, intensely competitive world of New York nightlife real estate; and AMERICAN FIELD TRIP (WT), a trip across the country with photojournalist Matt Hranek, in search of people, places and objects that embody the timeless American spirit.

In addition, the network is announcing production on two new original series, BREW DOGS (WT) and HORSE PLAYERS.

For BREW DOGS (WT), produced by Custom Productions and Redtail Media, Scottish “beer evangelists” James Watt and Martin Dickie travel across America with a vital mission:  to prove that the drink of the masses doesn’t need to taste mass-produced. In each episode of the 6x60 series, James and Martin, who own the UK’s fastest-growing brewery, visit a different American beer town, celebrate distinctive craft beers and create their own locally-inspired draft.

HORSE PLAYERS, a 7x60 series produced by Go Go Luckey for Esquire Network, takes place in the high-stakes world of professional horse race handicapping, where the only thing bigger than the bets are the characters placing them. From Churchill Downs to Saratoga to Santa Anita, each episode follows a group of handicappers as they travel the country in search of instant riches – and compete for the title of America’s top handicapper.

Esquire Network’s offering will also include contemporary series making their network premiere, including: LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON, PARKS AND RECREATION, PARTY DOWN, BURN NOTICE and PSYCH.

  • Oliver

    Attaching this new network to the ‘Esquire’ brand is a mistake. Normal people don’t like Esquire.

  • PRW

    So no mention of E3?

  • Colin

    Stupid network which no one will watch… Waste of customers money to pay for another network…

  • JSunkist

    April… June… September. Should by August, I expect to hear the launch date be January 6th, 2014?

    Oh well, more time for Quantum Leap.

  • Mike

    Sadly, I agree with Oliver. Even at my age, I cannot relate the the Esquire moniker. Based on the shows slated so far, I see nothing that would hold my interest. Esquire will maybe attract a few people from a class of people on the big bucks side of the mainstream for a while and then die with a quiet whimper. Trust me, this isn’t sour grapes…

  • PETE5125

    if esquire gets the same ratings but that of people of high incomes, then it has done its, job, the videogame channel G4 was never positioned as a general entertainment net, and a segmented cable net, that COMCAST forces other cable nets to carry, if they want to keep broadcasting NBC MAY JUST WORK….I’LL WATCH Parks And Rec reruns and the Office whenever it make it that way West Wing reruns may do well here as well

  • K_Will

    I’m waiting for the day when I can see this idiotic idea crash and burn. I hope that everyone that was involved with the creation of this idea has to leave their office with their head down.

  • davidn

    I truely hope this network fails wholeheartedly. Sounds like horrible programing from the start!NBC really messed up this time! It’s like they’re trying to set themselves up to fail. What a waste of time and money and what would have been loyal fans to the g4 network they tossed aside.

  • KidKira

    It’s bad enough that they can’t run a video-game network. But not being able to properly RE-BRAND it? It’s official: These guys are idiots.
    I’m more interested in what Rogers Media is gonna do with the canadian G4 channel: There isn’t a lot of new technology-based programming being made and they can’t go back to using anime and adult swim shows…or OLN shows…

  • chill yo…

    From the description of the shows, I’d rather watch paint dry, then repaint and watch it dry again.

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