Syndicated TV Ratings: 'Judge Judy' Number 1 in Households, 'Big Bang Theory' Wins With Viewers, 'Dr Phil' Top Talker for Week Ending May 19, 2013

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May 29th, 2013



Judge Judy was the number 1 regular syndicated program in Household ratings, while The Big Bang Theory remained on top with total viewers for the week ending May 19, 2013.

Dr Phil  was the top-rated talk show of the week for the 31st time this season.  Live with Kelly and Michael and Ellen DeGeneres came in second.

Rank Program Dist Days HH Rating Viewers (000)
1 JUDGE JUDY (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 6.6 9088
2 BIG BANG-SYN (AT) WB MTWTF.. 6.4 9870
4 JEOPARDY (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 5.9 8867
5 BIG BANG WKND B (AT) WB ......S 5.1 8097
6 BIG BANG WKND A (AT) WB ......S 4.8 7590
8 FAMILY FEUD (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 4.4 6458
9 WEEKEND ADVENTURE DAL ......S 4.4 6238
10 FAMILY GUY-MF-SYN (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 3.7 5708
11 FAMILY GUY-WK-SYN (AT) 2/T ......S 3.6 5397
13 LAW & ORDER: SVU-SYN (AT) NBU ......S 3.2 4540
14 DR. PHIL SHOW (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 2.9 3793
15 LAW & ORDER-SYN (AT) NBU ......S 2.9 3981
16 WHEEL OF FORTUNE WKND CTD ......S 2.8 4390
18 CRIMINAL MINDS-SYN (AT) CTD ......S 2.7 3701
19 CASTLE (AT) DAD ......S 2.5 3530
22 HOW I MET-MTHR-MF-SYN(AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 2.4 3396
25 KING OF THE HILL-SYN(AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 2.3 3146

Why Aren't The Simpsons on This List?!

While The Simpsons repeats are available nationally its ratings are not counted in the weekly syndicated ratings because The Simpsons does not sell any national advertising in syndication.

Please note that the syndicated weekly results are delayed versus normal reporting.  While we get the broadcast and cable ratings for the prior Monday-Sunday period every Tuesday, there is an extra week of lag time with the syndicated ratings and these numbers are not for last week, but for the week before last.

For syndicated shows which air on multiple days, the viewership shown is the average of all telecasts.

BUENA VISTA items are syndicated packages of old Disney movies.

DAD = Disney ABC Domestic Television, SPT= Sony Pictures Television, 2/T=Twentieth Television, ESP = ESPN, CTD = CBS Television Distribution.

AT = Additional Time/Telecasts, more than the typical number of episodes or time periods/week

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Joan

    I don’t bekieve that Kelly :NO TALENY: Ripa did not know that Oprah was coming on the show. She is such a phony and so transparent.

  • Lori

    No Talent Ripa has met Oprah many times. The starstruck act that she put on was so lame and pathetic. It shows that she’s a horrible actress as well as being an awful talk show host.

  • NBC Fan

    @Joan and Lori

    I like Kelly Ripa.

  • JR35

    I don’t get why some are so harsh on Ripa. yes, she wasn’t a great actress and she can be annoying at times- but is the intensity of dislike by some really necessary? She’s a harmless piece of fluff. Fi ya don’t like her, you don’t have to watch the show (I myself don’t).

  • Mike

    I find it funny that these two hate her so much but they know her every move. If I hated someone or a show as much as you two pretend to do I wouldn’t watch it. Grown up mature people know how to do that.

    Look at your remote there are buttons on there to change the channel. And even one to cut it off.

    I’m sure that when you do Kelly Ripa is not going to fall apart and fall into poverty.

  • Lori

    I don’t watch it either. I gave it a chance for a while after Strahan was hired because I like him, but Ripa made the show unwatchable for me. A website I was on (not Live’s) had a link to the Oprah interview, and I watched it because Oprah is someone I enjoy.

  • Joan

    @ Mike- I don’t hate her. I don’t hate anyone. Ehat word is not in my vocabulary. I watch it because I like Michael and I truly believe if it wasn’t for him, that show would be off the air. Can you tell me just what eactly id her talent?

  • Mike

    Well if you don’t hate her you sure are obsessed with her.

    And being a good talk show host or sometimes even being a star is not always about talent. Many big stars or celebrities have never had talent but they have what some call “IT” or charisma. To Kelly’s fans she evidently has that.

    And if Kelly didn’t have fans the show would have completely died after Regis left and she was on her own with alternate co-hosts all those months. But it didn’t.

  • Lori

    “And being a good talk show host or sometimes even being a star is not always about talent.”

    I disagree. Being a good talk show host is absolutely about talent.

    “Many big stars or celebrities have never had talent”

    Yes, many celebrities have no talent.

    “And if Kelly didn’t have fans the show would have completely died after Regis left and she was on her own with alternate co-hosts all those months. But it didn’t.”

    No one said she doesn’t have fans. However, after Regis left there were many weeks when the show wasn’t in the top 25 – including the entire 2012 May Sweeps. And “Live” had its lowest ratings EVER last summer. Michael literally saved the show.

  • Joan

    Well, Thank you, Mike for FINALLY admitting that Kelly has n talent. That is all I wanted and as far as last year, she did not do the show by herself. She had some pretty talented celebrities cohosting with her. The reason many people kept watching after Regis left is because they were all waiting to see who was going to take his place.

  • Reine

    It is rather funny how they hate her so much that they watch her because of Michael but they were saying the same thing when she was alone. I guess they were watching her then. I like Kelly as many others do. I disagree she was seldom off the top 25, maybe once or so. As others said, turn off the tv as Kelly is well liked by millions. A little obsessive, I would say.

  • Lori

    Um, who is this “they” you keep referring to? I posted that I USED to watch because I like Michael, but I don’t anymore because Kelly ruined the show for me.

    And sorry, you’re wrong about the show “seldom” being out of the top 25. It definitely wasn’t “once or so.” The show was NOT in the top 25 for all of last year’s May Sweeps. Look it up.

  • Rachelle

    Kelly Sucks.

  • Charlene

    I used to watch the show I do not watch it any longer. Kelly Ripa is so full of herself, no talent and seems so obsessed with sex. She seems to be very needy. She should stop looking at herself in the moniter and pay attention to what is going on.
    You are so right Rachelle Kelly does suck, and now Michael is following in her footsteps.

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