Mariah Carey Exits 'American Idol'- Update: Nicki Minaj Also Leaving

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May 30th, 2013


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has officially departed the American Idol judging panel. Today her publicity firms, PMK-BNC, tweeted:

Mariah Carey Tweet

Update: Nicki Minaj has also tweeted that she has left American Idol.

Nicki Minaj Twitter

No word on whether their fellow judge Nicki Minaj is also leaving the show, but rumors abound that AI is recruiting former contestants Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken to take over next year's panel.

  • jamie

    How is this news? We a;ready knew this.


    No surprise. IDOL needs to start fresh. They did it back in season 10, they’ll do it again.

  • Caden

    Lol, they would never hire Clay Aiken.

  • charmedcraft

    Oh, please! They didn’t want her back, it wasn’t like she made the decision to exit.

  • Nathan

    wat!!11 noooooo she made american idole get such good ratings! teh finale was watched by 14 million viewers!! a series high!1

  • FLOP detector

    For the first time American Idol was AMERICAN FLOP

    All due to Mariah’s “I don’t care” behavior

  • Rebecca

    This isn’t news any more. A while ago they said none of the AI judges were returning.

  • Spencer

    Guys news just out is Hannibal is renewed.

  • Body of Poof

    Will she lip sync in all her concerts?

  • Hardline_Pro

    So has Nicki Minaj.

  • Edward Mooney

    Who cares! The show is DOA. Next!

  • RyanCanada

    lol she exited, because she knew she was going to be fired.

  • CBSviewer

    @ Edward Mooney

    What are you talking about ? It is FOX highest rated program and it’s cheap to produce. FOX will keep it for years because they need it on Wednesday and Thursday (to help a Show at 9).

  • Douglas in TN

    I’m old enough to remember when Mariah Carey was a singer, and a pretty good one.

  • Colin

    Ew. Please not Adam and Clay. Put Carrie Underwood and Phillip Phillips in

  • JoeyToronto

    Hell to the NO to Clay Aiken, no way! I would definitely not watch. I find him creepy for some reason.

  • Alan

    They both sucked as judges lol, I hope they bring former contestants like they say in the tabloids. I would watch this show again if they get decent judges!

  • BxActor

    Trash . Glad it backfired . Should be about finding talent and not a gimmick battling a legend .
    Idol needs to go or do a complete 720

  • NBC Fan

    “wat!!11 noooooo she made american idole get such good ratings! teh finale was watched by 14 million viewers!! a series high!1″


  • Dan

    So Randys gone, Nicki and Mariah are gone now, Keith Urban wants to stay but hes probably gonna leave soon.

    Looks like next year will be a big reboot.

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