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May 30th, 2013

Mike & Molly Season 3 Finale

Mike & Molly is probably the least likely show to have an episode pulled due to sensitive content, but it happened on May 20 because its season finale  featured a storyline about a tornado warning. Of course, that was the day a devastating tornado hit Oklahoma.  The episode is airing tonight, outside of its usual Monday time period, but following a repeat of CBS's highest rated show, The Big Bang Theory. The most recent episode of Mike & Molly on May 6 earned a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating. How do you think it will do tonight?

  • Michael1

    The sky is the limit as far as I’m concerned. Repeats of this show have been outperforming repeats of all other sitcoms, and it has a repeat of the #1 comedy as its lead-in. The enitre supporting cast cracks me up. The premise was solid, but the show, and the characters, have also evolved. It’s too bad CBS doesn’t have it on the fall schedule, but with 4 new comedies, it’s only a matter of time before one of the slots opens up. I expect this show to see another new episode of this show by October.

  • TV Viewer

    I doubt it will get good ratings. It’s airing after Memorial Day, after the season finales of most shows, and the majority of fans of the show probably already know what happens at the end of the episode. Something that anyone who watched the program on a regualar basis could have predicted quite a few weeks ago.

    Still I am glad that CBS will air it so that the people who like to view the program can still see the season finale episode.

  • victor hugo

    Was a good season finale.. i`m already watch this

  • Jacobo

    2.2 would be the highest, and 1.8 would be the lowest I’m guessing

  • Greg

    They should’ve saved the episode for next season. It’s not like it’s a serialized show anyway.

    I’ll go with a 1.8 at most.

  • MichaelChickless

    I’ll be the optimist and say a 2.3 adjusting up to a 2.4.

  • NBC Fan

    Rookie Blue-1.2

    The Big Bang Theory Repeat-2.2
    Mike & Molly-2.1

    Hell’s Kitchen-2.2
    Does Someone Have to Go?-1.1

    Save Me-0.6

  • John A

    Depends on the promotion by CBS. I suspect they didnt promote it much. 1.6-2.0 be my guess.

  • Pepper

    I think it’ll do fine, definitely above a 2

  • Jake

    Shouldn’t ratings be higher than usual, since most shows are already into reruns, and we can handle only too much reality t.v.?

  • Conor

    To be honest, I didn’t even know it was going to be shown tonight. I haven’t seen many commercials about it. If it was shown without getting pulled, it would draw higher than a 2.5… but some people might not know it is on, so I could see it drawing lower than a 2


    Maybe this is a really good test IMO to see how Mike and Molly does after Big Bang Theory. Honestly I think if the Millers fail which looks horrible btw that Mike and Molly could be plugged into this timeslot after BBT. Mike and Molly is a solid show.

  • Lisa

    @Jake, I’m not sure why you think this. If your theory is that new episodes of scripted shows should do well after the end of the regular season when mainly competing against reruns/reality, why is it that most new scripted episodes get mediocre (at best) ratings in the summer?

    I’ll guess a 2.0. The show isn’t airing on its normal night, which will probably hurt it.

  • cc

    Considering it’s following TBBT, it should hold most of that audience. Not like following 2BGs.

  • ToXiX


    I know. I love cbs for doing this. I’ve always wanted to see how M&M would do after TBBT

    We Are Men or The Millers will be of the first new comedies to be cancelled,

    But what if in a shocking turn of events ALL 4 of the new sitcoms perform well enough to stay on the air?

  • Jon

    I’ll go for about 2.2 Given the fact we are into summer season

  • JoshuaCanada

    Tonight there is finally some good TV on with Hannibal and Totally Biased on FX. It’s been such a boring week of TV, as usual with the weeks between Tv season and the start of most summer shows.

    In terms of Mike and Molly, I predict 2.4 rating.

  • Billy

    In its last new episode on May 13 Mike and Molly put up a 2.4 in its regular time slot. Even though TBBT usually provides a good lead in this is a summer repeat of TBBT so it will not be that highly rated. I am guessing Mike and Molly does no better than very low 2’s, at best.

  • Marc

    Mike & Molly does well on Mondays and should do well following Bang, but I don’t think it will score as high as some in this poll believe. It is not a repeat, but t.v. viewership has started to drop since reruns have begun.

  • RyanCanada

    I hope it does well, i love this series, so well done, and all the charactors are so likable.

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