'Days of Our Lives' Matches Its Biggest Women 18-49 Viewership in 18 Months

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May 31st, 2013

days of our lives

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For the Week of May 20-24, ‘Days’ Jumps vs. the Same Week Last Year by 32 Percent in the Women 18-49 Demo and 34 Percent in the Women 25-54 Category

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – May 31, 2013 – “Days of our Lives” has equaled its biggest women 18-49 audience in 18 months and set an 11-week high in total viewers, according to “live plus same day” viewing figures for the week of May 20-24 from Nielsen Media Research.

For the week, "Days of our Lives" averaged a 1.0 rating, 6 share among women 18-49 and a 0.6 rating among women 18-34, tying it for #4 among network daytime series in the women 18-49 demographic and tying it for #3 in the women 18-34 race.

"Days" equaled its biggest women 18-49 audience (634,000) since the week of November 21-25, 2011 (703,000). "Days" also averaged 634,000 women 18-49 during the week of January 14-19, 2013. In total viewers, "Days'" 2.513 million persons for the week was the show's biggest overall audience since the week of March 4-8 (2.563 million).

For the week versus the same week last year, "Days of our Lives" was up 14 percent in the women 18-34 race (200,000 vs. 175,000), up 32 percent in the women 18-49 demographic (634,000 vs. 480,000), up 34 percent in the women 25-54 race (788,000 vs. 590,000) and up 10 percent in total viewers (2.513 million vs. 2.294 million).

For the second quarter to date, "Days of our Lives" is up 3 percent in the women 18-49 category (632,000 vs. 611,000), up 8 percent in the women 25-54 demo (807,000 vs. 748,000) and up 3 percent in total viewers (2.6 million vs. 2.5 million).

Season to date, "Days of our Lives" is tied for #4 in the women 18-49 category and tied for #3 in the women 18-34 demo. Season to date, “Days” is up 2 percent in total viewers (2.7 million vs. 2.6 million).

Ratings reflect “live plus same day” data from Nielsen Media Research unless otherwise noted. Season-to-date figures are averages of “live plus seven day” data except for the two most recent weeks, which are “live plus same day.”

  • Mike

    Great news for Days.

    It really came out the big winner among the soaps for May sweeps. Good job Days.

  • IowaMan

    Days has become what a real soap should be. Its stories (mostly) rely & depend upon realism and are fairly well integrated, and most of the characters are successfully grounded… something another soap which has gone waaaaay off the rails could learn a lot about.

  • opinion8d

    Good for DAYS!!! This show has been gaining steam for months now. Realistic,exciting storylines and outstanding actors have combined to make DAYS the best soap on the air this year!!! Hope they keep it up!!!

  • 4hourglass

    What the hell is wrong with people?
    Get with the program!
    Days of our lives is on fire.
    It should already be #1.

  • MBmomof3

    Well deserved. This show has improved so much. Must see daytime TV. Congrats to all involved. I’ll keep watching!

  • chris23

    Good for Days of Our Lives for gaining some momentum. Those numbers look a lot more healthier compared to last year.

    In the last 2 months alone, Days has been better in the storyline department. Ever since Chloe/Daniel/Jennifer debacle was resolved, hopefully permanently pending her return to Salem, the show has gained my interest with all of the storylines. I hope Days can keep building on its current momentum and strike gold!!!

  • Brett

    Great news for Days! I think when all the other soaps are gone, Days will end up being the last one standing… NBC really seems to stand behind it.

  • Sascha

    It’s good to see that ALL soaps are up in comparison to last year. The downward trend that seemed so infinite at the beginning of this decade has definitely been stopped.

    If CBS and ABC had executed similar plans to turn things around for other soaps as As The World Turns (whose ratings had been below the 2.0 line only for a very short period of time when it was cancelled by CBS), these other soaps could still be on air today and be part of the positive trend.

    Shame on CBS and ABC for not even trying!

    The fact that an “outsider” start-up company is so successful at restarting All My Children and One Life to Live online-only underlines the fact that the soap genre is the future, not the past. Or do they really think anyone wants to watch their cheap talk and game shows online?

  • Derrick

    Congrats DAYS!

  • robert

    LOVE Days right now.

  • 4hourglass




    Soap opera

  • Randy

    @sascha… it doesn’t seem too successful when this online company has already cut the number of episodes to air every week. I think you just want to complain about something and you probably should use facts instead of opinions while doing so– it might actually get your point across.

  • Agatematt

    In Will and Sonny, Days has one of the best and most successful old-fashioned romantic story lines the soap has had in many a year. Of course, the power of the coupling of the two legacy characters is only made so much more powerful by the talents of Chandler Massey (Will) and Freddie Smith (Sonny) who performances have earned each an Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Younger Actor category, which Massey won last year. Hope Smith takes it this year, but it would really be a treat if the vote ended in a tie.

  • Kelby

    I think DOOL has alot of really good actors and actresses. But, I think the stories are terrible. I think if I did not know the history of the show, I would enjoy it. But because I do, I can not understand how any long time fan can really be invested in this show anymore. The same goes for Y&R. That show completely s…s! As far as acting is concerned, I think DOOL has better acting these days than Y&R. I never thought I would say that. Years ago, I thought all of the soaps had pretty good actors, but I have seen over time, that that has become a thing of the past. I love soaps and I want them to be around, but not if they s..k! And, they do. They are inviting the cancellation bear. You better get it together. I have no faith that things will get better for the four remaining daytime soaps. They have been on a downward spiral for years and still no fix. It is only a matter of time before they end. It is sad and pathetic because I personally do not want to see anymore talk shows, game shows, court shows on during the daytime, but I do not want to see the current state of soaps as they are either.

  • 4hourglass

    I started watching DOOL in 1984 and never stopped.
    This show has stayed true to it’s roots.
    Days still focuses on the Hortons and the Bradys.
    As always it has family heart and soul with a lot
    of action. Long live Days of our Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billy Vick

    IF IT HAD NOT, I was going to acuse the NIELSEN’S of being rigged! Anyone who doesn’t agree that the shows that aired on May 21 and May 22 were not 2 of the BEST ever aired on DAYS OF OUR LIVES is being dishonest. I have been watching since November 8, 1965 and these shows were flawless. The writing, directing, acting, lighting, sets and sheer excitement and drama are what daytime soap opera is about!

  • 4hourglass


    For those of you whom watch DOOL and Y&R , what are the
    pros and cons of both shows? How would you make them better?
    Please compare the two and conclude with which show has
    a more favorable viewing at this time.

    Thank You

  • Jan Chisholm

    I have watched Days since day one. There have been times the storyline has just dragged on and on, but no longer…The story moves quickly and keeps us on our toes…The actors are cast perfectly to tell the story….It is perfection…Keep up the good work…Loving DOOL…

  • diana

    I agree with Kelby – I am a long-time fan, but I have not watched since the Christmas episode. Totally bored with all the storylines. Maybe it has gotten better, but all the comments here are about the storylines I couldn’t stand – Will&Sonny, Chloe/Dan/Jennifer, Sami&EJ. If that’s what you all like, then hooray for you.

  • Mike

    As I said up above I am happy for Days but I also am not watching but much longer than most who have commented. I quit back during Hogan Sheffer’s tenure when the show became about EJ and Sami. With so much on the message boards still about them I just have no desire to watch. But I am happy they are doing good in the ratings. I just don’t want to watch the show as long as they are a couple or heavily featured.

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