FOX to Air 'Anger Management' on Monday at 9:30 for Four Weeks Starting June 3

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May 31st, 2013

Anger Management Premiere Sheen

Charlie Sheen is returning to network television on Monday nights. FOX has opted to air two original episodes of  FX comedy Anger Management and two repeats Mondays at 9:30PM in June starting Monday, June 3. After a strong debut last summer, Anger Management was picked up for 90 episodes. This season its ratings have declined by over 50 percent. Presumably, the FOX run will give Anger Management additional exposure. Anger Management will replace repeats of The Mindy Project.

  • #BecauseTheShowIsLacking

    I tried watching the first season. Unfunny. Sorry, Charlie.

  • Frost

    So what does that mean for The Goodwin Games?

  • Funeral Dinner

    I don’t see how it will help with it’s awful ratings. If the show isn’t funny, people just won’t bother.

  • EatMorePez

    So basically John Landgraf called Kevin Reilly and said, “I’ve made a huge mistake. Please help me.”

  • toons

    i like it. not great or groundbreaking but it started gelling midway 1st season. and the cast is very likable. selma blair is really fun to watch. i dont feel compelled to watch it every week since it seems like it’s always on and i dont get if there are seasons or it just keeps running.

    i read in a trade mag that even though ratings have dropped everyone is still making money. fx pays little for the rights and sheen and company are making lots from overseas sales and syndication

    sorry if you hate sheen… but he actually is doing pretty good. also he hasn’t been craycray in a few years now. and i cant believe they are adding a girl to 2 1/2 men… reminds me of roy being added to the simpsons. hey roy. hey mrs s. lol

  • rob60990

    Man this screams desperation.

  • pete5125

    Wife liked it, didn’t start watching till midway through the 2nd wave, it’s not groundbreaking and they seem to be going in to many different directions, but it’s also not bad and better than a lot of other sitcoms

  • TV Addict

    So they’ll actually have two new comedies on Monday nights. Weird, but it could work

  • Michael1

    Anger Management is “pretty” funny. And by that, I mean that it features a parade of attractive female guest stars. Also, it is one of the few comedies airing new episodes during the summer. I’m not sure why they aired new episodes during the spring, but I expect the lack of competition to put the show’s ratings back where they were last Summer.

  • Dan

    Goodwin Games will still air at 8:30 and Anger Management will air at 9:30.

    The main reason why FOX is dpoing this is because ratings for Anger Management have dipped on FX so if they are going to air the show during the summer, they want to get better sampling.

    For example the show is currently averaging a 0.3 while repeats of Hope, Mindy, and New Girl get around 0.6-0.7. If new Anger Management can get around that, FX figures that it will do better during the summer. By September 5, 45 episodes will have aired totaling the first half of Season 2. FX has another 45 episodes for 2014 so they want the show to do the best as possible.

  • Ally

    Maybe they could turn the laff trak louder…?

  • Samunto

    This 90 episode model may be good for the bank accounts but the airing pattern should be changed.
    It seems the show is always on. How about trying some “mid-season or Season” finales to ramp up some excitement?
    The usual mass is not really used to a show being permanently on air.

    And the show really isn’t that great. Or better said, it’s a bore.

  • RJ

    This news is about two weeks old.

  • BigBrotherFan

    You know I like Sheen but this show is not one bit funny!

  • Ram510

    Funny, they have so many episodes left they can pass them off to other networks and burn them off there too. Cause I’m sure they are still going to air at least 1 episode (if they still aren’t airing 2) on Thursdays

  • BxActor


  • toons

    @samunto… i agree… there’s no definition of when it’s on… they should be having premieres of seasons or half seasons or something… problem also they have no other shows right now so it’s just that sitting in the middle of the night…

  • The End

    @but this show is not one bit funny!

    I feel the same about The Middle. Have seen every episode up to the end of Season 4 and haven’t seen anything in this show that is remotely funny. However I like the show for what it is.

  • Carl

    Once Charlie Sheen stopped going around blathering about tiger blood, the public moved on. Maybe they can add Amanda Bynes next season.

  • david

    Maybe this will help the show. But cabel shows are starting up next week and it is after a repeat of a singal cam show. I have heard putting that together does not work out well.

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