FOX to Air 'Anger Management' on Monday at 9:30 for Four Weeks Starting June 3

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May 31st, 2013

Anger Management Premiere Sheen

Charlie Sheen is returning to network television on Monday nights. FOX has opted to air two original episodes of  FX comedy Anger Management and two repeats Mondays at 9:30PM in June starting Monday, June 3. After a strong debut last summer, Anger Management was picked up for 90 episodes. This season its ratings have declined by over 50 percent. Presumably, the FOX run will give Anger Management additional exposure. Anger Management will replace repeats of The Mindy Project.

  • Jared

    Worst show ever!..FX epic fail!

  • Joshua

    a terrible show…. just not funny…

  • Rich

    What about adding “Archer” reruns on Saturday late nite opposite SNL reruns? I’d rather that than stupida$$ Charlie Sheen’s suckfest.

  • itsnotbad

    the show isn’t bad, it could be better sure but it’s not bad…im just not too fond of the supporting cast

  • harry

    show is good , especially charlie and kate storyline . i dont like charlies neighbor , terrible actor and no actual use of him appearing at all. and also charlies ex wife , not suitable actressfor the role. apart from that his disfunctional group is doing a good job . and as i said i love kate.

  • Jon

    The only funny parts of this show are the therapy group sessions. Selma Blair and Shawnee Smith are horrible.

  • fakeem

    Are the rumors true that they are trying to get the 1/2 man from TAAHM to join the cast? If so, that says so much about AM.

    With 45 episodes left to produce, they need whatever hook they can muster.

  • Andrew

    We’ll see if Anger Management can top Goodwin Games. If it can’t, then its a massive flop and episodes should start being burned off left and right.

  • The End


    Anger Management will never be burnt off. Ever. It would hurt a few egos.

  • ateofi

    How is it possible that this coccaine addict caught during orgies with prostitues, accused of wife -battering even gets a job? Why are people watching this human trash? Not to mention, he is mediocre actor, he was good in Platoon 25 years ago, but now he is a freaking joke!!!

  • james

    so is it moving to fox or just being aired on fox from the beginning now, if so not really big news, being able to watch old episodes of something on a new channel isnt much of a deal

  • missey

    Can’t wait. To watch don’t. Have cable tired of repeats

  • The Watcher

    Charlie continues to sleepwalk through every episode, just like the last four years of 2.5 Men. Will he ever really act again? Not on this show.

  • Frank

    Contrary to most of what I’ve read, my wife and I love this show. Is it a 2.5 Men? No, but Barry Corbin is a hoot and the writing is sharp and funny! What we didn’t understand is how the sequencing of the shows will be handled… If we hadn’t accidentally found the first episode on Fox, we would have missed a link between episodes! Since one show continues the theme from the last, not seeing both FX and Fox offerings could lead to confused viewers, which could result in lower ratings…. So I hope they will do a better job of advertising their intentions regarding channel addition/changes….

  • josh2770


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