Returning ABC Shows Trim Casts, Including 'Revenge, 'Once Upon A Time' & 'Suburgatory'

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May 31st, 2013

Suburgatory Alan Tudyk

Some of ABC's returning shows will have smaller casts in fall 2013. Per Deadline, Alan Tudyk (Noah) and Rex Lee (Mr. Wolfe) have been dropped from  Suburgatory for budgetary reasons. Ashley Madekewe (Ashley) is exiting Revenge.  Ruby/Little Red Riding Hood will no longer be a part of Once Upon a Time's enormous cast because Megan Ory is starring in CBS's new series Intelligence. However, Michael Raymund James (Neal) has been upgraded from guest star to series regular.

  • George

    Tudyk and Lee are two of the funniest/most absurd characters on the show.
    That is disappointing.

  • forg

    I’m OK with them letting Alan Tudyk and Rex Lee go. That show had too many supporting characters and for me S2 suffered because we barely saw Tessa and George stories until the last few eps which were brilliant. Noah’s story with her nanny was so annoying and seriously I don’t get why they made Lee a regular in the first place where his character added nothing to the show. Parker Young should have been a regular but surprisingly he never was.

  • Kristine

    Won’t miss Ashley at all from Revenge. She was annoying for the beginning.

    Dumping Noah from Suburgatory though, that’s a mistake. He’s one of the funnier characters.

  • Kristine

    Let me add, the Noah and nanny arc were absolutely ridiculous. The good stuff when they had the “guy’s night” out type stuff.

  • Dan

    Makes sense now the show will focus on the two families and slightly less on random characters. Alan Tudyk and Rex lee are great but Sometimes you just need to trimm the fat.

    ABC better get this show to season 4 for syndication. It doesn’t need to become the next Happy Endings

  • JoeHamm

    Won’t miss Ashley that much, I’m okay with Red Riding Hood not being involved as much, she probably won’t go away altogether. I’m NOT okay with Tudyk and Lee being dropped. I can’t imagine Suburgatory without them. Trust me, it’s impossible.

  • rob60990

    If I still watched Suburgatory, I wouldn’t care about getting rid of those 2.

    Ashley was useless and annoying on Revenge.


    ABC gotta save some $$$ for their marvel series.

  • SJ

    I won’t miss any of the cut cast members, but I think it’s a shame ABC seems to have lost all faith in Suburgatory. It only has a 13-episode order and seeing how it will debut after 9 or 10 months off with no repeats and little to no promotion, I expect it to crater and get cancelled after 57 episodes, exactly like Happy Endings.

    So far we have

    Better Off Ted
    Don’t Trust the B
    Happy Endings

    How many great comedies must we lose because of ABC’s now-infamous ineptitude in the scheduling department? No wonder they only really got two successful comedies in four years – The Middle and Modern Family. And the reason why? They actually got to keep their time slots for more than a season at a time. (Hint, hint.)

  • Sam

    Goodbye, Suburgatory. Shame, it was a decent show.

  • Austin

    To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty glad that Suburgatory might be cancelled. I really want to have a perfect ABC comedy hour (Modern Family and lead out show). Because I never found Happy Endings or Suburgatory funny. :/

  • John A

    Im glad Ashley is going on Revenge. But id rather see her get a ending though. See her killed off or something.

  • John A

    Suburgatory only has 13 Episodes? I dont watch but i had assumed a 3rd season would have a full order.

  • Dan S

    Alan Tudyk is genuinely a very good actor. He was excellent as the racist baseball coach seen recently in 42. I do think his character on Suburgatory was too 1 dimensional & understand why he’s been dropped. I will miss Ashley Madekewe from Revenge & hope to see her again.

  • bolaji muhammed

    we really need 5th season of kyle-xy

  • Brian

    They never said how many episodes Suburgatory is going to have people are just guessing it is 13.

  • SJ


    TVLine reported it’s 13, but that additional episodes are a possibility if the show does well.

  • Greg

    ABC should fire Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew from Grey’s Anatomy as well. They’ve been on the show for four seasons now and not once they added to anything interesting.

    I like Alan Tudyk, but his character was easily the worst part of Suburgatory.

  • Lizzi

    GOODBYE SUBURGATORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so disappointed that Alan Tudyk is gone from Suburgatory. He was hilarious and under utilized. So glad Rex Lee is gone, he was the worst part of Suburgatory. Red and Ashley, don’t care either way. Weird how all casting cuts are being made to shows in their 3rd season…………..

  • HV

    Sad to see Mr Wolfe and Noah go, though I am not surprised about Mr Wolfe. They should have just made Fred and Sheila recurring instead, and maybe Noah as well. And, by the way, is Alex part of the main cast in season 3? I would imagine that she is because Tessa is now living with her.

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