Returning ABC Shows Trim Casts, Including 'Revenge, 'Once Upon A Time' & 'Suburgatory'

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May 31st, 2013

Suburgatory Alan Tudyk

Some of ABC's returning shows will have smaller casts in fall 2013. Per Deadline, Alan Tudyk (Noah) and Rex Lee (Mr. Wolfe) have been dropped from  Suburgatory for budgetary reasons. Ashley Madekewe (Ashley) is exiting Revenge.  Ruby/Little Red Riding Hood will no longer be a part of Once Upon a Time's enormous cast because Megan Ory is starring in CBS's new series Intelligence. However, Michael Raymund James (Neal) has been upgraded from guest star to series regular.

  • Elan

    Very disappointing news for Suburgatory – as many have already indicated, Tudyk and Lee give so much extra humor to that show.

  • Logan

    “Once Upon a Time” won’t have a smaller main-cast. Ruby left, and Michael Raymond-James was promoted to a series-regular. Its the same size main-cast. Just a different cast member.

  • Ronald

    ruby leavingwas expected is sad we are not going to see more of her as the wolf her story was interesting and it could develop a great charaacter

  • Cory

    I have seen every episode of Suburgatory so far, and was kind of on the fence about continuing. I wanted to because s2 had such a depressing ending, but losing Noah sucks. He’s probably the funniest character on the show. While his crush on the nanny definitely went over the top, his character is still hilarious.

    I am also up to speed on both Revenge and OUAT. Ruby has basically been window-dressing the entire time so not a huge loss. Maybe she can recur once a season or something. Ashley on Revenge is another “oh well.” I can’t even remember how her storyline ended in s2.

  • charmedcraft

    That sucks about Suburgatory, they are 2 of the funniest cast members. Alan Tudyk has always kept busy, so he’ll be fine; already has some work. Rex Lee is too funny; he won’t have a problem finding something else.

  • joel

    Ashley will be missed. Her legs and general hotness were some of the best reasons to tune in.

  • Dan

    @SJ – Well while Suburgatory only has a 13 episode order, it has 1 advantage that Cougar Town and Happy Endings never had. That advantage is a ready timeslot. (Cougar Town was pushed along with Apartment 23 in 2011-2012 because ABC got rid of that planned block). This year ABC is debuting 4 new comedies 2 on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday. Obviously 1 will quickly flop, (likely one of the Tuesday shows) in which case Suburgatory will likely swoop in as a filler.

    Same reason why Mike & Molly has a 22 episode order but no timeslot. CBS is debuting 4 new comedies over 2 nights. Its likely that 2 comedies will get full seasons and 1 may get additional episodes but 1 will quickly get cancelled. FOX has a similar thing going on with Raising Hope airing on Fridays so if a Tuesday series fails like Dads maybe FOX could move RH back to Tuesday. NBC may do the same should one of their Thursday comedies fail and replace it with Community.

    The idea that every network has is to debut as many new comedies as possible and the veterans get the back seat.

  • Bob

    I am ok with Ashley going. I sorta liked her first season but did not like the character during the second season at all. I know it has nothing to do with her and all about the writers but yuk….

  • Katie Hart

    I started watching this show because of Alan Tudyk – very disappointed he’s leaving! Hope he will find another great show where he can have a much larger role.

  • Carl

    Next thing will hear Suburgatory will become a 3-camera show with a live audience.

  • Nick

    The OUAT ones I knew already, other sites broke it beforehand. I came to peace with Red’s departure when Intelligence got picked up so OK. I HATE Neal, but I guess I’ll have to put up with him. Just don’t recast Red.

    Revenge – Ashley was the worst part of the show (except for Aiden). Good riddance.

    Suburgatory – I didn’t like Noah, so I’m good with that. I did like Mr. Wolfe, but if it’s necessary, I won’t complain. I just hope that new show Trophy Wife bombs, so Malin Ackerman can sign on as a regular.

  • Paul

    The Middle was on at 8:30pm and moved to 8:00pm. It survived, why? Because people actually watch it. Suburgatory has proven it is a show reliant on retention. Don’t rewrite history.

  • Neil

    The Cancellation Bear strikes again and this time it’s eating characters. It’s like the Bear on the TV ratings sheet that Mr. Wolfe handled came to life!

  • dan

    bring back happy endings n malibu country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon

    Sad to see Noah gone from the show. I will miss his interactions with George But I do agree I didn’t really care for the storyline with him obsessing over the nanny. Lee is replaceable. He was funny though and he did add seems to typify just how out of touch chatswin is with the real world.

  • SJ


    Out of the four, the only one I can really see flopping is Trophy Wife, and even that might hold on until December thanks to the SHIELD halo effect. And even if Suburgatory is back in say, November, ABC can still decide not to give it a back order and squeeze in Mixology at the end of SUB’s run.

    Or they could decide to go ahead and order Bad Management, which is still in contention. Suburgatory might just end up as winter filler, a la Better Off Ted/Scrubs. I certainly hope I’m wrong, but ABC has done stuff like this in the past.

  • Joseph

    So I’m guessing Neal lives then next season

  • SJ


    Malin Ackerman (Alex) is a regular on Trophy Wife so unless that show flops she’ll likely only do an episode or two of Suburgatory again. Plus, I doubt that they’d be making her or anyone else a regular now that the budget is being trimmed.

    Ana Gasteyer, as funny as she is, better be the next one to get bumped down to recurring. Too much emphasis on the Shays in season 2 for my taste. Five regulars is enough: Jeremy Sisto, Jane Levy, Cheryl Hines, Allie Grant, Carly Chaikin.

  • Dan

    @SJ – Thats true but the Halo effect may only work for The Goldbergs. With 4 new comedies, ABC is more likely to pull 1.

    Remember Fall 2010s Glee/Raising Hope/Running Wilde combo. Glee did really well, Raising Hope did OK and Running Wilde Flopped. I can see the same thing happening with ABC Tuesdays. SHIELD can do well, The Goldbergs will probably do OK and Trophy Wife may get the boot quickly. I would at least hope Suburgatory gets 18 episodes. Its only 2 full seasons away from a syndication deal.

    Also I’m hearing that while Ashley Davenport is gone for Season 3, the character will appear in the season premiere where she will either be killed off or written out in some way.

  • alex_2

    Ashley and Declon out of “Revenge”.. Season 3 is going to be good!

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