Returning ABC Shows Trim Casts, Including 'Revenge, 'Once Upon A Time' & 'Suburgatory'

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May 31st, 2013

Suburgatory Alan Tudyk

Some of ABC's returning shows will have smaller casts in fall 2013. Per Deadline, Alan Tudyk (Noah) and Rex Lee (Mr. Wolfe) have been dropped from  Suburgatory for budgetary reasons. Ashley Madekewe (Ashley) is exiting Revenge.  Ruby/Little Red Riding Hood will no longer be a part of Once Upon a Time's enormous cast because Megan Ory is starring in CBS's new series Intelligence. However, Michael Raymund James (Neal) has been upgraded from guest star to series regular.

  • CrimTV

    Ah no I actually liked Ashley and I was really happy for her because I saw her in a British drama here in the UK and then suddenly she’s on this big American drama, Revenge and I was really glad. It’s a shame the writers waited until the second half of season 2 to actually do something with her. Can’t believe Declan’s gone as well. :(

  • Funeral Dinner

    Hopefully Ashley gets a juicy exit on Revenge! Are ABC trimming the cast for budget cuts? Presumably dips in viewership will mean they have to cut costs somewhere..

  • Justin121


    A move from 8:30 to 8:00 is hardly considered a timeslot change.

    I was hoping for more cuts as the OUAT cast is gianormous.

    Revenge alwyas rids of the cool characters and keeps the annoying ones (think Lydia, Frank, Amanda vs. Declan, Ashley, Tyler, Aiden).

  • washfan

    Tudyk was one of the only reasons to watch that show.

  • Samunto

    Suburgatory won’t last past this season not unless they manage a massive turnaround.

    Really loved Tudyk. Sad to see him go.

  • Anon

    I liked the Noah character, but that arc with the housekeeper was beyond ridiculous.

    I guess this means Chris Parnell will get a few more lines.

  • Ian

    I just got all caught up on Revenge! I stopped watching before it came back in Janurary because it got really bad, but then I heard how great the finale was and decided to rewatch season 2 and I can tell you that the second half of season 2 is fantastic in my opinion! But anyways I don’t care that Ashley is gone. Her and Aiden were my least favorite characters in season 2. I’m so happy the Revenge is back on track storyline wise and hope the show can regain some of it’s momentum ratings wise for season 3 with a new showrunner! HOPEFULLY!

  • Ram510

    Don’t know how to feel about Red being gone on OUAT. I think they should at least have her come back as a guest a couple times a season.

    It’s just like I said before ABC picked up any shows, Suburgatory will suffer the ABC 3rd comedy syndrome like Happy Endings and Cougar Town. Unlike CT and HE, this show isn’t funny at all and never should have made it to see a season 3. I can’t wait for this to be cancelled.

    Looks like the people over at Revenge are learning their lesson from season 2 by making the show right knit and simple. Season 2 was terrible however the finale was solid. They seem to be getting back to their roots, good for them. I still think Declan should’ve stayed.

  • Dan

    @Funeral Dinner – No the cut for Revenge is not for budgetary reasons its creative reasons. Obviously the only main character on Revenge whose story did not end on a cliffhanger is Ashley’s and the character’s storyline as been dwindling since Season 1. She ended the season as Conrad’s PR director for his political campaign so instead of give her another random job the resolution is that they will cut her entirely.

    Good move as now the show can go back to its roots and focus on the Revenge and not useless secondary characters.

  • Justin121

    Has Aiden left?


  • Liz

    maybe tudyk will join SHIELD?

  • Carmen

    I’m sorry to see Ruby go. I thought she was a very underutilized character on OUAT. Hopefully, she can continue as a recurring character or even come back if (when?) her new show fails.

    As for Suburgatory, I won’t miss Noah too much. He should have been recurring in the first place and maybe can continue in that role. His character always seemed a little forced to me.

    Although I usually watched Suburgatory (mostly due to its being around Middle and MF), I’ve never been a particular fan of it.

    My suggestions for the show, If its going to succeed next season are:

    1) they need to up the roles of Sheila, Dahlia, and Lisa

    2) Reduce (but not eliminate) the Dallas – George relationship

    3) Get rid of the Tessa – whatever Lisa’s brothers name is, it doesn’t ring as believable.

  • Dan

    @Justin121 – Aiden is confirmed to return next season despite the cliffhanger implying that Daniel may have killed him. At this point he’s still somewhat essential but I wouldnt be surprised if he died next season.

    @Carmen – I think the show’s main focus will be just on the Altman-Royce family as well as the Shay’s. If the show just focuses on those core characters and not too much on supporting characters it may do better. I hope ABC schedules this show to replace a failed comedy. They have 4 new series on the schedule first time since 2009 but back then all returning comedies had premiere dates. If Trophy Wife flops, ABC should schedule Suburgatory there for a full season.

  • Debsafan

    People are talking about 13 show season. Dexter only has 12, and I love every one of them. I remember when you had 3 times as many shows. A season lasted for months, not any more.

  • SJ

    I doubt Aiden is gone on Revenge. It’s pretty clear he and Ems are endgame…


    Like I said, I hope you’re right. I don’t see any of the Wednesday shows flopping and The Goldbergs seems solid and will, I’m betting, get the lion’s share of promotion in relation to the other freshman comedies so Trophy Wife is the only one that seems easily replaceable. However, that decision has to come quickly. I’m pretty sure Suburgatory will be done shooting in November, assuming they keep the same filming schedule so the decision has to come before episodes 12 and 13 are in the can.

    Storyline-wise, the show should get back to what made it great – the George/Tessa dynamic. Breaking up Tessa and Ryan and Dallas and George was the right decision IMO. I think the show should focus on the new Tessa/George/Dallas/Dalia dynamic. Aside from Lisa and a couple of appearances from crazy, out-there Sheila, I don’t see how the Shays are relevant anymore.

    I think that focusing on too many characters at the same time, as well as hooking up George and Dallas, has kind of made the show lose its luster. Hopefully it can get better again creatively and then maybe, just maybe, ABC will refocus some of its advertising efforts on it.

  • JacobYates

    Suburgatory will be in its 3rd season next year. It’s not going to be canned next year. After season 4, unfortunately, it’s done.

  • JacobYates

    Getting rid of Tudyk is a huge mistake. He’s one of the funniest characters on the show. I’ll miss him.

  • The End

    @So I’m guessing Neal lives then next season

    Absolutely, alongside Mulan, Aurora, and Prince Phillip.

  • a p garcia

    I won’t miss Ashley as she was annoying, but I hope “Red” makes an occasional visit. Noah and Lee were funny.

  • SJ


    Suburgatory has a 13-episode order so it will need more than 22 episodes to get to 88. It will be in the exact same position as Happy Endings this year – 3 seasons, 57 episodes, no syndication in sight…

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