Dan Harmon Returning to 'Community'

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June 1st, 2013

community feb 28

Dan Harmon is apparently returning to Community, the show that he created then was very publicly fired from last year. The low rated cult hit overcame the odds to become one of just two NBC comedies that was renewed. Many Community fans felt the quality of the show declined without Harmon. Harmon tweeted the news, crediting star Joel McHale with persuading Sony and NBC to bring him back.

Dan Harmon Tweet

  • M123


  • NBC is awesome

    NO!!!! He’s a psychopath!!! Season 5 is going to be awful!!

  • Jeff (Canada)

    YES!!!! He’s a psychopath!!! Season 5 is going to be wonderful!!

  • oleg

    S04 was so anemic without him.

  • Leo


  • Cyrax86

    Praise the Lord.

  • John A

    Is season 5 the last? I dont watch just wondering.

  • Rabbit

    @John A. No. Season six would be the last.

  • Glue

    Oh thank god! Now the comedy will work!

  • Glue

    Community lost its charm in season 4. Hopefully the fifth will go up in the ratings

  • Justin121




  • Glue


    #SixSeasonsAndAMovie ;)

  • Rebecca

    LOL at Jeff(Canada).
    Yes! I’m glad he’ll be back. I still enjoyed most of last season though. I hope it’ll premiere sooner than later.

  • Scott M


  • brad

    Ratings won’t go up…so it doesn’t matter.

  • hello

    Kinda ridiculous that he got fired in the first place.

  • Scott M

    No the ratings probably won’t go up. But it does matter very much to my enjoyment of the show, which is much more important to me.

  • Devin

    Cool cool cool

  • Amy

    Does this mean Chevy Chase quit?

  • Jack

    In all my years in the industry I have never seen a fired show runner return.

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