Dan Harmon Returning to 'Community'

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June 1st, 2013

community feb 28

Dan Harmon is apparently returning to Community, the show that he created then was very publicly fired from last year. The low rated cult hit overcame the odds to become one of just two NBC comedies that was renewed. Many Community fans felt the quality of the show declined without Harmon. Harmon tweeted the news, crediting star Joel McHale with persuading Sony and NBC to bring him back.

Dan Harmon Tweet

  • were123

    YES!!!!! This is great! :D

  • Allen

    Has this ever happened before? A show runner to get fired, only to get re-hired?

  • John K.

    I would have preferred them keep Chevy.

  • NBC is awesome

    John K., totally agree

  • CBSviewer

    Does that mean Season 5 will be the last ?

  • Potato

    @John K and NBC is awesome

    Their feud was hyped up last year but since then it’s become very doubted that that’s what the firing was about. And anyway, Chevy quit, he wasn’t fired.

  • Oink

    …and Chevy Chase’s character will continue but will now be played by Dan Aykroyd.

  • Chris

    Yay! The new showrunners did their best, and I think by the end of the season they had at least figured out how to write their versions of Community’s characters; but they hadn’t quite made the second step, which was to figure out a way to write episodes as densely packed and energetic as seasons 1-3 were.

    Dan Harmon coming back is a nice way for everyone (well, except Chevy, but that was always his choice) to take a well-deserved victory lap. I’m looking forward to this!

  • Chris J


    Ratings will go up from last season.

    Season 4 premiered with a 1.9, during a time when every other NBC comedy except Parks and Office were struggling to get a 1.0, because the fans came out curious to see what the show would be like without Harmon. They apparently didn’t like what they saw and ratings dropped. But this season with Harmon back those fans will probably return again for the premier and stay around through the entirety of the season.

    I think Season 5 will premier with a 2+ demo and stay around a 1.5 throughout the season.

  • Dan

    If NBC is smart they will actually put Community in when one of their 3 new shows flops and give it a full season or at least 16 episodes to get it to magic 100.

  • TV Addict

    BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris J


    I think it’s possible Community will get a 6th final season if it maintains around a 1.5 demo, so no need for a 16 episode season send off. Expect 2 more 13 episode seasons bringing the total to 110.

    2014/2015 will be Parks and Community’s last seasons. Just like this year Office and 30 Rock ended together.

  • Dan

    @Chris J – I hope so, a lot of people are saying that this season wil be the last for Parks & Community but unless NBC finds a few hit comedies I hope they will be kept around until 2014-2015.

  • dust

    Bitter old Chevy is gone and Harmon is back. Hell yeah.

  • networkman

    I don’t feel season 4 was that bad, there were a few episodes that were really creative and enjoyable. I really like the Halloween episode and the puppet episode this season. During the Dan Harmon years, there were several episodes that I didn’t really enjoy. But I like that he, as the creator of the show, will be able to come back and finish things the way he sees fit.

  • Dan

    @Networkman – I agree. I also believe that it was the ultimate anticipation for Season 4 and the fact that we had a Halloween episode in February, Thanksgiving episode in March, and Xmas episode in December. Everything felt so out of place because of that.

  • forg

    Critics will love the show again

  • merrranga

    here’s hoping they dress up Annie like Capt America. the pic that’s the background of my phone isn’t enough!

  • Oliver

    Great news. Unprecedented news. Let’s hope it improves the show and helps its ratings.

    Bill and Robert would have titled this article “Man No-One Cares About Returns To Show Nobody Watches”.

  • Newbourne

    I hope they cast ROBERT SHEEHAN for Dr. Who. He’d be great at it.

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