Dan Harmon Returning to 'Community'

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June 1st, 2013

community feb 28

Dan Harmon is apparently returning to Community, the show that he created then was very publicly fired from last year. The low rated cult hit overcame the odds to become one of just two NBC comedies that was renewed. Many Community fans felt the quality of the show declined without Harmon. Harmon tweeted the news, crediting star Joel McHale with persuading Sony and NBC to bring him back.

Dan Harmon Tweet

  • FLOP detector

    Flopmmunity will be canceled after this season

    Five seasons and a flop.

  • Dan

    Variety is reporting that Season 5 will be the final season. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Owen

    @Flopdetector: I don’t think you know what a flop is.

  • Chris J


    Looks like Deadline is saying its a final season as well.

    I guess that could be possible, since I’m pretty sure at least 2 of NBC’s new comedies will be renewable, versus last year when there were none.

    But I think with Dan Harmon coming back ratings will be bumped up high enough for a final #sixseasonandamovie renewal.

    If not, maybe Netflix will give us that 6th season a few years from now?

  • Hugh

    Was not expecting that!

  • Neil

    Evil Abed should invent a device that wipes the memory of the terrible 4th season from everyone who watched it.

  • DaxJackson

    I couldn’t believe it was renewed, but when it was I thought to myself the only way I would watch it after the terrible season 4 was if Dan Harmon returned!! :D Now please let the premier be ‘oh season 4 was all a dream’ or something then I will be happy :P

  • Joltman

    Everyone is assuming he’s back as a showrunner, but isn’t it possible he’s back in some other role?

  • Liz

    Streets ahead!

  • Neil


    Can he act? He could play Pierce’s long lost son.

  • Reven8ger

    Cool cool cool !

  • David Howell

    Well, that’ll be yet another “first episode back” spike for Community if nothing else.

    We’ll see what happens after that, but at least this builds up the hype amongst the fans.

  • Dan

    Come on NBC if this is the final season get 16 episodes instead of 13. 100 eps looks so much better than 97 even though it barely makes a diference syndication wise.

  • jvitolo

    @Amy…Chevy left before season 4 ended filming.

  • Potato

    Seems to me like it would be a waste of time to retcon away season 4. A lot of the plots had poor execution, but in terms of what happened in the overall plot? *spoilers* Jeff met his dad and graduated, pierce graduated, and Troy and Britta broke up. Is any of that so bad?

  • colt13

    With all of the six seasons and a movie jokes, they should get the guy from The Cape to do their last episode.

  • bob

    no one cares, community sucks…

  • sitcomlover

    If you don’t like the show, why bother commenting on it. Probably because your life is so damn boring. Community fans love the show, even when it’s far from perfect. Maybe it doesn’t have mass appeal, but that’s probably why it’s a great show. Never underestimate the stupidity of the majority of viewers. It’s why Jay Leno has the best ratings. I mear, seriously!
    Go Community!!

  • TV Viewer

    When Chevy Chase left Saturday Night Live, he was replaced by Bill Murray. Whoever replaces Chevy Chase will have their work cut out for them, since Chase and Joel McHale graduated at the end of the season finale.

    I was surprised it was renewed since the ratings were terrible, but, I suppose almost anything in the same time slot as The Big Bang Theory and American Idol was not going to have very good ratings.

  • Garrett S.

    @ TV Viewer

    Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how well Parks and Rec performs.

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