Will 'The Killing' Premiere Kill It in the Ratings? - Poll (Updated w/Ratings)

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June 2nd, 2013

The Killing Season 3

Update: Overall the guesses in the poll were too optimistic. In preliminary ratings The Killing drew 1.8 million viewers and a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating vs. 1.8 million and a 0.5 adults 18-49 rating in its season 2 premiere.


Tonight, season three of The Killing  premieres on AMC. The show was cancelled after season two, then AMC reconsidered. While the show received a fair amount of critical acclaim, the ratings were never strong.  But this season the show is jumping on the serial killer bandwagon instead of just focusing on Rosie Larsen's murder, which may add some excitement. It will certainly up the body count.  The season two finale in June 2012 earned a 0.5 adults 18-49 rating. How do you think the premiere will fare tonight? Make your predictions.


  • Thiago

    I’m a fan but I’ll be surprised if it gets more than a 0.5 rating.

  • Alienware

    I’m going with 0.4
    People don’t trust the show anymore after Season 1 finale cheat, and was canceled a year ago for a good reason.

  • John A


  • Dennis


    It’s going to flop so bad :D :D


  • Lucas

    Mad Men is getting 0.6, sooo, that answers!

  • Devin

    I predict a 0.6 rating.

  • Sel

    I love this show, always have, and I think (hope) around 1.0!
    Really want to stick around, it’s the closest think I have to Agatha Christie right now.

  • Dennis

    Revising my prediction to 0.2 :D :D :D

  • John Doe

    Love this show and was ecstatic when I heard it had been brought back, but I don’t see its ratings going up by a lot. People who haven’t watched the show by this point won’t be jump on it now, and those that do like, some simply have grown out of love with it. It’ll get some old viewers back and some new ones intrigued by some of the advertising, but likely a marginal amount.
    At this point, I’ll consider this season a gift but I think it will get low numbers 0.3-0.5’s throughout the season and I don’t think AMC will keep it going (the only scenario where it could come back is if Hell on Wheels does SO bad on Saturdays and Low Winter Sun crashes and burns). I hate how they keep putting The Killing BEFORE Mad Men though, why not give it a lead-in???

  • John A

    Hell on Whells airing on Saturdays? Jeez it will be lucky to get a 0.2 in August.

  • Alan

    0.6, I’m being positive about it. All the fans will come back, and maybe all the people that saw it online or on DVD.

  • Justin121

    A more interesting article would be on the recent trend of resurrecting cancelled shows.

    The Killing, Unforgettable, Breakin In… I’m sure there have been a few others (Cougar Town?).

    In addition to renewing dead shows walking: Body of Proof, Hannibal…

  • DeeAgeaux

    They promised, crossed their hearts and hope to die if they break their promise that this case will be resolved by the end of the season.

    There is quite a bit to watch on Sunday but if you DVR not a lot of shows this week during summer.


  • NBC Fan


    Is it me or does AMC air all of it’s scripted shows on Sunday?

  • HalCapone

    Serial killer bandwagon? A couple of shows highlight serial killers but not sure I would consider this a trend. Hannibal, while a critical darling similar to The Killing, is certainly killing it in the ratings (sarcasm) and The Following doesn’t have a huge…following, averaging below 3 in the 18-49 demo making it a modest hit by today’s standards.

  • DW

    im going 0.6. looking forward to tonight.

  • Justin121


    Averaging (a little) below a 2 would be a modest hit by today’s standard.

    Averaging close to a 3 is a clear-cut hit — by today’s standards, of course.

    Very few shows can top a 3 rating nowadays, and most of those shows ratings are leftovers from their mid-2000s ratings.

    The Following, while may not be a bona fide hit, is certainly more than a ‘modest hit’.

  • BigBrotherFan

    I want the show to do a .8 but it’s more like 0.5

  • Ike

    Based on the S1 episodes I saw, I despise this crappy show and its endless dumb red herrings. It deserves 0.2 or less, but I bet it will get more like 0.6.

  • Evan

    I feel like the show will premiere to at least a .7. The show has had a lot of time to gain new fans from netflix and the old fans will definitely return. Plus AMC has been promoting this season a lot more than it did with season 2. So I’m trying to stay optimistic that its new season will match season 1’s ratings. And they’ve been saying that this is a new case so people who have never watched before might watch to see what it’s like.

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