CNN Original Series 'Crimes of the Century' From Producer Ridley Scott Premieres Sunday, June 23

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June 3rd, 2013


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“Washington D.C. Sniper” Leads Eight Episode Weekend Series That Probes

News Events of Enduring Historical Impact

Crimes of the Century, a CNN Original series executive produced by acclaimed director Ridley Scott, David Zucker and Mary Lisio of Scott Free Productions, premieres Sunday, June 23 at 9pm ET. 

Each of the series’ eight episodes will focus on a single major news event that was considered not only shocking at the time, but has since had far reaching repercussions.  Employing Scott’s signature visual style, the series builds on archived and never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews with witnesses, victims, and investigators of the crimes, offering viewers a virtual scene-of-the-crime vantage point.


The premiere episode focuses on the terrifying 2001 Washington D.C. sniper attack. Upcoming episodes explore the John Lennon killing, the Andrea Yates murders, the Reagan assassination attempt, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Amanda Knox story, the Waco siege and the Unabomber case.


Following each week’s premiere episode on Sundays, 9pm-10pm, ET, Crimes of the Century will re-air that same night at 12 midnight, again at 3am, ET, and several other times during subsequent weekends. Inside Man, hosted by Morgan Spurlock, which also premieres on June 23 as previously announced, airs at 10pm -11 pm ET on Sundays.  

Tapping into the network’s video archive, will enable viewers to dive more deeply into each episode’s featured stories and find out how they were initially covered. Those flashbacks, as well as preview clips and program information will be available at

  • Carmen

    I would think they could come up with eight more significant crimes than this list. The only ones that have merit as to “crimes of the century” would be
    The Oklahoma City Bombing and The Unabomber.

    Reagan was not assassinated so it falls into all the other attempted Presidential assassination attempts

    and The John Lennon slaying – as sad and tragic as it was – does not qualify as a “crime of the century”. Take Lennon out of the equation, and it was just another senseless New York City street murder.

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