Guess the Ratings for the Premiere of 'Mistresses' Tonight (Poll)

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June 3rd, 2013

Mistresses Cast

Tonight ABC is premiering its summer soap Mistresses behind The Bachelorette. Will viewers tune in to check out this new drama series (which is technically a remake of an existing UK show)? Vote below and tell us your thoughts in the comments!


  • FellDownTheBog78


    Best one yet!

  • Mark3


  • Lisa

    I don’t expect it to do well. A `1.4 might be a generous number.

  • The End


    This isn’t the Revolution prediction topic.

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    The Bachelorette 1.7
    Mistresses 1.3

    The Voice 3.2
    Revolution 1.9

    For the last two seasons The Bachelorette’s second episode has rated lower than the premiere. Tonight’s episode should be less than 1.9.

    Last summer The Glass House premiered with a 1.5 rating despite CBS stacking the cards against ABC with repeat episodes of The Big Bang Theory (1.9) and 2.5 Men (1.4). Mistresses should do worse than 1.5 because The Bachelorette was stronger on June 18, 2012 (2.3) than tonight.

    In season 1, Smash’s finale matched its penultimate episode. Revolution will probably do the same to equal last week’s rating.

  • NBC Fan

    I think people are predicting too low. The Bachelorette viewers will eat this up.

  • HV

    The Bachelorette 1.8
    Mistresses 1.6

  • Mermaid

    It’s trending on twitter twice: #askmistresses #mistresses
    so I guess 2.1 or more.

  • The End


    Trending on twitter means nothing.

  • Samuel

    Alyssa Milano is brilliant, but the show is a stupid and unrelatable. The original BBC series was a fair performer averaging around 4.5 million viewers each season in the UK where the demographic numbers don’t really matter as much as they do in the US.

    I think they should could have used a ‘cable makeover’. Cable stations like Lifetime (where the pilot was originally shipped starring Holly Marie Combs instead of Alyssa Milano) tend to give the show a familiar feel. Like they can make any show relatable (The Client List). I just think the show has no place on network TV in its current format.

    8 episode seasons would have been perfect on cable to hold interest.

  • Jonathan

    Loved the show! Maybe my favorite new show of the whole season!

  • Ashely

    I’d be surprised if it goes above 1.5. I guessed less than .9. I mean who would want to watch a show called homewreckers, oh, I meant Mistresses. ;-)

  • im done with abc

    @ jonathan I agree I loved it. The rest of the season looks soo exciting. I love how there all soo different. I love Karen. There all great. I wish it could go to sunday nights at 10 I could see it making it there a regular season. Its really good. My new desperate especially since they got rid of gcb so fast. I hope it did over 2.0 I think it might.

  • Max

    It was up against Finale of Revolution & Premiere of Teen Wolf for me so I missed it. May catch it On Demand this week.

  • upset

    What have we come too? We enjoy shows about women who ruin marriages? This is behavior we should find unacceptable and terrible…not entertaining!

  • Ava

    YUCK!!! The Bachelorette needs to go away for good!!! BORING!!! That Des is annoying and has a tick.. something is going on with that mouth of hers.. The bachelors look so bored.. bad ratings, mean no more Bachelorette! YAY!!!!

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