'Supernatural' Finishes 2012-13 Season with Biggest Viewership Gains of Any Broadcast Show

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June 3rd, 2013


via press release:

·         In its eighth season, SUPERNATURAL grew more than any other series on broadcast television this year in total viewers, according to final Live + 7 Day Nielsen ratings for the 2012-13 season. SUPERNATURAL saw a huge 20% gain in viewers year over year, the biggest jump of any show on broadcast TV. It was also #2 in growth in adults 18-49, with a 27% gain year-to-year.


  • Also seeing gains in total viewers this season was THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, which grew 3 % versus last year. SUPERNATURAL and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES were two of only 18 total shows on broadcast (including news and sports programming) to see viewer increases this season.


  • THE VAMPIRE DIARIES also finished the season as THE NUMBER ONE SOCIAL SCRIPTED SHOW ON BROADCAST, according to data from Trendrr.tv, which measures weekly social activity across Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue and Viggle. It was the #4 most social series on broadcast overall, behind only X Factor, American Idol, and The Voice.


  • On GetGlue alone, SUPERNATURAL finished the season as the #5 most checked-in show on all of television, according to GetGlue. Overall, SUPERNATURAL was the #10 most social scripted show on broadcast, according to data compiled from Trendrr.tv.


  • Dennis

    It’s amazing what being put after the networks Number 1 new show will do for you ;)

  • Funeral Dinner

    I don’t watch it anymore, but people can try and pull it down any way they like… whether it’s because it moved from Fridays or because got put right behind the CW’s most buzzed new show. Whatever helped Supernatural, it got there & dissing it won’t change that!

  • reedmac


    TVD is the networks number 1 show

  • AAA

    Since when Arrow is network#1 show? O,you haters…
    Moving from Fridays,on the other hand, was a huge factor. Anyway, always a pleasure to read some good news about this show. Feel like a proud momma.

  • LovingLostGirl

    Extremely happy for Supernatural. The new showrunner is the key to their gain. I’m a devoted fan and was totally into this season’s story line versus last year…and year before that.

  • reedmac


    ignore my post, I didnt read the part where you said ‘new’ show.

    Can someone confirm whether SPN did actually rate better than Arrow in the second half of the season?

  • Dennis


    Refer to my original post… Arrow = number 1 NEW show :)

    And i’m not being a “hater”….its simple fact

  • david

    Great news for SPn, its fans i am one of them and the CW. Moving the show from Fridays, putting it behind the new big show and having the old better show runner return to the show all help the show get better ratings and more viewers this season. I really enjoyed the season myself. Good news also for TVD too.

  • CBSviewer

    I hope it gets 11 Seasons :)

  • Paleonut

    Congrats Supernatural! Here’s to 11 seasons & beyond!

  • Percysowner

    It’s amazing what being put after the networks Number 1 new show will do for you

    It’s even more amazing when by the end of the season Supernatural pulled ahead of Arrow. Personally, I didn’t like the season, but I have to give SPN props for its ratings.

  • Geordiegirl1967

    “Can someone confirm whether SPN did actually rate better than Arrow in the second half of the season?”

    By the end of the season SPN was matching and, on the odd occasion, beating Arrow in the key demo. Arrow started high and fell over the season. SPN stayed pretty constant. I’m sure having the networks most successful NEW show as a lead in in the early season did help SPN, as did the move from Friday. But SPN has an extremely loyal and stable audience that will follow the show wherever it goes. Whatever the external factors, the potential new viewers brought in by Arrow or the midweek timeslot would not have stuck around if the show hadn’t still been knocking it out of the park. So whichever way you look at it this a great result for a show in its 8th season.

  • coolioni

    Yeah for SPN !!!
    I love this show.
    It is my favorite show on TV !!!!
    I can’t wait for season 9 !

  • Robin Vogel

    SUPERNATURAL rocked it this season! I’m not saying every episode was a winner, because they all weren’t, but two-thirds of them were excellent. Jensen and Jared turned in increasingly amazing performances, capping with Emmy winners in the finale, “Sacrifice.” This show is firing on all cylinders–directing, acting, photography, production–and given that it’s in it’s eighth year, I think it deserves major kudos and all kinds of awards.

    By the way, I don’t like either ARROW or VAMPIRE DIARIES. SPN is the only show I watch on the CW.


  • Kara

    Contrats to SPN, I’m happy my favorite show is still going strong after eight seasons. Carver deserves credit breathing new creative life into the show, as do the hard working cast and crew. And of course Jared and Jensen are an amazing team. The season finale Sacrifice proved to me these guys still got it, still so much to explore for Sam and Dean moving forward. I have high hopes for season 9 and 10 and then who knows?

    Also SPN is the only show I watch on the CW also. May check out Arrow if its still going strong next season. And sorry TVD but I refuse to watch any show Plec is affiliated with, she is that bad. Guess that means ill be missing the originals too, all well.

  • kaystiel

    Congrats SPN you earned it!

  • Lisa

    I love this news! I just started watching Supernatural this year myself and am thrilled to be one of the many viewers that found this wonderful show this year.

    I can only speak for myself here, but the show airing before Supernatural and the night of the week it aired had no bearing on me watching Supernatural. I started watching because I had friends that were falling in love with the show and because I was seeing so many good things about it on Tumblr and because I was intrigued by Castiel and the Dean/Castiel stuff that I was seeing. It has not been a decision that I’ve regretted either! I’m now a HUGE Supernatural fan! I adored most of Season 8, and can’t wait for (hopefully!) lots of scenes with Team Free Will in Season 9, and hopefully lots more episodes with my personal favorite character, Cas!

  • thesnowleopard

    Ha, retentionista. Tell that to Nikita, The Secret Circle and Beauty and the Beast. While I’m sure being exposed to a new audience (or being put in a more convenient spot for old audience; take your pick) helped SPN, the show wouldn’t have kept that increase unless said audience wanted to keep watching it. The flip side of why this achievement is so remarkable is that it rarely happens, especially for such an old show.

  • Dennis

    @thesnowleopard I think you are wrong. SPN had a very good back-to-basics storyline this season, and word of mouth surely helped getting the viewers back.

  • POIFanatic

    @Dennis: Fact is Supernatural out-rated Arrow by the end.

    Good for the show. I really liked season 8.

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